👉 Best beach clubs in Playa del Carmen

Kool beach club playa del carmen

A beach club in Playa del Carmen is the perfect solution if you have arrived at a hostel that is not located in front of the coast. These incredible places offer you similar amenities to those of a hotel, but without the lodging and with a more festive atmosphere.

Best beach clubs in Playa del Carmen

Here are the 5 best clubs in Playa del Carmen; where you will spend hours of fun under the sun.

Coralina Playa del Carmen

Beach, breeze and sea are some of the things that perfectly describe the atmosphere of this exclusive private club. Coralina Daylight Club is well known by young people; thanks to its party vibes that are transmitted every day, along with a special selection of music.

The establishment is described as a nightclub during the day, and it is. It’s more of a see-and-be-seen beach club; especially, if you like a club with a DJ and a pool overlooking the beach. On the other hand, it has beach chairs and beach beds; as well as first class services and bottles of good red wines.

Making reservations at this amazing beach club with natural light is very easy; you just have to enter the official website, or just go to the place between 26th Street and the beach.

Coralina Playa del Carmen

Mamita’s beach

Mamitas beach is positioned as the best beach club in Ciudad del Carmen. Known for its New Year’s Eve parties; where they celebrate with delicious dinners, excellent live music and electronic music DJs.

Generally, it is full almost any day of the week, especially in high season. It is one of the best ways to have a pleasant and festive evening, accompanied by an ice-cold bottle of champagne, while admiring the Caribbean Sea and enjoying the party.

The beach club in Playa del Carmen has an amazing pool in the patio, giving a different feel to most of the clubs in the area; it also has good food, lively atmosphere and nice people to hang out with.

During the day, this club offers a very family-friendly atmosphere with oceanfront beds to enjoy and relax while soaking up the sun. However, at sunset the club becomes the ideal spot to celebrate. Want to enjoy good food without leaving the club? Just take a walk through Mamita’s restaurant, it offers the best and most varied menu; along with splendid traditional and gourmet food.

It is located on 28th street and the beach. It has Playa Mamitas in Playa del Carmen and celebrations such as the Riviera Maya International Jazz Festival, which is held in November.

Mamita’s beach

Kool beach club

With an ambiance very similar to the Playa del Carmen beer club and very close to Mamita’s, is Kool beach club Playa del Carmen. This club has a beautiful open-air restaurant serving Mexican food and seafood dishes; in addition, you can find lounge chairs, pools, bars, beds, swimming pools, and common areas to share with the family. Weddings and corporate events are also held here!

This beach club in Playa del Carmen is an exclusive space; designed for you to enjoy a feeling of total well-being. It is located a few minutes away from several hotels; between 28th street and the beach, with hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Kool beach club playa del carmen

Canibal Royal

Canibal Royal is a beach club in Playa del Carmen with a different concept from the rest; here you can find several options to enjoy the place, ranging from bar and beach, bar or solarium. The celebrations held in this bar come in the best retofunk style; in addition, every weekend different DJs from the music scene are hired to liven up the atmosphere and play until dawn.

This establishment is ideal for events, since it has facilities exclusively equipped for parties and weddings. On the other hand, if you like a snack, Canibal’s restaurant offers the best seafood on the beach, as well as a wide variety on the menu.

This club in Playa del Carmen is located on 48th Street and the beach; it has a Brazilian architecture inspired by the 50’s with a breathtaking view and a vast scale of electronic music from around the world, accompanied by national and international DJs. It is the perfect place to live a Caribbean experience like no other.

Canibal Royal

Punta Maroma

If what you want is a beach club that has a variety of outdoor facilities; Punta Maroma can’t be off your list. Here they offer unlimited buffet food, free time admiring the beach, snacks and an open bar with national drinks.

Also, at this beach club in Playa del Carmen you can enjoy water activities such as speedboats, catamaran rides, jet skis, snorkeling and scuba diving. The restaurant is located right on the shore, making it perfect for important events such as meetings and weddings.

}Punta Maroma is located 25 minutes north of Playa del Carmen; opening hours are Monday through Sunday. In addition, private transportation services constantly take tourists directly to the club.

Punta Maroma beach club


We hope this small list of beach clubs will help you find the perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach in Playa del Carmen. And of course, if you let us make other good recommendations we invite you to read these posts: Cristalino Cenote Playa del Carmen, Best Playa del Carmen beaches, Hotels in Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue and Cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen.