Cafeterias in Cancun

Cafeterias in Cancun

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy a delicious coffee, accompanied by tranquility and maybe a delicious sweet bread? Well, keep reading because right now we will tell you which are the best coffee in Cancún.

Cafeterias in Cancun

Coffee in Cancun

Having coffee with friends, a meeting or simply as a small ritual of tranquility and gratitude for life never goes out of style. However, among so many places that exist in a city like Cancun, you may be wondering what are the best places to have a coffee? Well, now we’ll tell you.

Marakeme Cafe

If you are looking for a coffee in the company of a friend, Marakame café is the best choice for you. This Cancun coffee shop has two branches but the most famous one is located on Nichupté Avenue.

What is striking about this place is undoubtedly its jungle design and natural architecture, which makes it perfect to go during the day or at night. It is worth mentioning that if you go at night you may enjoy a live show.

Marakeme Cafe

Café con gracia

Café con gracia is another very good coffee shop in the city and even though it is not as big as Marakeme café, it has a first class service and its vintage design helps it to be the favorite of the people who visit the 28th market of the city.

As we mentioned a little while ago, Café con gracia has a vintage design that makes it very pleasing to the eyes of everyone, but it is preferable to go at night to enjoy the visual aspect that the lights of the place play.

Cafe Antonieta

We can’t leave Café Antonieta, located on Kabah Avenue and Las Torres Avenue, out of our list of the best cafes in Cancun.

This cafe is not so easy to get to, unless you have a car, since the area where it is located is not a very popular or busy area among people. But this is counteracted by being in a plaza where there are restaurants, bars and stores, so it’s not bad at all.

Now, if you look at it from the point of view of being a place not so well known, it makes it perfect to go alone, with your partner or in a meeting and it should be noted that its design is elegant and the aroma of freshly baked bread will make you fall in love.

Café Antonieta


Café LUED is located on Las Torres Avenue, almost at the corner of the Cecyte Cancun Plantel II high school and is one of the best cafes in the city where its privileged location makes it almost always full.

But don’t think that only its location plays the only role of its popularity, because this café offers the most delicious breads that no one has ever approved and also its service is first class, so much so that they can make you the figure you like to tenderly enjoy your drink.

Pepe Piranha Cafe

Pepe Piraña gives us a view of downtown Cancun, as it is located under the Ibis hotel downtown, very close to Plaza Las Americas and Dubai Palace casino.

This cafe is really simple, as its tables are located on the terrace that has a direct view of the avenue. That means that if you are one of those people who love to watch the time go by, the people, the sunsets and the sunsets, this place will be more than perfect for you.

Pepe Piranha Cafe in cancun

Cafe Nader

Another café that you have to visit is Café Nader and in this case there are several branches in the city, however we highly recommend the café located on Bonampak Avenue.

Why should I go to this location? Generally all people believe that the businesses on Bonampak Avenue are very expensive and that is why they limit themselves to not go there, this generates privacy in the place and that is what all coffee lovers are looking for.

Professor’s Cafe

The Professor’s Café is located on Nichupté Avenue, in front of the big plaza and it is a café that has won the hearts of locals and strangers alike because it has books!

That’s right, if you love reading and want to read a good book while enjoying a delicious coffee this is the place to come.

Professor's Cafe

Gelatto Café

The last on our list of the best coffee shops in Cancun is Gelatto Café located on Avenida Tecnológica and Avenida la Luna. We know very well that the brand Gelatto refers to one of the richest brands of Italian ice cream in the city and if you have already tried their ice cream, can you imagine trying their coffee?


As you can see, in the center of the city there are many good cafes in which you can enjoy a moment of tranquility, silence, romance, reading or even mysticism and although they are not all the cafes that exist in the city, they are some of the most recommended.

Which one do you think we have missed in our list, which is another one of the Cafeterias in Cancun that we have to add? Tell us in the comments.



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