Xenses Park

xenses park cancun

Are you visiting the city of Cancun or the Riviera Maya? Among its many things to do, there are essential activities that you have to do and visit the natural theme park of Xenses is one of them, in this article we will tell you why.

xenses park

What is Xenses?

Xenses is a theme park that is more or less 5 or 6 years old and is part of the Xcaret Group family of attractions.

Let’s remember that the Xcaret group is one of the great tourist pioneers of the city and gives us incredible, dazzling and exciting experiences in each of its parks.

Well, the Xenses theme park is not far behind, as it offers us an adventure of “perception” that plays with our mind.

xenses park and playa del carmem

What awaits us at Xenses?

From the moment we arrive at the park, the entrance surprises us with large flowers, which makes us feel really small, but this is only the snack of the day, because once inside the park, we will be in a square.

xenses park riviera maya mexico

This square has different entrances to the “worlds” where our odyssey begins on the route of feeling or the route of doing.

If you decide to do the route of feeling first, be prepared to walk among dwarves and giants until you reach a point where you have to “walk” through a route in total darkness (Xensatorium). This route is where things get a little bit infartante, because you will walk over different ecosystems such as deserts, valleys, jungles, mountains and you will feel cold, heat and fear with the roars of a lion, the scream of monkeys or the movement of snakes.

But all this is worth it, because once you leave the place, you will go directly to a new subway world where you can enjoy a beautiful natural waterfall.

xenses park cancun

Meanwhile the route will play with your mind as you get to know the famous town, where you will never know if you are going up or going down,

And if you want to continue with the adventure in Xenses you can enjoy a zip line circuit or the slides between the caverns and subway rivers of the place, an incredible odyssey is waiting for you.

xenses park and playa del carmem

Where is Xenses located?

This park is located in the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, 5 minutes away and is accompanied by its brothers Xcaret, Xplot, Rio Secreto and Xenotes.

How much does Xenses cost?

Currently the entrance fee for Xenses is $ 1,385.80 MXN for adults and $ 692.80 MXN for children. These prices may vary by season and nationality. These prices are directly from the Park and we recommend you to buy them there and not in agencies.

How to get to Xenses?

If you are in Playa del Carmen, getting to Xenses will be a piece of cake, because any cab or even the vans that go to Tulum, can drop you off on the main avenue that leads directly to the entrance of the park.

However, if you are staying in Cancun and you want to avoid any kind of problem, we recommend you to buy a private transfer service.


  • Bring a good camera to take amazing pictures or buy a photo package.
  • Wear comfortable shoes to walk around the park.
  • If you want to record / take pictures on the slides, we recommend you to bring a water protector for your cell phone.
  • Bring water, as the park does not offer it as such and sells it at a very high price.
  • The duration of each tour is approximately 4 hours, so we recommend you to make the most of it.

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