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Aqua Nightclub - Medellin Nightlife

Medellin Nightlife is something very special for those visiting Medellin for the first time. If you are a tourist or on an extended visit, then you will probably want to begin your night in Parque LLeras.

Of course, this is just the beginning of everything you can find at night in Medellín, that’s why our team today has the biggest list of clubs, bars and nightclubs in Medellín. Let’s get to it.

Medellin Nightlife

Medellin Nightlife

Parque llaneras, Las Palmas and Barrio Colombia are the three areas of Medellin where the party never ends. So if you are looking for the best areas to have fun among bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants in Medellin, we are sure you will find them here.

Adonay Fonda

The entire nightclub resembles a traditional Antioquian town depicting the major’s office, main square, and a brothel. Adonay’s motto is “A Fonda to dance,” which stands in a large banner by the entrance doors.

Every night at Adonay is different. Very often they bring live shows with recognized singer of popular or tropical music, making the place a perfect nightclub to enjoy with family or friends, in couples or larger groups.

This Medellin nightclub located in Avenida Las Palmas, is one of the best places in the city, with an astonishing view of the whole valley of Aburra. It has plenty of parking spots that are permanently secured.

Adonay Fonda

Aqua Nightclub

Experience Medellin nightlife in a totally unique way. Aqua Nightlife, is a club that will rival the top European clubs in style, class and good taste. Aqua is located on the second floor of the La Strada Mall, in the Golden Mile of El Poblado. Aqua Nightlife club is definitely one of the best places to party in Medellin.

Aqua Nightclub - Medellin Nightlife

Amarna Disco

There is a color changing pyramid hanging above the liquors bar, along with two huge chairs simulating the throne of Tutankhamen, the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh.

Amarna doesn’t miss a detail, starting from the hieroglyphic artwork on the walls, to the waiters dressed like Nefertiti, Anubis, Tutankhamen and their slaves.

Everything in Amarna club resembles Egyptian culture, even the DJ stands in a throne playing crossover music for the customers, who seem like slaves celebrating their recent freedom, beside the Nile River. Amarna is proof that Medellin Nightlife may very well be the best Latin America has to offer.

Amarna Disco

Babylon Disco

The Babylon atmosphere is kind of relaxed. Babylon Disco is known for good drinks and a great party atmosphere, without too much elegance. Babylon Disco is a massive club with outdoor areas and terraces located over the dance floor. Here it is possible to see the action coming from the party below. The club decor is inspired by the classic films of the 80′s, accompanied by smoke machines and lights. Babylon Disco has a predominantly young crowd.

At about midnight, Babylon becomes very crowded and the entire place turns into a massive dance floor. Music is crossover, so you can expect to hear a stunning mix of salsa, vallenato, reggaeton and electronics.

On Thursdays, they offer their “free beer” night. This night has become very popular with locals and visitors alike. However, not everything is free, only a few drinks are part of this promotion. Sometimes the bar staff gives away bottles of rum or brandy, no one can complain!

Babylon Disco

Berlin 1930 Bar

A European Style Pub in the Heart of Medellin Nightlife

Berlin 1930 Bar is one of the most traditional bars in Medellin nightlife, and its very well-known and visited by local and foreign rock music lovers.

Berlin 1930 Bar is conveniently located en Calle 10 in El Poblado, close to many other amenities. Berlin 1930′s decor includes an original phone booth from London, flags from different countries, badges, and posters of the best rock bands.

Berlin 1930 Bar was one of the first in the entertainment business, to set foot in what is now the heart of Medellin’s Zona Rosa in the El Poblado neighborhood.

Though Berlin 1930 Bar does not date all the way back to the 1930′s, it is easy to lose the sense of time in Berlin Bar with its old trumpets, pianos and framed photos of musicians from the distant past.

Visitors can enjoy a good set lunch each day of the week, but should stay away on Fridays if they are longing for something different to the region’s typical beans, rice, meat, and arepa.

Loud western rock music is played at night and it’s common to meet plenty of Colombian Goths until about 4:00 am. Prices are very reasonable, and the pool tables are free at any time.

Berlin 1930 Bar - bares noctunos medellin

Betty House

Offering something very unique in Medellin nightlife, Betty House Disco is a club focused on the urban-crossover gender.

Along with Sampues nightclub, Betty House creates the only Medellin nightlife experience with 2 different atmospheres. Sampues & Betty House are two different Medellin nightclubs in one location and communicate internally by a tunnel. In these two places you can find the best rumba crossover in the city. They have all genres and rhythms, but at Betty House you will hear more Rock and Alternative music while Sampues caters mostly to Salsa.

