Old Mexican Coins

Coinage of the first empire of Mexico - old mexican coins

We know that there is a large amount of old Mexican coins that currently have a very lucrative value for collectors around the world. This value can range from MXN 1,000.00 to MXN 50,000.00.

old mexican coins

In short, if you have an antique coin, don’t leave this article and find out if it has any value, maybe and you are already rich without knowing it. Let’s get to it!

Why does an old coin have value?

First of all, we all know that over the years old things become worth much more than they were in their time. This applies to chairs, curtains, pianos, clothes, houses and of course coins.

The latter can have a very high value depending on the years of antiquity, the amount in stock and the small errors it may have. And just to give you an example of this, a few years ago it was discovered that the 5 peso coins of the “B” series put into circulation in 1993 had a printing error.

This error was to have the “N” again, before the sign of pesos “$”, so it was quickly taken out of circulation, however the few that remained in the market, today has a value of up to 3 thousand pesos, because of this small and simple error.

value of old mexican coins

Well, and continuing with our context, coins become valuable because of their age, because they have errors and because they are quickly taken out of circulation, which makes them “limited editions”.  And now we will know some of them.

Old Mexican Coins

5 peso coin series B

The 5 pesos coin of the B series is distinguished for having an error in the arrangement of its characters, that is to say that it has the “N” of new pesos, before the sign of “$” pesos. This small error, has made the coin to have a current value of around 3 thousand to 5 thousand pesos.

5 peso coin series B - old mexican coins

Centenario de Oro de 50 pesos

The 50 peso gold centennial coin is one of the most sold and traded in Mexico and I dare say in the world, it has reached a value of up to 35,000.00 MXN. This is because it is a coin that fluctuates in the market, and although its value reached 50 pesos, today it is a small gold mine and was put into circulation in 1921.

Centenario de Oro de 50 pesos - old mexican coins

Coin of the revolution

The coin of the revolution owes its name to the fact that it is linked to the dates of these historical events and that it was one of the first to appear with the printed remains of the revolutionary heroes. There are coins ranging from 20 cents to 1 peso that have been in use for more than 110 years. It is worth mentioning that their value can range from 1,500 pesos to 5,000 pesos.

Coin of the revolution - old mexican coins

Zapatista Coin

Among the collection of old coins of Mexico, we have the Zapatista coin of the reform that got to have a value of 2 pesos, but today it is sold in 2 thousand pesos.

Zapatista Coin - old mexican coins values

Provisional gold coin of Oaxaca

This is one of the coins minted in the Mint of Mexico during the XVI century and at that time it had a value of 60 pesos, but today it is estimated at a cost of 28,000 USD (Yes, in USD). So if you have this coin, hurry to the Bank of Mexico to sell it and become a millionaire.

Provisional gold coin of Oaxaca - old mexican coins values


In ancient times there were coins made of silver and gold, known as Macuquinas. This was the money used by the Spanish-American colonials and contrary to today’s coins, these ancient Mexican coins had an irregular morphology and quite jagged edges.

As it was to be expected and with the passing of the years, these coins evolved, changed and disappeared, being in the XVII century when they began to be prestigious items that very few could have and their current value is almost 4 thousand pesos.

It should be noted that there are several macuquina coins and each one of them has a different value than the others.

Macuquinas - old mexican coins worth money

Rat face

The “rat face” coins were created in pure gold by the artist Tomás Francisco Prieto, considered an expert Spanish engraver in ancient times. And although he made several outstanding engravings in his time, the ones that mostly gave him “immortality” were the 8 different coins that featured a different coat of arms and a bust of his own or the bust of the toisón.

Rat face - old mexican coins worth money

Independence Coinage

During the period of Mexico’s independence, different types of coins were born as an economic necessity that were created by the royalists, as well as by the insurgents who went down in history, with other types of coins from this Mexican period. Today these coins have a value of up to 3,500 pesos. But remember, it depends on the type of independence coin you have.

Independence Coinage

Coinage of the first empire of Mexico

During the empire of Emperor Agustín de Itúrbide suggest what many call as the first coins of the first empire of Mexico, minted in gold and silver and although we do not have the exact number of engraving that were created, currently there is talk of being 8 escudos gold coins and 4 silver coins.

Coinage of the first empire of Mexico - old mexican coins


Although this list has only 10 old coins that are most sold in Mexico, we have an estimate of more than 350 coins that are traded among collectors, for the historical value, antique, culture and engraving errors that may have and in another update of this post of Cubo Informativo, we will be adding many more.


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