👉 Things to do in Valle de Bravo

Climbing classes

Valle de Bravo is a city on Lake Avándaro, west of Mexico City, has a lake surrounded by mountains and groves, it is also a center for water sports. The town’s cobblestone streets are surrounded by 17th century buildings and it is considered a monarch butterfly biosphere reserve, as it is the habitat of millions of migratory butterflies.

Things to do in Valle de Bravo

What to do in Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo, the former Temascaltepec, is today a Magical Town and one of the favorite tourist places in the State of Mexico.

Its natural beauty and proximity to Toluca and Mexico City have made it a favorite destination for thousands of people, whether as residents or tourists. You have to visit it!

Private paragliding tour

This is a tour of approximately 10 hours, where you will be able to admire some of Mexico’s beautiful and magical towns, all from the sky.

You will paraglide in Tandem, flying over El Peñon, a place with great fame for its paragliding competitions. It should be noted that to try this activity you don’t need previous experience and it is for almost all ages. A great thing to do in Valle de Bravo.

Now, this tour costs approximately 5,400 MXN per adult. However, the price may vary depending on the size of the group; the departure time and duration can be adjusted, extending the aforementioned rate.

Private paragliding tour

Tour Valle de Bravo

Have you ever wondered what to do in Valle de Bravo? You can try as a first activity to get to know this beautiful tourist place.

This tour lasts half a day, it is for you to know the most attractive sites and natural scenery in a vehicle with excellent guides that will make you feel the good vibes of this place and its history.

The tour has a value of 40 MXN per person, it starts at a spectacular waterfall and ends at the Central Garden. It lasts 4 hours and if you want to reserve this tour for a specific day, you are in luck because they accept electronic tickets and it is perfect to get to know Valle de Bravo with little money.

Climbing classes

The most special thing about this activity is that you will help create environmental awareness, because the municipality preserves this natural site. In other words, participating will generate a great experience and at the same time a feeling of protection towards the environment.

As a sport it brings many benefits to your health; filling you with strength, endurance, tones muscles and increases elasticity. This activity has a cost of 1200 MXN per person, this price includes guide, climbing equipment, water and professional photographs. It has a duration of 6 hours, so you are already aware, if you want things to do in Valle de Bravo as a couple this is one of the best.

Climbing classes

Velo de Novia Waterfalls in Valle de Bravo

If you still need to know what to do in Valle de Bravo, this is a very beautiful tour where you will go deep into the forest; you will see the magnificent Velo de Novia waterfall and listen to the different sounds that nature emits.

Then you will go down to the center of Valle Bravo and learn about the history of the Valley. Finally, see the beautiful sunset at one of the most important dams in the country; the tour has an approximate cost of 3,300 MXN.

ATV and Water Skiing in Valle de Bravo

Need to know what to do in Avándaro, Valle de Bravo? This tour assures you a connection with nature in a positive way, contemplating beautiful waterfalls and practicing water skiing in Avándaro Lake.

This tour has an approximate price of 4,500 MXN per adult and also varies according to the size of the group, includes transportation, private guide service and waterfall viewpoint.

ATV and Water Skiing in Valle de Bravo

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Tour

This is a tour with an excellent guide and a professional photographer; it starts from Mexico City to go to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Where you will contemplate how the annual migration of butterflies offers you a wonderful spectacle in nature.

When Mexico hosts these incredible butterflies, they cover the forest and give it a very striking orange color. If you prefer, you can pay an additional cost to go on horseback to the top of the hill; this is one of the best activities to do in Valle de Bravo with a cost of only 380 MXN.

Joaquin Arcadio Park

In the park you will find different options of tours to take the best pictures, you will enjoy the beautiful view of this park. You will also have the opportunity to ride an ATV and take a picture with the “Yo Amo Valle” sign for a beautiful souvenir.

It is located in the center of Valle de Bravo and the tour is totally free and you can explore freely.

Rent a yacht or boat

You will find many staff and workers in Valle de Bravo, if you ask them What to do in Valle Bravo? They will recommend you to rent a boat for a ride, allowing you to take a tour around the lake.

You can use a simple boat or a modern one noting the quality of the ride, the price varies between 500 and 1,200 MXN.

The ride generates a great experience to tell and positive vibes to remember this wonderful vacation; in the same way, you will be eager to return to give you a break from daily stress, a good option to know Valle de Bravo without much money.

Visit Zen Bridge

This is a relaxing meditation center in a wooded area, where you will find the great Stupa Bön, a symbol of world peace; it is 34 meters high and is located in the town of Cerro gordo. The entrance fee is 650 MXN per person, quite cheap for something to do in Valle de Bravo.

An excellent activity if you are still wondering what to do in Valle de Bravo. It will generate great tranquility and relaxation, in addition to learning meditation techniques.

Visit Zen Bridge


The Miguel Aleman Dam or artificial lake is quite large and many activities are carried out in it. Therefore, we invite you to navigate them, it is something very common that anyone should try, at the same time you will have a fantastic view of the town.

The tour costs 550 MXN and has a duration of 2 hours, the payment includes life vest and you can ask for an individual or couple kayak.

If you don’t have a lot of money this activity is very economical and highly entertaining, it also works for couples if you want a romantic and sentimental moment. Answering your questions about what to do in Valle de Bravo.


Its main attraction is the dam or lagoon, where a great variety of aquatic and risky sports take place. The place is known for its typical architecture, traditional of the colonial era and attracts countless tourists. Among the foods consumed daily in the municipality are: bread, soups, various stews, beans, tortillas and chili.