👉 Coyuca de Benitez

Coyuca de Benitez

Coyuca de Benitez is located 35 km (22 mi) northwest of Acapulco in the State of Guerrero via federal highway 200 of Mexico.

Coyuca de Benitez

Everything in Coyuca is nature. To visit Coyuca is to run into frequently with scenes of film. A step and we arrived at Barra de Coyuca an extensive beach and a lagoon, where it is possible to be enjoyed unforgettable stroll in boat and to be practiced diverse aquatic sports.

And it is that for beaches of virginal beauty, Coyuca is the indicated thing, here also are the Beaches of El Carrizal and Playa Azul, where we found a great variety of aquatic birds and tropical vegetation, ideal place to enjoy the ecotourism, the aquatic sports and the sport fishing.

Coyuca de Benitez


Account with a zone of restaurants, where it found an atmosphere of rest and good food, like the specialty of the house: shrimps or cuatete, prepared with a delicious sauce, or great variety of fish and seafood, with the typical coastal season.

In the Lagoon of Mitla it found entangled manglares, home of a great amount of birds. In its beach it will be able to camp and to enjoy the ecological tourism. Near,

it found the islands of El Embarcadero, La Montosa and La Pelona whose characteristic is that this inhabited by the descendants of a single family. The place counts on two enramadas rustic ones, where typical meals of the region are offered. Here also it is possible to be enjoyed the ecological and recreational tourism, as well as boat ride.

Coyuca de Benitez


A little but far we found the waters of Paso Real, little well-known virgin zone, where the water appears of the springs with a characteristic scent to sulfur, and one hour away from this El Salto, a beautiful cascade that by its impressive beauty was the scene of the famous film of Rambo II, thus since then is known like “the Cascade of Rambo”.

Coyuca de Benitez is famous for its beautiful lagoon and its islets:

  • La Montosa
  • Los Pajaros
  • La Pelona

El Presidio, which may be reached by small boats. Coyuca de Benitez has tourist services and facilities to practice aquatic sports