👉 Things to do in Acapulco

La Quebrada - Things to do in Acapulco

Acapulco is one of the main tourist sites in Mexico, and the largest city in the state of Guerrero with its 20 kilometers of beaches, is one of the most famous ports in the country for its proximity to the capital of the Mexican Republic. Read on and discover what to do in Acapulco.

Things to do in Acapulco

What to do in Acapulco

Acapulco is one of Mexico’s tourist pillars and just like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, it has incredible beaches and natural landscapes that will make you want to come back. And if you don’t believe us, then check out these 10 incredible things to do and see in Acapulco.


If you are looking for things to do in Acapulco, then locate near the Bay of Puerto Marques, the Xtasea park, where you will find what is considered the world’s largest zip line, where you can fly and feel like a superhero.

On the zipline, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the bay, where you will delight yourself with a wonderful landscape from a beautiful perspective. If you don’t feel safe, don’t worry, the Xtasea team takes all the safety measures to guarantee the trip.

The cost of this experience is approximately 1,200 MXN; so don’t miss this incredible opportunity when you visit Acapulco.

Xtasea - Things to do in Acapulco

The Holistic Garden

Located in the middle of the jungle, the Holistic Garden is the perfect place to connect and heal from within; here you can have an unimaginable experience, where peace and calm will be your main company.

Surrounded by nature, you can stay in its beautiful cabins; outdoor jacuzzis and a room that will allow you to observe the fantastic landscapes that surround it.

When staying in this glorious garden, you can participate in yoga classes; they are also known for their spiritual retreats, where they will teach you how to meditate and relax. In short, an experience like no other.

Tres Palos Lagoon

This enigmatic lagoon is one of the most famous places in Acapulco. If you still don’t know what to do, we invite you to visit this tourist destination; where you will have wonderful experiences that will assure you a dream vacation.

If you go between the months of September and November, you will be able to observe the transformation of the vegetation surrounding the lagoon; becoming a garden with beautiful lotus flowers. In addition, it is said that the mud found at the bottom of the lagoon has purifying properties.

You can take a tour of this lagoon for approximately 250 MXN per person, which is the cost of the one-hour boat tour. You will also be able to appreciate several attractions and some surprises of the place.

Tres Palos Lagoon

The Cocodrilario

If you are an animal lover, but you especially like crocodiles, the Cocodrilario is the perfect place to visit when you are in Acapulco.

Located in an area of abundant water in the jungle, this animal reserve is one of a kind; here you will be able to observe a variety of famous crocodile species. You will be able to observe a diversity of white mangroves, which are ideal for the care of this ecosystem.

You will find a variety of species typical of this environment, as well as different plants. It is the ideal place to go with the family to spend a beautiful afternoon of learning and rest.

The Cocodrilario - Things to do in Acapulco

Papagayo Park

This beautiful ecological reserve guarantees you a first class experience; full of fresh air, plants and a diversity of recreational activities.

Located in the well-known Acapulco dorado, you will be able to enjoy its varied recreational facilities; sports courts, skating rinks and even a zip line. Everything you need to live experiences and create memories with your friends and family.

Going to this paradise without a plan is synonymous of knowing and learning; that is why this park is ideal for tourism, where you will meet unique animal and plant species, in addition to fun activities.

Roqueta Island

One of the best things to do in Acapulco is to go to La Roqueta Island, which is definitely one of the ideal destinations for water sports and activities. On the island, scuba diving is one of the favorite sports; where you will be able to see a diversity of marine species, fish diversity and colorful corals.

A legend haunts La Roqueta Island, rumor has it that it was the lair of some pirates who plundered ships that embarked in Acapulco; so if you go to Acapulco, don’t forget to visit this enigmatic island, full of wonders.

La Quebrada

Are you an extreme lover? This famous site gathers hundreds of tourists every year, who stay to watch the spectacle of some young daredevils.

What is this show about? It is mainly based on young people, who without fear of anything, dive from the top of the ravine; an act that requires incredible precision to be carried out.

So, if you are a daredevil and want to perform this incredible feat, or on the contrary, you prefer to watch the show from the comfort of the hotel’s viewpoint, visiting the ravine guarantees you a simply unique and special experience.

La Quebrada - Things to do in Acapulco

Bonfil Beach

If you are an animal lover, want to collaborate with a beautiful cause and have a splendid experience; visiting Bonfil Beach, should definitely be one of your destination to know.

Inside this beautiful beach, you will find the Playa Hermosa Camp, which is in charge of protecting and preserving the sea turtles that nest on the shore of the beach. When the turtles are born, they immediately look for their way to the sea; it is in this process where you can help the turtles find their way to the beach.

This beautiful activity is one of the best things to do in Acapulco at night, which is when the turtle hatchlings emerge; besides, it is a completely free activity, you just have to make a reservation with the camp and you will be part of this wonderful work.

Juan Álvarez Plaza

This beautiful plaza is the ideal place to rest after a long day of sightseeing and exciting activities. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and the magnificent central shell, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere to recharge your batteries.

You can observe the extraordinary cathedral located near the square, whose design is simply a marvel for the eyes. Do not hesitate to visit it as you pass by.

Diego Rivera Mural

The famous Mexican painter, Diego Rivera, created this spectacular mural that highlights the essence of Mexican culture. It is an ideal place for all those art lovers; in turn, a marvel of Mexican culture.

So if you are curious and want to see the beauties of Mexican art, definitely visiting this special and unique mural is one of the most special things you can do in Acapulco.

Diego Rivera Mural - Things to do in Acapulco


Now that you know what to do in Acapulco, visit this beautiful port located in the state of Guerrero, 379 kilometers from Mexico City, which opens the possibility to visit these beaches if you are near the city,