Best hotels in Coveñas

Best hotels in Coveñas

Do you know the city of Cancun? Surely if you have traveled to Mexico or if you have planned your vacations in Mexico, you must already know Cancun, either in photos or in person. Well, Coveñas is a city similar to Cancun.

A very beautiful city surrounded by beaches where you can practice different water sports such as kayaking, sunfish and kitesurfing.

So without a doubt, this place will be an earthly paradise for you and we want to help you enjoy it. Therefore, we will list right now the top of the best hotels in Coveñas.


Best hotels in Coveñas

Best hotels in Coveñas

Coveña is a small beach town, which can be reached from Tolú and its main attractions are its beaches and white sand strips of fourteen kilometers in front of which the sea is shallow, which is ideal for children to enjoy calm waters and of course, for you to walk and explore this place.

So with this, you should imagine that most of its accommodations overlook the sea. So let’s find out what are the best lodging options in Coveñas, here in traveling by

Hotel Playarena

If you are looking for a beach atmosphere, but at the same time not too far away from the comforts you are used to, then you have to give the Playarena hotel a try.

A small but nice resort with a pool overlooking the sea and of course, in front of the beach, but not only does it offer you a nice room, it also has a restaurant and free private parking. It offers pool views, solarium and 24 hour reception.

Best hotels in Coveñas


Hotel Palma Linda

Hotel Palma Linda is somewhat similar to the previous one and among its facilities we can find a restaurant, bar, outdoor swimming pool and free private parking.

The establishment has a private beach area and is located 800 meters from the Segunda Ensenada.  But that’s not all, because it is a completely family hotel, as most of its rooms are for 10 people and very few of them are only for couples.

Best hotels in Coveñas


Palma Grande Hotel

Very colorful, in front of the beach and full of beautiful palm trees. This is how we can describe the hotel Palma Grande de Coveña. A hotel near the second of Ensenada and which not only offers a pleasant stay, also offers a rich cuisine in its restaurant and spend pleasant moments of relaxation in its outdoor pool and bar.

Best hotels in Coveñas


Hotel Marbelo Coveñas

A hotel with the sea for you is how this hotel in Coveñas is described and of course it is. It is one of the best hotels in Coveñas that is located in the first inlet Puntapiedra sector and is fully prepared to offer all its visitors the greatest comfort, thus providing the possibility of living the best Caribbean atmosphere.

The resort as such has modern facilities, comfortable double rooms, cabins and fully equipped apartments with capacity between 6 and 12 people. All are equipped with air conditioning, bathroom, TV, refrigerator, stove and kitchen.

Best hotels in Coveñas


Hotel Green Coveñas

Just 1 minute walk from the beach and with a 3-star rating, our last resort we recommend for an unforgettable vacation here is the Green Coveñas Hotel.

Despite having a 3-star rating, we can assure you that this hotel is one of the best and expect to be able to relax in its outdoor pool, from which you can enjoy the view of the beach or relax in the jacuzzi or in the elegant lounge chairs.

But that’s not all it has to offer; this accommodation also features a restaurant, free private parking, outdoor pool, fitness center, bar, shared lounge and garden, shuttle service, room service and free WiFi.

Best hotels in Coveñas



Really staying in Coveñas, is to stay in an earthly paradise and as you can see, almost most of its hotels overlook the sea or are just a few meters from it, so you can not miss the opportunity to stay in one of these hotels in Coveñas. See you soon, with more recommendations of accommodations in Colombia.