👉 Things to do in Aguascalientes México

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Aguascalientes is located in the Bajío region, in the north-central region of Mexico, bordering Zacatecas to the northwest and Jalisco to the south, it has different tourist, historical and adventure attractions, read on and discover what to do in Aguascalientes.

Things to do in Aguascalientes México

Things to do in Aguascalientes México

San Antonio Temple

When visiting Aguascalientes, you will find a historic city, with a diversity of spaces that catch your attention and incite you to know each one of them; however, the Temple of San Antonio is one of the first things to do in Aguascalientes. Located in the center of the city, this architectural marvel represents one of the main prides for the region.

The temple is seen as a masterpiece, thanks to the diversity of architectural styles that conform it; in addition to the curious history of its designer and builder, who made this work in a completely self-taught way.

San Antonio Temple

San Marcos Garden

If you are looking for things to do in Aguascalientes with children, we recommend you to visit the San Marcos Garden, right in the center of the city. In it, you will be able to observe a diversity of plant species, from beautiful flowers to curious trees.

This garden has curious stories and if you go in the afternoon, and stay long enough, you will be able to observe the spectacular night scenery.

In short, if what you want is to spend a nice time with your family to have a moment of calm, the garden of San Marcos is the ideal place. Besides, this will be a profitable time, because you will be able to know part of the history of the city.

San Marcos Garden - Things to do in Aguascalientes México

Tres Centurias Park

Being one of the most historically relevant places, the Tres Centurias Park is the right place to spend an entertaining family afternoon. As an attraction, it offers a beautiful water fountain that moves to the rhythm of the music; when you are there, you will have the opportunity to relax and learn a little about the culture of this wonderful city.

It has a variety of spaces for enjoyment, ideal for children, since inside the park they can observe a variety of railroads, where they can learn valuable information about this means of transportation.

Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Asuncion

Definitely, Aguascalientes is synonymous of unique architecture; that is why if you are a lover of beautiful buildings and you are passing through this beautiful city, visiting this cathedral should be among the things you want to do in Aguascalientes.

Known for being the heart of Aguascalientes, the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption will shock you just by seeing it; its beauty is enchanting, and inside you will find a space that projects fascinating stories.

For history lovers, this cathedral is a must-see destination when visiting Aguascalientes; because you can observe famous relics belonging to the history of Catholicism, enigmatic and incredible. Undoubtedly, an unparalleled experience that you must live when visiting it.

Plaza Patria and Exedra

After a long afternoon of walking around Aguascalientes, the Plaza Patria and Exedra is the ideal place to take a break. Because it has a privileged location in the historic center of the city, this plaza will allow you to easily access other famous sites in the city.

One of the best times to visit this renowned plaza is during December, when the plaza is filled with traditional decorations and traditional activities designed especially for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Plaza Patria and Exedra

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To be able to observe the beautiful scenery that Aguascalientes offers, a few meters above the ground, may sound risky; however, it is an experience you can’t miss.

Through a zip line or hanging bridges, in Boca de Tunel you will have an experience like no other; you will be able to observe the landscape of the city from a unique perspective. The cost of this activity ranges between 400 USD and 500 USD, being an excellent attraction for the whole family.

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The enigmatic National Museum of Death

Have you ever heard of a museum about death? In the city of Aguascalientes you will find this curious museum, the only one of its kind, offering a completely different vision of death.

Through different representations, a variety of objectives and allusive images, the National Museum of Death seeks to provide a completely unique experience; demonstrating with each of its exhibits, a Mexican version of death, from an essentially traditional point of view.

The entrance fee is in the range of 20 USD to 10 USD; therefore, if you are a curious person and wish to have a vacation experience, completely different from any other, visiting this museum should be at the top of your list.

Government Palace

Being part of the historical center of the city, the Government Palace offers a sober and calm experience. In the Palacio de Gobierno, you can appreciate beautiful murals, which contain years of local history, making it a perfect place to learn a little bit of the city’s history.

Admission is completely free, making it a highly recommended option to spend a pleasant time for all members of the family.

Museum of the traditional Mexican toy

This museum is ideal for children and adults, you can find traditional toys of Mexican culture; despite having a small collection, the experience will be nourishing to learn a little of the traditions of Mexico.

Through this curious museum, we can take a glimpse into the past; you will learn how children had fun in the past, besides learning about the culture of the country through these artifacts.

Las Jacarandas Courtyard

To close an afternoon stroll, the patio of Las Jacarandas is the ideal place to rest; from it, you will have a wonderful view of the historic center of the city.

It is a perfect place to have a delicious coffee and enjoy the fresh breeze, as well as to watch the sunset. Located in an easily accessible area, the Patio de Las Jacarandas seeks to guarantee a calm experience, ideal after a day of sightseeing.

Las Jacarandas Courtyard


After reading what to do in Aguascalientes you will be able to live countless adventures of comfort and adventure, visit Aguascalientes and live the experience that will take your emotions to the limit or that family time you are longing for.