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Are you thinking of visiting Brazil? Well, something you can not miss is to enjoy its incredible cuisine and if you do not know what are the most emblematic foods and dishes of the place do not worry because right now in this Traveling By article we will tell you. Ready? Let’s get started.

Typical Brazilian food and dishes

Typical Brazilian food and dishes

Brazil is known for its cultural diversity and tasty food, so whether you are visiting the country, planning your vacation or just want to introduce a little Brazilian flavor into your life, then don’t go away because right now we will tell you about some of the most emblematic Brazilian dishes.


If you want to know one of the best typical dishes of Brazil you must try this delicacy, which is originally from the coastal area and is street food. It consists of a bread made with white beans, opened and filled with shrimp cream, vegetables, fried onion and various spices.

It is ideal to eat at any time, that is why it is considered an excellent proposal of Brazilian cuisine.

Acaraj├ę gastronomia brasil

Tapioca Pancakes

Tapioca, a food widely used by the indigenous tribes of Brazil and present in the daily life of the entire population of this country, cannot be missing in this list.

This ingredient is extracted from a plant called manioc and its most traditional preparation is in the form of a crepe or in the form of a roll.

It serves as an accompaniment, but the ideal is to spread them with butter, condensed milk or coconut. It is a perfect dish for breakfast or as a snack between meals.


Another typical Brazilian dish that is commonly heard throughout Latin America is Feijoada. It is usually served as a combination dish, which includes black beans, pork, chicken and rice.

It is a complete stew that takes time to prepare. It has become an international icon dish of the country. The locals usually eat this recipe on Saturdays and Sundays and it is not missing in the menus of traditional restaurants.

Feijoada comida brasile├▒a

Brazilian barbecue

Every country has a different approach to meat, from the side dishes to the cuts, and Brazil is no exception. The amount of meat usually served at Brazilian barbecues is enormous.

For example, for barbecue, one of the prime cuts used in Brazil is picanha, which is seasoned with coarse salt before being grilled over wood or charcoal. Other ingredients that are not missing in homemade barbecues are sausages, queijo coalho and chicken hearts.


The fish is the protagonist of this typical dish and it admits great variety such as grouper, sea bass or shrimps. It is a recipe that originated in the northeast of Brazil, especially on the coast. In its stew you cannot miss ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, red and green bell pepper, coriander, garlic, lime juice and coconut milk.

For Brazilians there are two types of moqueca: bahiana from the state of Bahia and caxipaba from the state of Espiritu Santo, both rival for being the best in the country.

Moqueca comida brasile├▒a


There is no denying that Brazilians are people who eat a lot of meat, and one of the foods for which they feel predilection is for a churrasco that is lightly seasoned and at the right point to give a taste to their palate.

It is considered a typical Brazilian food, especially in the southern region. The churrasco is the equivalent of a parrillada or barbecue in other countries, the difference lies in the cut of the meat.

Usually this type of cut is inserted into a skewer or stake, seasoned with coarse salt and placed on the fire. This dish is usually eaten at family gatherings and is very common in all Brazilian restaurants.

Brazilian Coxinhas

The inhabitants of Brazil do not usually waste any food and coxinhas is proof of this. This dish is a croquette that is made with shredded chicken and wrapped in a dough in order to coat it and fry it.

Some people mix the chicken with cheese, to make the bite juicier, resulting in a crispy croquette on the outside and with a fluffy and soft inside, they are so delicious that it will be hard to eat just one.

Coxinhas brasile├▒as


A must-try among Brazil’s variety of regional dishes is the sarapatel. This popular food is prepared by including parts such as tripe and offal of various animal species.

Also, peppers, garlic, tomato, onion, chives, laurel and coriander are added. It is a different proposal, originally from the regions of Ceará and Pernambuco.

Duck No Tucupi

In Brazilian gastronomy, duck meat is not considered to be of common use, but it does have an important place in the preparation of some renowned dishes. This dish is usually made as a stew to which onions, tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, bay leaf, cumin, vinegar and oil are added.

It is essential not to overcook it, as this meat is prone to become tough if overcooked. It can be accompanied with rice at the moment of serving.

Its origin is attributed to the Paraná cuisine and another ingredient used for its preparation is jambú, a typical plant from the north of Brazil with a very pleasant flavor.

Typical Brazilian food and dishes


A traditional food, unique in the country is the farofa, both its meaning and its taste are difficult to understand if you have not tried it. It is basically a fried tapioca flour that is mixed with small pieces of fried bacon and then served with rice and beans.

Farofa de brasil

Ximxim de Galinha

This traditional dish is very peculiar. It is a very spicy chicken and shrimp stew. Some of the ingredients contained in the dish are: lemon juice, coconut milk, dend├ę oil, coriander and other spices to taste.

It is considered a hearty and very delicious meal that is accompanied with a portion of white rice that is part of the cuisine of the state of Bahia.

Xinxim de Galinha


It is known as the best chicken pie in the world. It is a chicken pie that differs a little from the usual chicken pie served in other countries. It has a flaky, buttery crust that melts in your mouth.

The pie filling is very creamy, which makes you feel in every bite all the goodness that a pie of this style can have. Another version that became popular was the empadinhas, a mini version of the empadão, usually made with chicken, shrimp or palm hearts.

This type of snack is served at parties or gatherings and is a must in every bakery in Brazil.

Rice with pequi

One of the most consumed cereals in Brazil is rice, especially in Brasilia. On the other hand, pequi is like a native nut that has a powerful flavor. This dish is usually served with chicken seasoned with pepper.

Arroz con pequi


This dish comes from the Amazon region and consists of a broth made with a herb called jambú, with the addition of shrimp and yucca. In the Amazon area, the women who sell tacacá are called tacacazeira and are part of the local culture.



It is considered an accompaniment to other dishes of Brazilian gastronomy. Its main ingredient is flour or bread, accompanied by shrimp; it is a very creamy preparation and ginger, ground peanuts, palm oil, pepper and coconut milk are added.


We really hope we have left you hungry with this post about the gastronomy of Brazil and of course, do not forget to try some of these dishes now that you know them and why not, look for the recipe and try to prepare them to enjoy a little of the flavor of Brazil from your home.

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