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What to do in Puebla

Puebla is charming; it is the perfect blend of history, tradition, culture, natural beauty and modernity, with touches of art and colorful buildings. Many artists, travelers, intellectuals and curious people have found in Puebla the perfect place to get inspired, take distance from the everyday life and relax. Brainfood Travel.

Things to do in Puebla


Travel by Train

If you are visiting this city and you still don’t know what to do in Puebla, we recommend you to use the tourist train from Puebla to Cholula; a trip that will take you directly to the historic center of Puebla, making a stop at the archaeological site of Cholula, all in a journey of 40 minutes in 17 km.

Throughout the trip you can enjoy the two stops along the way, one in the Hidalgo market and the next in Momoxpan.

This train works with three different schedules for its use, two for tourists during the week and the other for the weekend. It is advisable to be at least 15 minutes before at the station.

Travel by Train - what to do in puebla

Cholula Archaeological Zone

If you have decided to board the Tourist Train, then you must make this obligatory stop; the Great Pyramid of Cholula, known as the largest pyramidal base in the world.

It has more than 400 meters on each side, a pyramid that was built and dedicated to the God of rain, known as Chiconquiahuitl. This pyramid has been the object of different studies and scholars such as Humboldt and Dupaix.

You can visit the archaeological site for only 58 MXN and on Sundays it is free for Mexican citizens. There is a discount for teachers and students with ID.

Cholula Archaeological Zone -best thing to do puebla mexico

Puebla Cathedral

Walking around this city and thinking what to do in Puebla, we have an answer for you, come to the Cathedral of Puebla, it is the second largest cathedral in Mexico.

It has a bell in the tower of the cathedral, which is considered the tallest in the whole country; with a height of 69 meters, it is one of the most important monuments of the so-called historic center and declared a World Heritage Site.

It is known worldwide because it appears on the 500 MXN bill. It is located on 16 de septiembre street, historic center, it is one of the recommended places in Puebla.

Puebla Cathedral


If you are looking for things to do in Puebla we recommend the formerly known as Plazuela de San Roque; it is considered the first handicrafts market, known as El Parían market.

Inside this market you can find many examples of handicrafts such as textiles, talavera, ceramics, leather goods, pottery and wood, among others. It is the best place to buy souvenirs to take back from your trip to the city of Puebla.

Parian thing to do puebla mexico

Artist’s Neighborhood

Going back to 1941, the initiative of the “Barrio del artista” was born thanks to the teacher José Márquez Figueroa; teaching landscaping classes in the open air of what used to be the old Academia de Bellas Artes.

It is a square that attracts a lot of tourism to the area, it is known for its continuous art, both in exhibitions and as an example to other artists. It has more than 45 workshops where you can appreciate the live work of artists, creating emblematic works.

Artist's Neighborhood

Secrets of Puebla

Don’t know what to do in Puebla? Come and visit the Secrets of Puebla; a historical passage of a network of subway tunnels located under the Historic Center of Puebla.

Surrounded by legends and unknown stories, this tour begins at the Ovando Bridge, passing through the Bubas Bridge; from there, you can also visit two rooms, go down 7 meters to enter the tunnel and begin the tour through the seven historical points.

The tour ends in the historical passage of 5 de Mayo, making it an unforgettable experience. The entrance fee is 25 MXN, with a schedule from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am until 4 m.

Secrets of Puebla

Baroque Museum

You like history and appreciate architecture too, but don’t know what to do at night in Puebla. We recommend you to visit the International Museum of the Baroque; designed by a renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito, it is located in the Angelópolis area.

The team that runs the International Museum of the Baroque, has audiovisual technology, models and projections; all this with the intention that each part of the museum has the ability to immerse you in the Baroque era.

It has a cost to the general public of 80 pesos, 40 pesos for students, disabled, minors and teachers. On Wednesdays admission is free. And if you want a guided tour, you can get it for a total of 200 pesos.

Baroque Museum

Africam Safari

When you think about what to do in Puebla, we must tell you that one of the recommended places in Puebla is the Africam Safari; a place where you can have the experience of a real African safari, all from your vehicle.

If you decide to do the tour, you can also take a bus from the place, this will allow you to make the trip through the habitat of the animals; it is important to note that everything is done within the permits and spaces allowed.

What to do at night in Puebla? The Safari tour! It is also perfect if you want to do it at night and enjoy the stars. It is ideal to go with the family, they offer shows and there is an adventure area for children.

Africam Safari

Planetarium in Puebla

Do you like science and space? We present for your vacations, the fun Planetarium of Puebla; a place full of interactive games, perfect to travel to space and explore millions of galaxies.

They have amazing projections in IMAX, which allows for better presentations for visitors; in addition, you can witness and take workshops on topics such as robotics, biology, physics and many more.

Admission to the Planetarium is 70 MXN for adults, 60 MXN for children from 3 to 12 years old. They work from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Planetarium in Puebla

Star of Puebla

Before ending your vacation don’t forget to stop by the star of Puebla, there you will find this huge wheel of fortune; made with the intention of attracting the attention of tourists.

If you are not a fan of heights, don’t worry, this is not the only attraction in the area; under the wheel there are benches to sit and eat, fountains ideal for taking pictures. You can eat at one of the restaurants, admire the artificial lakes or even exercise on the jogging tracks.

The entrance fee is 40 MXN, they have different schedules, keep this in mind when scheduling your visit.

Star of Puebla


A historic, industrial, and educational city in which more than five million people live, making this state the fifth most populated in the country. Located in a valley near four volcanoes, Puebla is 2,160 meters above sea level in the eastern center of Mexico. Quote your trip.