Cancun beaches

cancun beaches

We know that one of the most striking features of Cancun are its beaches, because the city has 22 kilometers of beaches for all tastes, from family beaches, to beaches where the waves are perfect for extreme sports, well in this article we will know the Cancun beaches

Las Perlas Beach

Playa las Perlas is the first beach in Cancun that we can find at kilometer 2.5 of the Hotel Zone. This place is very quiet, it has showers, public bathrooms, as well as parasol and couch rentals.

This beach can be reached on foot, by bike or by car and has some restaurants nearby, like the Plaza Puerto Cancun is 1 km away from the place.

Las Perlas Beach cancun
Linda Beach

Playa Linda is crowned as the second beach of Cancun and is located near kilometer 4 of the Hotel Zone of Cancun. Its waves are very calm and shallow, making it a beach for the whole family.

In addition to the fact that near this beach there are several tour operators such as jet ski rentals, however what really impacts this beach is the “intersection” that has with the Nichupte lagoon, where you can see this incredible phenomenon that divides two types of seas.

Linda Beach cancun

Gaviotas Beach

Playa Gaviotas is another family beach in Cancun and we find it crossing the calinda bridge at kilometer 4.5 of the Hotel Zone.

This Cancun beach, like the previous ones, stands out for the tranquility of its waters, its low depth and its great space of sand to enjoy with the family.

Gaviotas Beach cancun

Casa Maya Beach

A few meters from Playa Gaviota, we find Casa Maya Beach. The name of this beach is due to the Casa Maya hotel, because it is exactly in front of it.

It is a small but cozy beach, equally familiar for its calm waves and low depth.

Here you will not find beach clubs, bars or restaurants, so it is ideal to bring your drinks and snacks.

As a plus, the Casa Maya hotel creates a shade, so the sun will not be a problem here.

casa maya beach cancun
Langosta Beach

Fully equipped with parking, exercise area, playground, showers, public bathrooms and of course the colorful letters of the city of Cancun, have made this beach one of the busiest in the city.

This was one of the first public beaches in the city, it has a calm swell and a little bit of low depth, however this makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling and even diving

Here you will also find a mini-supermarket, some restaurants, rental of deckchairs, umbrellas and its main attraction: The Float Funny of Cancun.

Which is a small water park and of course should be on your list of things to do in Cancun

 langosta beach cancun
Tortuga Beach

Playa Tortuga joins the list of Cancun’s family beaches, because just like the previous ones, it has a calm swell and low depth.

This beach is equipped with a small parking lot, has an OXXO and several handicraft stores, as well as restaurants and from this Cancun beach you can rent a boat, motorboat or yacht.

But that’s not all, because this beach is a port to go to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, taking the overseas ferry.

beach tortuga cancun
Caracol Beach

This Cancun beach owes its name to Plaza Caracol, which is exactly in front of the place.

Playa Caracol has a privileged location at the entrance of the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, since it is surrounded by other plazas, restaurants and clubs.

In itself the beach is small, however and thanks to the friendliness of the nearby hotels, you can take the route to meet other places like the famous lighthouse of Cancun, which is a few meters from this beach.

playa caracol cancun
Beach Forum

Playa Forum is one of the 3 busiest beaches in Cancun today and this is because it is in the heart of the Hotel Zone.

Here you will find bars, restaurants, plazas, motorcycle and waterboat rentals, skydiving and we cannot forget the proximity to Mandala Beach that livens up the place with its music.

It should be noted that due to the proximity of the main entertainment areas, this beach should not be for children, because we can even see women enjoying the sun in topples.

On the other hand, this beach being close to everything you need to spend a great day, it should be mandatory to know it.

Beach Forum cancun
Marlin Beach

Marlin Beach is the second most visited beach in Cancun by thousands of tourists and as a forum is close to various restaurants and stores.

However, life here is quieter, because despite having the rental of beach beds and umbrellas, the place has a lot of “sand space” and few shady places.

In addition, its waters are usually aggressive, so it is necessary to be excellent swimmers, but despite this, this is an ideal beach for sports, because its spaces allow you to play beach soccer or volleyball, as well as other depores more.

playa marlin cancun
Playa Delfines

The Cancun beach that takes the number 1 spot, being the most visited is Playa Delfines and in this post you can read all about it.

However, one of the things that has made this beach popular is its incredible ocean view and its challenging waves for extreme sports lovers.

playa delfines cancun
Viewpoint 2

Particularly the Cancun beaches have 2 panoramic viewpoints, the first one is dolphin beach which we talked about above and the second one is the Mirador 2.

This beach is very far from the others so you need a car to get there, as it is located at kilometer 24 of the hotel zone.

However, this is the only Pet Fryendy Beach in Cancun, so if you want to take your dog to enjoy the beaches of Cancun, this is the ideal place.

playa delfines cancun

These are the 11 public beaches of Cancun, as you can see most are perfect for visiting with children and only one is allowed to go with your dog, some fully equipped and others not so much, however you go to the beach that you go, surely you will enjoy a lot.


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