👉 Best tourist sites in Japan

Best tourist sites in Japan

Everywhere you look Japan is a very beautiful place, with a striking culture and a very exotic gastronomy. Possibly it is these characteristics that have made it a “target” for millions of travelers in the world and if you are one of them and are planning your vacation to Japan, surely you are wondering: What places should I visit, where should I go, where should I go? Well, those questions have an answer and right now the Cubo Informativo team is going to realize it.


Japan’s Best Tourist Spots

From ancient temples and shrines to bustling cities and breathtaking natural scenery, Japan has something for everyone and here we list some of Japan’s top tourist destinations.

Mount Fuji

Considered one of Japan’s most important tourist attractions. It is an active volcano with a very low risk of eruption. This mountain is a fundamental symbol of Japanese spirituality.

Many visitors go hiking in this place in the summer season, although there are also those who go hiking or take boat trips on Lake Aishi to see the breathtaking beauty of this mountain.


This extensive chain of islands is rich in natural beauty, which is why the Japanese call it the rope of the sea. It is the perfect destination for those who wish to practice water sports or discover its beautiful white sand beaches with coral reefs.

A curious fact about this town is that it is estimated that its inhabitants are long-lived, because for every 100,000 inhabitants, 68 people are over 100 years old. Many believe that this is due to its balanced and healthy diet based on fish, vegetables and lean meats.

Best tourist sites in Japan


This city is the second most inhabited in Japan, after Tokyo, with a population of around 4 million people. It has one of the most important seaports in the country, in its waters usually transit large quantities of goods valued in millions of dollars.

We invite you to visit the attractions of this city, there you will find the famous Naka district, the NYK Hikawa Maru ship, the Sankeien garden, the largest Chinatown in Japan, Cosmo Clock 21 and the Yokohama Marine Tower, among others.

Best tourist sites in Japan

Biei Blue Lagoon

In Japan there is an island called Hokkaido that is home to a beautiful artificial lagoon that changes its shades. These colors are given depending on the amount of light that enters its waters and the season of the year, there the tones go from a splendid turquoise in autumn to an intense green in winter.

There you can also contemplate breathtaking views of the Tokachidake Mountains and the Shirohige Falls. A must-see destination here is the large Daisetsuzan National Park.



In 1850 an artificial island was built to defend the city of Tokyo from maritime invasions. With the passage of time this place became one of the technological and recreational epicenters of the capital.

Among its attractions is the Japanese version of the Statue of Liberty monument in New York; also, to take incredible photos is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, a full-scale robot from the Gundam saga.

For lovers of digital art, there is the teamLab Borderless museum and not to mention the Daikanransha Ferris wheel.


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Kumano Kodo

It is considered a network of pilgrimage roads linking 3 major Shinto shrines (Hongu, Hayatame and Nachi). In 2004 it was registered as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

A recommendation for you to enjoy this spiritual landscape is to prepare yourself mentally and physically, as well as choosing the small routes that compose it. You can also use the public transportation system, which has certain schedules.

Kumano Kodo destinos turisticos de japon


It is an island that has become one of the tourist sites of Japan, for being very visited in winter time, being the obligatory stop for those people who wish to practice skiing.

The ideal is to visit the locality at the end of January and beginning of February. Although it is also a place where you can walk in summer, as it offers beautiful and interesting landscapes for hiking.

que conover en japon - conoce Hokkaido


Another of the famous tourist places in Japan that you can not miss is this city, very famous and recognized for its temples and to learn more about the culture of this country.

In this town you can find the second largest bronze statue in Japan, which was built in honor of the Buddha Amitābha.

Kamakura is only one hour away from Tokyo and you can get there by taking the train line. Some interesting places are: the 5 Zen temples or Sagami Bay.


Hitsujiyama Park

This beautiful park of pink mosses is a must in Japan. It is a perfect landscape that resembles a painting, there you can see closely the indescribable colorful fields called shibazakuras, as well as in the distance perceive Mount Buko.

The recommendation is to visit the place at the end of April and beginning of May, if you wish to contemplate the beauty of the landscape. It should be noted that during these dates many tourists are on site and the entrance fees to the park may increase.



This region is characterized for being the home of the Ainu, an ancestral indigenous community of Japan, and is also a living description of the natural and cultural wealth of the country. In this place you can relax visiting the Tsurugajo castle, famous for its cherry trees or the Bandai mountain.

