👉 Things to do in Chihuahua Mexico

Creel Magical Town

Chihuahua is one of the largest states in Mexico, located in the northwest of the country, bordering the north with the United States, its most populated and popular city is Ciudad Juarez. Chihuahua is full of cultural contrasts, you can find baroque style buildings to a beautiful building designed in pure art nouveau style as the Quinta Gameros. If you are curious and adventurous enough, read on and discover Things to do in Chihuahua Mexico.

Things to do in Chihuahua Mexico

Things to do in Chihuahua Mexico

Chihuahua is the largest state in the Mexican Republic, has the largest desert in North America and in its capital, which bears the same name, concentrates a revolutionary past that resonates in each of its corridos, where history takes the form of song and where its museums, monuments, and buildings, narrate the battles won, the presence of faith and architectural influence that refuses to lose validity. Undoubtedly Chihuahua, will be a true odyssey of Mexico and here we will tell you about some things to know, see and do.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Chihuahua

Among the first things to do in Chihuahua, we can highlight its emblematic Cathedral. This beautiful city stands out for its nurturing culture, beautiful history and incredible structures.

This marvelous baroque style cathedral represents one of the most beautiful architectural wonders of Mexico. Visiting the cathedral guarantees an experience like no other, you will be amazed by the amount of history you will be able to learn while visiting it; definitely one of the places you must visit when you are visiting this beautiful city.

Copper Canyon Chihuahua

Exploring this wonder of nature located in Chihuahua, will be a completely different adventure in your life.

One of the most representative attractions of the Baracas, is to meet the Rarámuri, who are the native inhabitants of the highlands; with them, you can talk and learn a little about this ancient community.

The best times to visit the Barrancas are during the summer or fall, when you can appreciate this natural wonder without worrying about extreme weather. Admission is free; however, for a better experience, you can opt for some tours ranging from 4000 MXN and up.

Copper Canyon Chihuahua

Quinta Gameros

Located in downtown Chihuahua, this beautiful Quinta Gameros is one of the most famous and invaluable historical and cultural resources of Mexican history.

In it, you will discover a variety of works of art, along with an exhibition of modernist furniture, unique in its class. The entrance to this wonderful fifth has a cost of 29 MXN for the general public.

It has the particularity that you can choose to have a photo session in the emblematic spaces of the quinta, for a cost of 660 MXN. So, if you want to spend an afternoon full of culture, and at the same time, keep a priceless souvenir.

Chepe Train

Also known as the Chepe Express, it is one of the favorite activities for tourists. Currently, it is used only for tourist purposes and its majesty impacts every visitor. You can make a trip of approximately 9 hours, with a variety of stops and beautiful destinations. If you start your travels from Chihuahua, the first station you will find will be Creel.

This incredible town will show you natural wonders; besides it is considered the entrance to the “Sierra Tarahumara”. The ticket for the tours range from 700 MXN in tourist class, to the most expensive of 5700 MXN, in first class, depending on the destinations you want to visit.

Chepe Train


After a long day of sightseeing: traveling kilometers on a train or visiting the copper canyon, it is necessary to rest a little and have a calmer experience; for this, the Paraninfo is the perfect place to visit.

Located within the facilities of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, it is the ideal place to enjoy plays, movies, conferences and even festivals. Admission is completely free, so if you are looking for something peaceful to do in Chihuahua, visiting the Paraninfo is your best option.


Tourist Trolley “El Tarahumara”.

If you want to know the most emblematic places of the city of Chihuahua; the Trolley, is the perfect companion for this adventure.

From the hands of specialized guides, you will get to know the highlights of the city. The Trolley has a 20th century style decoration and will take you to the secret places of Chihuahua.

The ticket for this incredible vehicle is 100 MXN for general admission, which includes the guide, who will be in charge of showing you and explaining each place you are going to.

Paquimé Archaeological Zone

This is one of the most important archaeological zones in the region. The term Paquimé refers to a “place of big houses”. Its importance lies in its peculiar structures; the houses are made of mud, and the most curious thing is that their doors are designed in the shape of a “T”.

If you are looking for things to do this weekend in Chihuahua, knowing a little about this wonderful place is definitely one of the best ideas. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. The entrance fee to this archaeological site is 80 MXN for the general public.

Creel Magical Town

Are you looking for an enigmatic place? Creel is the perfect place. As its name says, it is a “magical place”, located in the Sierra Tarahumara. It is one of the famous sites in Chihuahua that you can visit through the Chepe Train.

When you are in Creel, you will be able to visit the handicrafts museum; each object, made by the locals in a traditional way. You will also visit the beautiful Cusárare Waterfall, surrounded by trees, which will give you an unmatched sense of calm.

Creel Magical Town

Name of God Caves

These curious caves are considered one of the most important natural beauties in the world. In the past, they were used as mines for the extraction of natural resources, such as silver; nowadays, mining activity is no longer carried out in the caves.

These caves are a place you should definitely visit if you are a nature lover, since the scenery you will find in these caves is simply spectacular.

Seed Museum

Inaugurated in 2004, the Semilla Museum is one of the most relevant learning centers in the region. It is ideal for learning, especially for children; in this museum, they will learn about physics and astronomy. They can also learn a little about prehistoric species, since one of the exhibits has the remains of a mammoth and extinct plants.

The entrance fee varies, for adults it is 40 MXN; for children, 35 MXN. This is an opportunity, so visit it, is something you should take into account to do during a weekend plan in Chihuahua with your family.


In Chihuahua you can enjoy a variety of activities and at the same time marvel at the contrasting landscapes, since it is formed by different regions you can find large deserts, mountains, canyons and forests.