Mexican Fast Food

Golden Tacos - Mexican Fast Food

Craving a tasty Mexican dish, but don’t have much time to prepare it? Then stay with us, because our Traveling By team has for you a list of the 10 Mexican Fast Foods you need to know that will get you out of the kitchen and hunger rush.

Mexican Fast Food

Mexican Fast Food

Mexico has stood out for being a country with a very rich, varied and vindicated gastronomic culture at all times and while there are gourmet dishes and desserts that take time and process to prepare, there are also rich dishes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and now we are going to know them.


Machaca de huevos, huevos divorciados, huevos motuleños, huevos duros and a myriad of different types of gastronomic preparations, make the egg at the top of our list of Mexican fast foods.

It really doesn’t take much preparation, but it does take creativity and a few extra ingredients like rice, beans, tomatoes and chiles for the hot sauce.

Eggs - fast food mexican


Molletes are another of the varied dishes we can find among Mexican gastronomy and are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Practically, it consists of half of a bun that is “soaked with beans” and you can add cheese, ham, egg, chorizo, a different type of beans and even pineapple for the more daring ones.

Of course, let’s not forget that this has to be baked for about 3 to 5 minutes and have ready a crunchy delicacy that will delight our palate.

Molletes - Mexican Fast Food


Another simple, but delicious dish that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes is the famous quesadillas, and in fact, it is so easy to make that you can find the ingredients in the closest stores to you.

And sure, you may say that it is a very simple dish, but remember that creativity works wonders and there are people who serve a delicious plate of quesadillas with guacamole and huevos rancheros.

Quesadillas - fast food mexican


Guacamole sauce is not only for grilled meats, it is for all occasions. From a tasty sauce to dip with some sabritones, to being the secret ingredient of humble dishes such as quesadillas, sincronizadas, molletes, eggs, chilaquiles.

In a few words, guacamole sauce is an excellent accompaniment for any occasion and it is simple to prepare, since all you need is avocado, lime, a little tomato, onion and if you are brave, some habanero peppers.

Guacamole - Mexican Fast Food


Green chilaquiles or red chilaquiles are another Mexican delicacy that can be prepared in minutes and can also have other ingredients that give it, or better said, make its flavor even better than it already is.

Chilaquiles - mexican fast food chains


From the classic enchiladas, to the Swiss enchiladas, enchiladas mineras, red, green, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. We have a wide variety of delicious combinations of enchiladas that can be prepared to surprise even your in-laws.

Enchiladas - mexican fast food chains


Another Mexican fast food option that you can make at home is the famous spaghetti. In fact, it’s almost very likely that you have a packet of spaghetti pasta jealously guarded and don’t even remember it.

Spaghetti - Mexican Fast Food

Golden Tacos

If you have some tortilla and chicken in your house, you can make some tasty chicken tacos. In fact, this adds to the list of ready-made meals available in supermarkets where you just have to turn on the stove and heat it up.

Golden Tacos - Mexican Fast Food

Rice pudding

Looking to prepare something sweet? Nothing better than a delicious rice pudding. This is not only one of the best desserts in the world, it is also very tasty and can be served with cajeta, strawberry, bananas, nutella and enjoyed hot or cold.

Rice pudding - mexican fast food chains

Street food

If you are not at home, but you feel like eating. We are 70% sure that very close to where you are you can find a street food stand.

In these stalls it is very common to find fast food, such as gorditas, kibis, tortas de cochinita, tacos, empanadas, salbutes, panuchos and more.

Street food - Mexican Fast Food


Although this is a list of fast Mexican dishes, you should not get confused and think that because they are meals that can be prepared in minutes they are not very tasty. This is quite the opposite, because there is a variety of flavors and combinations.

For example, some delicious golden tacos and on top of them some fried eggs, with beans, rice and guacamote sauce. I dare you to try it and not repeat this delicacy of the gods.


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