👉 What to do in San Luis Potosi

Micos Waterfall

If you are a nature lover, the state of San Luis Potosi will become an oasis in the desert for you, because it is one of the states of Mexico that has the best natural environments in the country, a rich biodiversity and reserves that will steal your breath, so if you want to know all the things you can do in San Luis Potosi, follow us because now we will tell you.

What to do in San Luis Potosi

Center for the Arts of SLP (San Luis Potosi)

It is interesting that this place was the state prison of San Luis Potosi, in fact, this building is architecturally impressive, it was built around 1800 and finished in 1904.

It is a place where art is concentrated, because of the music and dance workshops; you can enter it without problems, nearby is the Leonora Carrintong museum, this can be your first stop on the list of what to do in San Luis Potosi.

We can enter in different corridors to know how were the cells of the old prison; we can enter where the original doors of the same, the guided tour has a cost of 25 USD, so you will have better information of this magnificent site.

Center for the Arts of SLP

The Plaza del Carmen

Here you will be able to know and enter the theater of peace, where there is no shortage of shows, we also find the temple of Carmen which has a baroque style churrigueresque.

If you are looking for good pictures, here you can have a good opportunity to take those beautiful memories, the best thing is that you do not pay a penny for this experience in downtown San Luis Potosi.

Going to listen to the symphony is one of the things to do in San Luis Potosi is something you should not miss, they make many presentations during 18 years, they have become a very popular symphony, it is formed by Mexicans, Russians and even Cubans, with a cost of 10 USD.

To eat at Sibarita by Biodeguita

It is a restaurant owned by chef Fabiola Meráz, what she did was to create a concept of signature dishes with local products; the drinks that we can recommend for the entrance, are made from tuna, you can ask for a tuna concentrate, and a tuna with pulguito. These names make you think about how good it can be and try something different in food.

We recommend you to try the Kabul, it is a taco filled with duck leg and on the other side a cheese stuffed with vegetables, so enjoy your meal. It has a variable cost depending on the dish you like and the dessert you select goes from 25 USD and up.

So one of the things I could not miss in what to do in San Luis Potosi is to eat and taste in this great restaurant.

To eat at Sibarita by Biodeguita

Armadillo de los Infantes Town

It is a very nice town nearby, it is a place where you can go exercising, from jogging and walking.

When you arrive to the town we recommend you to visit the Fonda de Santa Isabel, the most typical thing to eat are the gorditas de chicharon; the delicious coffee with a very economic cost according to the number of gorditas that you would consume with your drink, where its cost can reach up to 30 USD for a good breakfast.

You can visit the first printing press of the Infantes brothers, in the town there are commemorative plaques where you get the information of each site of this wonderful town in English and Braille. This beautiful town should be on your list of things to do in San Luis Potosi.

Aránzazu Square

Here we can appreciate its arcades in the old days that used to be the stables and warehouses of the convent; you can also visit the chapel of Aránzazu to see and enjoy the elements that allude to the exuberance of the Huasteca region. From there we move on to the temple of San Agustin which was built throughout the 17th century.

So take a day to visit this square of history and culture of San Luis Potosi and where the cost of visiting this square you decide yourself; an ideal place to spend a different day and without spending a lot of money, it is one more thing to do in San Luis Potosi.

Potosi Huasteca

Here we recommend you spend a night, you can enjoy one of the places that will leave you breathless when you visit the turquoise cavern; a place of pure fun, then you can spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the waterfalls of Tamasopo.

Enjoying a family atmosphere and relaxation, 20 USD per ticket. A must do in what to do in San Luis Potosi.

Potosi Huasteca - What to do in San Luis Potosi

Micos Waterfall

The Micos waterfall, they charge 20 USD per person, here you can come to swim, walk or practice waterfall jumping if you like adrenaline. The joke as the Mexicans say is to go jumping each waterfall of different heights, in total there are seven waterfalls, the use of life jackets is mandatory.

Although it may seem a little extreme it is a very safe activity for all families; so if you are looking for an adventure and what to do in Rio Verde a place where you have things to do in San Luis Potosi.

Micos Waterfall

Half Moon

It is a very beautiful spring and its waters are warm, so if the day dawns cloudy do not worry about that; the beauty of the site is something that impacts you and its waters with the perfect temperature.

It is a place that, if or if it should be on your list of things to do in San Luis Potosi Rio Verde; besides it is a natural sanctuary for the complex aquatic ecosystem, we must conserve and take care of when visiting this magnificent place. Here you have many activities, the entrance fee is 40 USD per person if you want to dive 80 USD and camping 70 USD.

Plaza de Armas

Undoubtedly you will be amazed visiting the Plaza de Armas at sunset, don’t forget to take pictures with the statues of the site. We recommend you to go to the vesalles cafe to try the enchiladas potosinas, something you can’t miss in what to do in San Luis Potosi.

It is worth going back downtown at night to see the illuminated cathedral, it has good security. This way you can start your list of what to do in the capital of San Luis Potosi, the cost is between 25-50 USD,

Labyrinth Museum

Dedicated to science and art that we recommend if you are traveling with children; detailed and creative exhibits where the whole family can enjoy and learn a lot at the same time. You will have one more thing to do in San Luis Potosi, with a cost of 40 USD.

Labyrinth Museum - thing to do san luis potosi mexico


San Luis Potosi is an emblematic place that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it and if you are ready to visit this beautiful state of Mexico, don’t hesitate to check out our travel packages and read about the best things to do in Puebla.