Casinos in Mexico

PlayCity Casino - casinos in mexico

If you are a person who loves betting games, no doubt you have made some kind of bets on soccer or American soccer, also on car or motorcycle races and what to say about racetracks. And we must be honest, the sensation and the adrenaline turns into something so pleasurable or maybe not. We really don’t judge and for proof of them, we have brought you the top of the best casinos in Mexico that you have to know.

Casinos in Mexico

But why casinos? Although there are a lot of places and modalities to gamble either online or in person, casinos have become a favorite spot for thousands of people in the world and if you don’t believe me, you need to take a trip to “Las Vegas”.

These pleasant places offer more than 50 different games, where you can try your luck or your skills, and of course, we can’t leave out the service. In fact, I will tell you a secret that very few know.

In the casinos you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner very well with a few pesos, because the food service is of first quality and economic. There are plenty of reasons, but enough of words and let’s get to know right now the best casinos in Mexico.

Casinos in Mexico

PlayCity Casino

With more than 5400 machines of different games, varied entertainment and 17 rooms distributed throughout the Mexican Republic, Playcity leads the list of the best casinos in Mexico.

This place is a true paradise of fun for the big ones, since it gathers the best gambling games in the world in one place, which makes it possible to have several options for entertainment and one of its main branches is located in Mexico City, in Plaza Paseo Acoxpa.

It should be noted that it is not the only one that exists in the country, because a few kilometers away there are 3 more branches.

PlayCity Casino - casinos in mexico

Dubai Palace Casino

A few meters from Plaza Las Americas and very close to downtown Cancun, we have one of the first casinos in the city of Cancun. The Dubai Palace Casino has become a tourist icon in Cancun, for being the oldest and part of the travel experience of millions of tourists in a trajectory of more than 15 years.

Dubai Palace Casino - casinos in cancun mexico


Caliente has become a very important casino in the Mexican Republic, and it offers us the opportunity to have fun without leaving home, because it is an online casino. It is no secret that several of these places have evolved to the digital world, but really very few have managed to stand out from all the others and Caliente Caliente online casino is one of them.

Caliente -casinos in mexico

Casino hotel Pueblo amigo

This casino is part of the “Caliente” company mentioned above and it is also part of the Pueblo Amigo hotel in Tijuana. First of all, don’t get confused, it is not necessary to stay at the hotel to enjoy the place, however it is recommended to spend a pleasant rest.

Among the many things we can find here, there are about 500 bongo machines, 11 poker tables, blackjack, slots and of course, a restaurant where they serve traditional food of the region.

Casino hotel Pueblo amigo - casinos mexico

Iberostar Grand Paraíso Casino

It is no secret that several hotels around the world have a casino, such is the case of the Iberostar Grand Paraíso hotel. A hotel located in front of a private beach, which not only gives us an incredible stay, but also the opportunity to enjoy various entertainments including its own gambling house.

Iberostar Grand Paraíso Casino - asinos in cancun mexico

Jubilee Casino

Although Monterrey has distinguished itself for being the “city of grilled meats”, it also has one of the best entertainment places in the country. This place has a name: Casino Jubilee.

This Mexican casino was inaugurated around 2008 and since its opening it has evolved to become the favorite of locals and foreigners alike, since it has more than 1,350 machines and gaming rails, 15 gaming tables, more than 100 events in its sportsbook.

And as we mentioned at the beginning, these places have in their restaurant a very rich and economical menu, so in this place you will find more than 150 varieties of food and many surprises for its visitors, such as promotions and a virtual poker club.

Jubilee Casino - mexico casinos

Royal Yak Casino

There are many Royal Yak Casinos in Mexico, we can find one in the city of Cancun, another in the city of Villahermosa and others in Sinaloa, Tijuana and La Paz. But the summit of this family is in Mexico City, in the form of the largest gambling house in Mexico, where on many occasions it has been compared to the titans of Las Vegas.

Royal Yak Casino - casinos in cancun mexico
MEXICO, D.F., 05MAYO2011.- Dos hombres juegan en Royal Yak Casino del Hipodromo de las Americas en la Ciudad de Mexico.

How many casinos are there in Mexico?

Currently Mexico has 400 active casinos and legal registration data, this is only talking about physical casinos, so virtually there is a registry of 73 online gambling houses.

Which is the largest casino in Mexico?

The Royal Yak casino at the Hipódromo de las Américas located in Mexico City, is considered the largest casino in Mexico and one of the top entertainment spots that has been compared in many occasions with Las Vegas.

How many PlayCity are there in Mexico?

Currently in Mexico there are 17 gambling houses of the PlayCity family, distributed in different parts of the country and that together add up to more than 7,500 machines of different games of chance, 350 thousand tables for card games and an antiquity of almost 12 years in the country.

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