Best restaurants in mexicali

Best Restaurants in Mexicali

Are you on vacation in Mexicali? Surely you have a list of things to do and see, but do you know where to eat? Many people when traveling forget to give themselves a guilty pleasure by breaking the tooth and complete their vacations enjoying the local gastronomy. And in this article we will help you a little because we will tell you about the Best Restaurants in Mexicali.

Best Restaurants in Mexicali

Best Restaurants in Mexicali

The following list is a combination of different types of restaurants that you can find in Mexicali, some of them specialize extensively in Chinese and Asian food, others in the best cuts of meat and some in classic Mexican food. Let’s get to know them.

Los Arcos

Do you like Mexican food and the gastronomy of the sea? Los Arcos is one of the best restaurants in Mexicali perfect for you and has several delicacies on its menu among which we find zarandeado fish, marlyn tacos, heavy garlic mojo and clam cream soup among other dishes.

In addition this place has a first class service, trying at all times to resolve any bad situation that has displeased a customer. And to make it worthy of your visit I will tell you that it is not as expensive as you might think, you have to visit it!

Los Arcos mexicali restaurant

Sakura Restaurant Bar

If your thing is not Mexican, Italian, or seafood, but something different like Japanese and Asian food, you don’t have to worry about where to eat, because Mexicali has restaurants where you can enjoy Chinese and Asian food, like Sakura Restaurant Bar. The atmosphere is very comfortable and has a similar look to the “Japanese restaurants on TV” and although its menu offers a lot of delicacies the real star is the Teppanyaky.

By the way, did I tell you that you can enjoy karaoke with your friends here? This makes it a plus to come and have fun and enjoy your vacation in Mexicali.

Sakura Restaurant Bar the best restaurant in mexicali mexico

Kobu Restaurant

Kobu is the name of another of the top 10 restaurants in Mexicali that specializes in Japanese, Asian, seafood and fusion cuisine, creating delicious gourmet dishes, which although it may seem hard to believe, is within everyone’s reach, because of its completely affordable prices.

It should be noted that “economic” is a very relative word in the city of Mexicali and this can be from 500.00 Mexican pesos to 800.00 Mexican pesos.

Among the delicacies that we can find in their menu and of course mostly recommended in platforms such as TripAdvisor, we have the kobu fish, sushi, Kobu fish, Tomahawk beef cut and shrimp aguachile.

Kobu Restaurant where to eat in mexicali

El Vaquero Steak House

Leaving a little bit of Japanese food and seafood, Mexicali has the best restaurants for all tastes and if you are more into eating rich, fine and delicious cuts, the place you have to go is the Vaquero Steak House.

This Mexicali restaurant opened its doors to the city for both locals and visitors since 1986 and conquered everyone with its flavor, proof of this is that it is still open today.

This place is to enjoy with friends and family, so the menu item you are looking for is known as Molcajete Mi Mexico: A combination of arrachera, chicken, Spanish sausage and shrimp, we dare you to try it.

El Vaquero Steak House mexicali restaurant

La Rupestre

The Rupestre restaurant in Mexicali is not far behind in the list of the best places to eat, because it makes a worthy competition to the previous place offering a rich, succulent and sexy grilled meat, where the smell is so striking that it will catch you even meters away from the place.

What do we recommend here? Although its menu is very varied, what we recommend you to try is the famous “Parrillada del Diablo”, which mixes beef, pork leg and chicken and to drink nothing better than a mezcal.

La Rupestre mexicali the best restaurant


Mochomo joins the list of the best restaurants to eat in Mexicali that specializes highly in the best cuts of meat to enjoy with your family, friends or why not even alone and of course you will surely say “Aja just like the others”, well no, the answer is no, this restaurant is not like the others.

This is not just another steak restaurant, this is a restaurant that specializes in the typical dishes of Sonora, so the steaks will be and taste totally different from the other places in town. By the way, here we highly recommend the Rib eye a la tabla.

restaurante mochomos mexicali

Panchito’s Corner

Continuing with our list of the best places to eat in Mexicali we find a restaurant called El Rincón de Panchito and before you think that because of the name it is a Mexican food place, I’m sorry to break your dream, because it is a restaurant in Mexicali that specializes in Chinese and Asian cuisine,

Among the most recommended dishes are the squid with asparagus, steamed fish, fin soup, broccoli with meat, fried rice with shrimp and sweet and sour chicken. The approximate cost you can spend to eat here is 400.00 MXN and “be careful”, because they usually give very large portions of food.

Panchitos rincon mexicali

China House

I guess by now you have realized that most of the gastronomy in Mexicali is based on Chinese food (not all of it, but most of it). Well, China House adds to the list of places to eat Asian and Chinese food in Mexicali. To make a long story short, you will find here several dishes from the above mentioned restaurants and the approximate cost per person is 250.00 MXN.

China House mexicali restaurant the bets

The tasajo

Do you like taquitos? Mexico is represented by tequila, mariachis and tacos, so it would be very, very sad that a city as amazing as Mexicali does not offer this delicious food to its visitors, wouldn’t it?

The good thing is that among the list of the best restaurants in Mexicali, we find a restaurant 100% specialized in tacos, and we are referring to Tasajo.

El tasajo is a restaurant that serves tacos norteños grilled with mesquite wood, so the flavor and the delight will taste like glory.

The tacos can be served in corn or flour tortilla (it’s your choice) and among the variety of tacos you can find we have portobello mushroom taco, Spanish chorizo taco and the star of the house the taco-queto, (combination of NY steak, chicharron cheese, bacon and raspberry sauce).

The tasajo the best restaurant in mexicali

Casa de Julia

And if your thing is not meats, tacos, seafood, or Chinese food, if your thing is the classic Yucatecan food (representative part of the gastronomy of Mexico), let me tell you that among the list of the 10 best restaurants in Mexicali we have the restaurant “Casa de Julia”, where it is a 100% Mexican place.

Only here we will find the ancestral foods of the Yucatan gastronomy, that is to say: Frijoles de la olla, nopalitos, fried egg and a red chile sauce, tlacoyitos de barbacoa de borrego, gorditas de chicharrón prensado and pozole rojo de puerco, among other delicacies.

Casa de Julia mexicali


As you can see, Mexicali has places to eat of different types, styles, colors and flavors and although there are many Chinese food restaurants, you will always find other options among Spanish, Italian, Mexican, vegan, vegetarian and really for all tastes.

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