Cancun Honeymoon

Xcaret Hotel canucn honeymoon

Do you know what follows after the celebration of a wedding? Well, the honeymoon celebration and if you have chosen Cancun and the Riviera Maya as the venue for your celebration, keep reading this article because we will give you some recommendations that will make your Cancun honeymoon totally memorable for a lifetime.

Cancun Honeymoon

Cancun Honeymoon

Surely you are wondering why celebrate my honeymoon in Cancun or the Riviera Maya? And the truth is that there are plenty of reasons but we are going to answer a little bit, just a little bit, so let’s start.

Why celebrate my Cancun honeymoon in Cancun?

The city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are destinations surrounded by beaches, cenotes, nature reserves, islands, jungles and a lot of natural attractions that are ideal for all people. And just as it has places where the party never ends, it also has places where tranquility, peace and privacy are the accomplices of the day and night.

These characteristics make Cancun and the Riviera Maya the best destinations to celebrate your honeymoon, your party, your getaway with friends, your wedding or really whatever you want. That is precisely why the Caribbean is one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico.

Honeymoon Hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Now that you know why Cancun or the Riviera Maya are the best places to celebrate your honeymoon, we will list some hotels that you have to consider in your accommodation plans.


The Azulik hotel is the best hotel for all lovers and is located in the city of Tulum about 2 hours from the city of Cancun and is an accommodation that has earned great prestige for its design and totally surreal architecture. No doubt you and your partner will have a great time. This is considered the best hotel in Tulum.


Azuik cancun honeymoon


The Ahau hotel is also located in the city of Tulum and is somewhat similar to the Azulik hotel. In a few words, it is a hotel with a jungle design and its entrance has the sculpture of mother nature, because that is exactly what you and your partner will find here: An accommodation in harmony with nature and the luxuries of life.


Ahau cancun honeymoon

Las Nubes Holbox

Holbox is a virgin island with a beach life that is located a few hours from the city of Cancun and gives us a stay in front of the sea and in the middle of the rainforest, so you will have a more than magical place, a totally private and intimate place for all couples.


Las Nubes Holbox

Xcaret Hotel

In the heart of the Riviera Maya, very close to the exit of Playa del Carmen lies the Xcaret hotel. We all know the Xcaret group and they don’t disappoint us at all, their luxury resort won’t disappoint us either, because it has access to their parks, restaurants with incredible food, shows and of course several natural facilities that will make you want to get married again.


Xcaret Hotel canucn honeymoon

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun is a 4 diamond adults-only hotel that makes it a real odyssey to celebrate your honeymoon in Cancun and in fact, it is considered the best hotel in the city. The hotel has 13 restaurants, ocean view rooms, lagoon view rooms and as if that wasn’t enough, it offers romantic dinners for you and your girlfriend to revive the flame of love.


Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

Romantic activities for honeymooners

The city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya has several activities for couples visiting the city and regardless of whether they are newlyweds, or a weekend getaway is almost impossible not to do some of them and now we will list them for you

Dining in front of the sea

Many hotels in the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer the possibility to dine in front of the sea, either on a dock by the light of the moon, the stars, the candles and the sea or in a romantic private palapa where the sandpaper curtains allow you to feel the fresh air of the beach, the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea, so this has to be an activity that you have to do with your partner.

Dining in front of the sea

Dining in front of the lagoon

Another alternative you have in case you want something equally romantic but without the ravages of the sea air is a romantic dinner contemplating the nichupté lagoon. And it is not necessary to remember that the city of Cancun has several of the best restaurants in the world and among them we can mention Rosa Negra, Fred House, Lorenzillos and Taboo.

Dinner on a boat

If neither of these two options is for you and you prefer something a little different but without the loss of romanticism, maybe you should consider the option of dining on the sea in a paradisiacal boat ride. And you are in luck because in the city you can find several operators that can offer you this activity.

Dinner on a boat

Cirque du Soleil

Another activity in Cancun that you can include in your honeymoon celebration is to enjoy one of the best and most exclusive shows in the city: The jewel Cirque du Soleil.

Visit Holbox

And if you are looking for a getaway in paradise within paradise, you can escape with your partner for a day and visit Holbox Island. Remember, Holbox is an island that gives us a real piece of virgin land, with few hotels and a beach atmosphere that even the internet signal fails a lot, but why do you need internet when the starry sky is your companion?



Undoubtedly, celebrating your honeymoon in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is a plus to start your marriage on the right foot and welcome this new stage of your life. So don’t hesitate any longer and choose Cancun to celebrate your love ❤️

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