On Fridays and Saturdays guests can enjoy a big party atmosphere with great music in both environments from 9:45 until 4:00 am. Things become extremely festive Monday when guests can enjoy the Tunnel. A big event that unites the two clubs offering only Rock and Salsa. This becomes a very special night with the classic sounds of the two genres.

Betty house is also an ideal place for business-type events. There are university events, concerts and all kinds of celebrations.

Betty House - Medellin Nightlife

B-Lounge Disco

Recognized as one of the best dance clubs in El Poblado for its unique Medellin nightlife style, B-Lounge offers a variety of style depending on the day of the week: from Thursday to Saturday the electronic music takes the party, while Wednesdays are usually karaoke nights, playing some pop-Latin hits. It is not as lounge as it used to be, so the comfy sofas and chill-out sounds are no more.

When you enter the B Lounge, receptionists make visitors feel they’re welcome, whether giving away souvenirs according to the rumba theme. The treatment towards the female audience is very special and perhaps this is their strength and that’s why the site is preferred by many.

B-Lounge Disco

Canalon Bar

Canalon Bar is an excellent alternative in Medellin nightlife. Located in the nearby and beautiful town of Sabaneta, Canalon Bar decoration is themed with the engine world. Multicolored lights allow customers to discover a dance floor literally surrounded by cars and motorcycles of various kinds, arranged in the form of chairs for customers.

Right in the center of the nightclub a red Ferrari from the 70′s, serves as the DJ’s booth that entertains the site with his fine music.

The crossover music, beautiful dancers and waitresses complete the picture of an environment created for the enjoyment of the best rumba in south Aburra Valley.

Every 15 days a themed party is held, transporting clients from a day of carnival to Mix Canelita Hollywood awards.

Just outside the nightclub there is restaurant, where customers can enjoy a barbecue or some good shots of national and international liquor at prices cheaper than inside the disco.

Canelon is the best alternative for good parties in the town of Sabaneta. A yellow car and a plane are used as gateway to the place that fits up to 800 people and has been a destination for fun and entertainment for over 16 years.

Canalon Bar

Cien Fuegos Cabaret

Don’t let Medellin Nightlife pass you by. The perfect place for tropical and Salsa music lovers, Cien Fuegos Cabaret brings to Medellin nightlife the ambiance and vitality of a Cuban club, carefully decorated with photographs of great Salsa stars from the island and other tropical paradises.

A Medellin night at Cien Fuegos is like taking a trip to the Caribbean. They combined both the knowledge about salsa and the pleasure of dancing, to make their customers a show to remember. Their center of attention is a live salsa music band and some professional salsa dancers performing in the middle of their large dance floor.

Accompanied by a Mojito, in the musical repertoire appear Maelo Ruiz, Guillermo Portabales, Compay Segundo, Benny and Perez Prado, among other famous salsa singers. Cien Fuegos Cabaret is a very good choice for veteran and amateur salsa lovers. Besides, on Thursdays and Fridays from eight in the evening Cien Fuegos Cabaret offer classes to learn to dance to rhythm of the key and the bongos.

Located between the barrio Colombia and Manila sector in El Poblado, Cienfuegos has a capacity for up to 200 people.

Cien Fuegos Cabaret

Crista Club

Crista is a club that integrates sophistication and glamor to offer a renewed experience in Medellin nightlife, helping to promote the city as a more cosmopolitan place, competing with the main cities of Latin America and the world. Crista is a club that wants to vibrate with the transformation of the city and offer a new way of entertainment to locals and foreigners.

Major events are another important features of the site, the club brings a first-class artist once a month, whether singer or DJ, this along with novel concepts themed parties never before held in the city, make Crista Club a unique experience for each customer visit.

One of the most glamorous clubs in town, Crista brings the best music from all latitudes, the best DJs and the best international parties. Crista Club has nothing to envy to the clubs in any of the biggest cities in the world.

Crista Club medellin

Dali Rock Bar

This bar is the perfect place to relax and unwind from the daily routine. Visitors can enjoy while chatting, entertain with friends and family, or having fun remembering and singing one of the Rock classics that are usually played.

Dali is a bar that defends the music of good quality: it’s not the normal place where they play only what is in fashion just to attract youngsters, but Dali tries to be a bar for exclusive people and proves that Rock and Roll is a transcendental genre in music history, capable of identify the majority of people in the world.

Dali Rock Bar

Deja Vu Medellin Nightlife Club

The club has two VIP, a wide dance floor and two bars selling domestic and international liquors, as well as exotic short drinks.

