👉 Jet ski tourism Denia!

Jet ski tourism Denia!

Alicante – The coast of Alicante is full of surprises, and there is nothing better than exploring it on a motorcycle on the water, the adrenaline you will feel is unparalleled. We recommend you to hire the services of a quality agency to select the best tour.

Driving a jet ski is an adventure in itself, and if it is in the waters of Alicante, much more. We recommend you to explore from the Marina of Denia, if you do not have a jet ski there are services that can provide you with one at a very good price.

Instructions for touring the waters of Alicante

It is very easy to drive a jet ski, just pay attention to the instructions of those in charge and you can enjoy without risking your life. There are even many who ride for the first time and they do it phenomenally well.
You must pay special attention to the safety instructions, since it is an adventure on the sea and some protocols must be followed for your well-being. Some rental companies will assist you from the moment you leave until you arrive at your destination.

The tour on the sea

It is recommended that you leave the port at a low speed so that you can test the jet ski. You can head in the direction of San Antonio, you will be very close to beautiful cliffs and the marine reserve.
There comes a time when you can accelerate the motorcycles, this marine area can be said to be normal without much agitation but not boring either. Don’t be scared if the bike jumps, it is normal to do it after overcoming a wave. 100% Adrenaline!

Don’t go alone

Ideally you should not go alone, but be guided by an expert on his own motorcycle with another group of tourists and adventurers.

From there there are many routes, one of the most popular is by the bay of Javea, the island of Portixol, etc.. The truth is that you will find very clear water, as it is far from contact with people.
There are places where you can go very fast and enjoy the adrenaline, but others where it is best to go slowly to enjoy the scenery. If it is the first time you ride a jet ski you will surely be just waiting for the next wave!

The view

With this tour you will be able to see many things, but nothing compared to the beautiful Calas. If you happen to come across Cabo Negro, you will be amazed by its black walls. Places we recommend you to visit and enjoy are:

  • Moraira.
  • Peñon d’Ifach.
  • The Orgens Cave

You will see turquoise blue water, it looks like something out of a fairy tale and the best thing is that you can bathe in it! Nothing more relaxing than a swim in these waters.
Our final advice is not to miss this adventure, there are many services that you can take advantage of, above the price make sure it offers very good quality and a lot of security! Come with your family and enjoy Alicante!