Puerto Morelos Restaurants

Puerto Morelos Restaurants

Cancun and the Riviera Maya have many features that make them unique and among these features can not miss its exquisite restaurants in Puerto Morelos. And that is why, in today’s article we will tell you about the 10 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos Restaurants

The 10 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos

Looking for where to eat in Puerto Morelos? Then keep reading because we will propose you some of the best restaurants to enjoy the best national and international gastronomy, besides visiting its paradisiacal beaches and so you can have several options to kill your cravings at any time of the day, so join us.

Le Chique

This restaurant in Puerto Morelos is located inside the Azul Sensatori Hotel, and is considered by The Dinners Club, as one of the best 50 restaurants worldwide, its chef Jonatan Gomez presents for its visitors a menu of 18 times, sometimes more, sometimes less, a journey through the traditions of the whole country and especially of the Riviera Maya in a respectful way and presented in unique ways.

le chique restaurant puerto morelos

El Merkadito del Mar

Commonly known as El Merkadito is one of the best known beachfront restaurants in Puerto Morelos, the mere fact of being located in front of the sea makes it one of the most striking for tourists visiting the area, this restaurant is located in a large house that was built in 1979.

El Merkadito del Mar the best restaurant in puerto morelos

La Petita en la Playita

This is a typical beach restaurant, with chairs and tables under an incredible shade and surrounded by palm trees, its menu is based on fish and seafood which you can enjoy with your feet on the sand, all in the best Mexican style, in its menu you will find shrimp cocktails, fried fish, garlic mojo flavors, or grilled.

La Petita en la Playita restaurant puerto morelos

Unico Beach

If you are one of those people who like the beach, good service and the pool, then another excellent option to eat is Unico Beach. It is the favorite beach club in Puerto Morelos, is located in the center of the beach and is the ideal place to spend the day, offers food and bar service in all areas of the beach, including sun loungers, as well as tables.

Unico Beach restaurant puerto morelos

El Pesquero

This restaurant in Puerto Morelos although it is not the most luxurious if it is a favorite of almost everyone and it has certain peculiarities that will make you love it, it is located on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue, right next to the inclined lighthouse, their prices are really very affordable, the best thing about this place is that you can choose the fish they prepare for you, so you can be very sure that it is a fresh fish.

El Pesquero puerto morelos restaurant

La Sirena

It is a seafood and Mediterranean food restaurant that is open to its visitors since 2014, currently considered the best place for live music in Puerto Morelos, its menu is quite complete, from appetizers like the famous nachos a la sirena, main courses and exquisite desserts of which the favorite by tourists is the delicious tiramisu.

la sirena puerto morelos

John Gray’s Kitchen

Continuing with our list of the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos, we find John Gray’s Kitchen. This restaurant is located on Niño Avenue, 100 meters from the Casa del Cultura, its food is a fusion between American and Mexican food, fusion that you can appreciate from its menu, in which they offer from macaroni with shrimp to guacamole, its atmosphere is familiar and pleasant to visit at any time of the day.

puerto morelos condos

Al Chimichurri

In front of the hotel Posada Amor you will find this incredible restaurant option in Puerto Morelos that bases its menu almost 100% on red meat, this restaurant has an incredible Uruguayan influence and offers impressive meats that you can accompany with the famous chimichurri sauce of the house, in addition to everything, this restaurant is pet friendly.

al chimichurri puerto morelos

El Nicho

This is a contemporary Mexican food restaurant highly recommended for all those looking to enjoy the gastronomy of Mexico and is located in front of the main garden of the city and has international flavors highly influenced by the cuisine of Mexico.

the best restaurants in puerto morelos quintana roo el nicho

La Panza es Primero

Of course it could not be missing in our list and it is one of the best known restaurants in Puerto Morelos, this is an authentic Mexican restaurant with excellent atmosphere, delicious food to taste and even better service, its menu is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

La Panza es Primero puerto morelos

These are the best places where you can eat in Puerto Morelos and if you want to know more click here or here.

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