Things to do in Puerto Morelos

Things to do in Puerto Morelos Punta Maroma

Surely you have already heard of Puerto Morelos and you have the goal of knowing it in your visit to the Riviera Maya, it is not a bad idea because we are talking about a place where nature is incredible, the cenotes dazzling and magnificent beaches. Undoubtedly visiting and getting to know Puerto Morelos will be a real odyssey and that’s why here are some things to do in Puerto Morelos and enjoy it to the maximum.

Things to do in Puerto Morelos

Things to do in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a town that is constantly growing, besides being one of the favorite places for tourists, which makes it the right place to invest in a business and live near it.

The beautiful Puerto Morelos is a place that besides having beautiful resemblances to an earthly paradise, has more than one activity and places to know, among them.

Scuba Diving in the Cañonero Boat

The beaches of Puerto Morelos are ideal for diving, one of the most striking places to do it in the Cañonero Juan Escutia, this is a ship that was sunk in 2000 to be used as a natural reef and which is located a mere 90 feet deep and only 2 km off the coast of Puerto Morelos.

On the tour around the boat you will find huge fish and rays, to reach it will not take more than 20 minutes on a boat trip, leaving from the shores of Puerto Morelos.

Scuba Diving in the Cañonero Boat puerto morelos

Cenote Route

One of the biggest attractions that Puerto Morelos has is to be surrounded by nature, this can be reflected in the more than 20 cenotes to visit in Puerto Morelos in which you will have the opportunity to dive into their caverns or snorkel, each of the cenotes of this route has its own particular charm.

Things to do in Puerto Morelos Cenote Route

Town of Puerto Morelos

Although the beaches of Puerto Morelos are its main attraction, its town is not far behind, because it has a lot of charm in each of its streets, this town has a rich history dating from the late nineteenth century, this picturesque town still retains its traditional atmosphere of a fishing village, although with many advances in technology.

Around the town square of Puerto Morelos you can get different cafes, local and foreign stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars where to go in Puerto Morelos and have an active nightlife between drinks, karaoke and rich national and international food.

Town of Puerto Morelos

Jungle Tour

Away from all traces of civilization and the salt water of the sea, you can get to know the jungle of Puerto Morelos through tours that go deep into it, on horseback, mountain bike, or ATV this is a unique experience that will put you in total contact with nature.

The responsible way to do this tour is accompanied by authorized people, you can find different companies that are responsible for conducting the tour.

Things to do in Puerto Morelos Jungle Tour

Toolok Kaa’n

Puerto Morelos has several natural sanctuaries, among them is Toolok Kaa’n which is especially a wildlife sanctuary, this is located on the route of the cenotes, and is home to more than 500 species among which you will find monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, among others and you can visit on the way to the cenotes.

Toolok Kaan puerto morelos

Playa del Secreto

This is one of the places you have to see in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Secreto is one of the few places still virgin of all the Mexican Caribbean Sea, in this beach you will not find stores, but a lot of calm and privacy, so you will have miles of beautiful crystal clear water and white sand just for you.

Playa del Secreto puerto morelos

Maroma Adventure

Knowing Maroma Adventure is one of the best things to do in Puerto Morelos, it is essential to visit them, although it is very close to Playa del Carmen, it belongs to Puerto Morelos, here you can enjoy camel rides, horseback riding, driving a 4×4, among other fun activities.

Maroma Adventure

Punta Maroma

This is one of the favorite beaches for snorkeling and diving near the barrier reef, although the waters are so crystal clear that a few meters from the shore you can see fish swimming from the reef, Punta Maroma remained virgin until a few years ago, the water of Punta Maroma is still crystal clear and a visual paradise.

Things to do in Puerto Morelos Punta Maroma

Swim with Dolphins

In Puerto Morelos you will find a place known as Delphinus, this place is an organization that offers the most enchanting experience with dolphins in the entire Mexican Caribbean Sea, their prices are quite affordable and it is an experience for the whole family.

Swim with Dolphins puerto morelos

Dr. Barrera Marín Botanical Garden

.It is an animal sanctuary that has an approximate of 65 hectares that function as the home of the fauna of the region such as spider monkeys, it is also known as Yaax’ Ché has a variety of plants, archaeological zone and a suspension bridge.

Dr. Barrera Marín Botanical Garden

Native Park

To live the snorkeling experience to its maximum capacity, this is the right way, you can live this aquatic adventure in the Great Mayan Reef starting with two snorkeling classes and the guidance of an expert in the area.

Native Park

The lighthouse

The leaning lighthouse of Puerto Morelos is an icon of the place and we can’t overlook it, and neither should you, you will find it at the main entrance of the beaches, this lighthouse keeps the history of one of the strongest hurricanes that hit the place.

Puerto Morelos Lighthouse


As you can see, Puerto Morelos has many things to do between nature, adventure, jungle, beach, tranquility and undoubtedly should be a destination you should visit on your next visit to the Riviera Maya.

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