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Ciudad Acuña mexico

Ciudad Acuña, one of the most varied tourist destinations in the State of Coahuila, is located 89 km northeast from Piedras Negras and just across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas.

Ciudad Acuña

With an intense night life, Ciudad Acuña stands out because of the quality of the restaurants and craft stores, which have turned it into a favorite destination of tourists from the United States.

Established in 1912, this cosmopolitan city, which remembers the Saltillan poet Manuel Acuña, commonly offers contrasting types of fun. During the day, the streets are dressed with arts and crafts and alive with hubbub and movement.

Then, at night, they are transformed with exciting neon lights and offer unforgettable evenings. As its plazas, parks, temples and museums inspire rest and serenity, the Amistad Dam bursts with the excitement of sport.

Mexicans and foreigners alike come and go through its streets, which offer full-service hotels festive shop windows with the perfect souvenirs, and restaurants with the most delicious cuisine. This is Acuña, a city that is alive with passion and that will treat you as one of its most distinguished guests.

Ciudad Acuña mexico


Among Ciudad Acuña main attractions are:

Benjamin Canales Public

Plaza Traditional and pleasant site that brings together not only its inhabitants but also those just passing through. Its spaces house distinct elements of the city: stores, arts and crafts shops, the Municipal Presidency, the museum and the church.

Santa Maria de Guadalupe Church

The oldest church of the city, it was built in 1958 on the same location that housed the old church, and stands out from its setting due to its modern, Cubist architectural design. On its exterior, it displays three angel sculptures and decorative elements in granite.

Mexico Bridge

Built at the beginning of the twentieth century, this work of engineering connects and strengthens the business relationships between Ciudad Acuña and the city of Del Rio, in the United States. Through customs, it is a daily occurrence for people and vehicles to pass in both directions across the border.

Ciudad Acuña mexico

Night Life

If there is any place in the state that can boast of a fascinating night life, it is Ciudad Acuña. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are part of every day events for Mexican and foreign tourists alike. Traditional places in their festive environment and decoration in the purest of Tex-Mex style welcome you at all hours of the night.

Los Novillos National Park

An extensively protected area, this park is appreciated for the richness of its flora and fauna. Once inside, it is very common to observe the large variety of birds, squirrels, rabbits and other animals among the colorful foliage of pines and oaks, surrounded by crystal-clear streams. It has basic facilities for camping.

Jose Angel Villarreal Municipal Museum

Simple cultural and historical building that illustrates different stages of Ciudad Acuña’s history. It exhibits land and marine fossils, pre-Hispanic tools (grinding stones and arrowheads) and old, everyday objects (coins, hills, arms, photos and musical instruments, among others).

An important attraction near Ciudad Acuña is the “Parque Nacional de los Novillos”, this national park boasts beautiful scenery, forests, hot springs, and “Presa de la Amistad” (Friendship Dam and Reservoir). This marvelous engineering work was built across the Rio Grande jointly by the United States and Mexico. Fishing is one of the most common forms of recreation here.

Ciudad Acuña mexico


On both sides of the reservoir there are tourist facilities such as food vendors, camping sites, and boat rentals.

In October, Ciudad Acuña and Del Rio, Texas, its sister city across the border, celebrate the traditional “Fiesta de la Amistad”. The main events of this celebration are parades and speeches by the Mayors of both cities.