Deja Vu has been in the market for more than 8 years offering the best rumba to its loyal customers. the club counts with a large parking lot with valet parking service. Designated driver service is available which gives customers great security.

Deja Vu Medellin Nightlife Club

Dulce Jesus Mio Disco & Bar

Dulce Jesus Mio is one of the top favorite clubs in all Medellin nightlife. The music is crossover, and atmosphere is like many others but higher in stamina.

Totally Colombian styled, Dulce Jesus Mio is meant to be a caricature of a traditional Antioquian village. So it is loaded with all folkloric objects and decorations proper to the traditional towns, and the service is relaxed and familiar.

Dulce Jesus Mio Disco & Bar

El Tapial Nightclub

El Tapial is an excellent place performing excellent music that includes crossover, tropical, porro, vallenato and viejoteca (oldies from tropical music). El Tapial is one of the few places that still has a dance floor.

This nightclub has a two-story building with capacity to serve 400 people (208 on the first floor and 120 on the second). It also has two dance floors with incredible lights and smoke chamber, making the place something special to spend in the company of friends and family.

The traditional restaurant offers dishes like picadas (chopped pieces of meat, pork skin, plantain, potatoes and chorizo) and the house chuzos (pork or chicken kebabs), ideal as drinks companions. They also offer specials offers on Wednesdays.

The decoration of the place resembles an antique Antioquian bar, which includes a jukebox, a stable, a school, a market and many interesting details from old times. El Tapial nightclub is opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 6:30 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.

El Tapial Nightclub


Karma is a Medellin nightlife club dedicated to giving its customers a whole urban experience, from music to fashion, even the decoration and style is entirely modern and casual.

Located in the Zona Rosa, Karma brings an excellent option for those looking for the best Urban rumba. This nightclub is temple to cure the “Karma” with reggaeton, hip hop and dance hall music discharges.

Karma medellin

La Bolsa Bar

La Bolsa is an ideal place for events, cocktails, brand promotions, closing business, and many others with the good luck charm of the golden bull.

On their second level there is the Viocco Bar, with a particular decoration concept, music and atmosphere, and a wine cellar with the most exclusive products for your nightlife needs

Mélodie Lounge

Medellin Nightlife takes on a completely different flavor with Mélodie. It is a warm space with two floors and different environments: on the first floor there is a sofa area, coffee bar and a VIP table for 12 people, while on the second floor there are the DJ booth, the martini bar, an indoor garden and picnic tables.

This configuration has been designed to meet the different needs of customers who visit the lounge every day from 5pm.

Mia Nightclub

The MIA nightclub is located in one of the best places to party in the city: Colombia Neighborhood. With a modern elegant and excellent infrastructure and spectacular light assemblies, MIA offers a unique style, playing all genres of music, guest DJs and live artists. It is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.

In MIA you can enjoy many benefits when celebrating birthdays and special dates: in a reserved VIP table, gifts from sponsors, balloons, cake, cocktails, one free drink, photos, and more.

Every Thursday night, MIA brings the best of electronic music with specially priced booze and women do not pay cover. On Fridays MIA holds the ‘Amigas Mia’s’ pampering girls with free spirits, souvenirs and gifts from sponsors. And on Saturdays, the party is thrown up to 4 am, with the presentation of international artists and DJs invited to enhance the fun.

There is a 10,000 pesos cover in MIA, but women do not pay cover on Thursdays and Fridays, or if they come before 10:30 pm on Saturdays.

Mistica Life Club

Mistica Life is an amazing Medellin Nightlife club, where the best of electronic, hip hop, reggaetton and reggae music are played in an ambiance full of stamina.

Exclusivity, elegance and light effects are the combination that characterizes Mistica Life Club, which seems to have a mystery on each of the corners in which customers dance in this high technology club.

There are some VIP rooms from where visitors watch and dance to the live music played by famous Djs. The whole nightclub shines for its cleanliness and whiteness and the beams of laser lights that dance around.

This property, located in the heart of Barrio Colombia, has flat screens throughout its space, long tables, a stage for the DJ and a bar where people enjoy a wide variety of drinks and cocktails with the unique style of Mystical Life Club.

It is imortant to have in mind that this nightclu is open for people over 23 years old. Women pay no cover until 12:00 am. After midnight the cover is $ 10,000.

Mistica Life Club medellin


This small list really doesn’t even come close to the great amount of nightclubs, discos, bars and discos in Medellín, where the fun will be LEGENDARY for you. And if you still don’t know where to stay or where to eat, we invite you to read about the best hotels in Medellín and the best restaurants in Medellín.