On the other hand, we advise you to go to the Yamadera temple, known for the fire that has been burning for over a thousand years, or the Osorezan Bodaji temple where you can have contact with beings from another world.

Tohoku japon

Historic villages of Shirakawa-Go and Gokayama

These villages are located in the Gifu and Toyama regions respectively. When you visit this destination, you will have the feeling of having traveled through time, as you will be transported back to the era of ancient Japan.

The villages preserve their incredible architecture, and the inhabitants maintain their ancestral practices, such as silkworm breeding, mulberry cultivation, among others. For this reason in 1995 Unesco declared this place as a World Heritage Site.

Aldeas históricas de Shirakawa-Go y Gokayama que conocer e japon

Lake Biwa

Northeast of Kyoto and west of the island of Honshu, you can find the magic of the waters of Lake Biwa. This place is considered the third oldest lake on Earth, after Baikal in Siberia and Tanganyika in Africa.

It is also famous for its great variety of fish and birds that live there, the biggest attraction of the locality is the Torii arch, according to the Shintoists is a spiritual door that separates the earthly world from the world of the kamis.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

If you want to meet the Japanese macaques, do not forget to stop by the city of Nagano. This is a park that became popular thanks to the Winter Olympics in 1998. The main attraction is the community of snow monkeys that survive the low temperatures, thanks to the park’s hot springs.

The park has specific service hours depending on the time of year, for example: in summer (April to October) it is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; while in winter (November to March) the hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Parque de los monos de Jigokudani


This town is very famous for hosting various music and dance festivals, as well as art galleries, museums and architectural relics.

Among the attractions and activities that can be done in Matsumoto are: visit and take pictures at the Kaichi Gakko School, the Raven Castle or the Art Museum and the best is to attend the Bon Bon Festival, a dance held on August 1st each year.

Sagano Bamboo Forest

Among the most touristic places in Japan, specifically in the city of Kyoto is this forest, which is important for the country, because it has more than 50 species of trees that reach 20 m high, making it a must for visitors.

The autumn season is the best time to visit this forest, since it offers visitors a colorful spectacle of its plants. A recommendation to complement this experience is to go to the Tenryuji Buddhist temple, declared a World Heritage Site in 1994.

lugares turisticos de japon


This Japanese coastal city has an important cultural and historical legacy, since it is of great interest, as there are still Geisha living in the districts of Higashi Chaya and Kazuemachi.

Likewise, this destination offers its visitors the most exquisite Japanese food. Other recommended attractions in the site are the Omisho market, the Kenrouken gardens, the ancient castle of Kanazawa or the samurai quarter of Nagamachi.


If you want to travel to find yourself or make an escape plan, the ideal destination is to go to the mountains of the city of Nikko, which houses the most important shrines and temples in the country; for this reason Nikko is considered synonymous with peace and spirituality.

There you can also visit the oldest train station in Japan, the Futarasan-jinja and Toshogu shrines, the Shinkyo bridge, the Tokugawa mausoleum or relax in any of its spas.

Nikko atractivos turisticos de japon


One of the must-see places on this list that can not miss is Tokyo, in this vibrant city are fans of manga and to give recognition to Japanese culture is necessary to name some cosplay plans.

There are many tourist places in Japan Tokyo, for example, you can find accommodations with capsule beds, but in case you prefer to meet famous cosplayers the ideal is to go to the Harajuku neighborhood, Yoyogi Park or Akihabara.

que ver y hacer en japon

Himeji Castle

This place was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1993, as it is considered one of the most representative castles of medieval Japan. This castle began its construction in the eleventh century and was home to the Akamatsu clan, a family of samurai.

Since that time and to date this structure has survived anything from earthquakes, war bombs, etc.. Today it is a favorite location for the filming of Japanese historical drama series and movies.


This destination is considered one of the tourist places in Japan for otakus, it is a very popular neighborhood among fans of manga, anime and pop culture in Japan.

It is small but very colorful, has shopping malls, stores, themed restaurants, among others. Also, this place became more famous for being the home of the first stores dedicated to the sale of robotics and personal robots, if you are a technology lover you can not miss this place.


As you can see in the videos and images we have posted here: Japan is an amazing place and without a doubt, you will lack days to get to know it and enjoy it as you really should. However, now that you know some places to visit, destinations to go and what to see, you won’t be so lost and you will be able to plan your dream trip to Japan.

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