👉 Best Beaches in Oaxaca

Best Beaches in Oaxaca

When we think of beaches, perhaps the city of Cancun comes to mind. But if we look beyond the Mexican Caribbean, we realize that there are other paradisiacal places with beautiful beaches. And Oaxaca is one of these places.

Do you want to know them? Then don’t go away and keep reading this post of Traveling By because we will tell you about some of the incredible beaches of Oaxaca. Let’s get started!

Best Beaches in Oaxaca

Best Beaches in Oaxaca

Oaxaca has a coastline of 533 kilometers and in fact, this is one of the reasons why it has more than 30 beaches. Some are well known like Puerto Escondido, Mazunte, Zipolite, Carrizalillo and others not so well known. And although our team would like to tell you about all the beaches, we can’t, at least not today, but we will present you the 10 best options to go and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Love Beach

It is considered one of the spectacular beaches of Oaxaca for its romantic and unique view that shows the waves crashing against the rocks. It is an extension of 50 meters long and has many visitors for its nudist style.

It is a virgin beach, very well cared for and there is no sale of food or drinks, as it is forbidden. The waters of this place are transparent, in it you can see green and blue tones and the water temperature is very warm, making people who enter do not want to leave.

Playa del Amor oaxaca

Puerto Escondido

Another wonderful destination that will surprise you are the beautiful beaches of Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, which has 8 beautiful beaches with different styles, from where you can appreciate magnificent sunsets.

This place is well known for being the oldest tourist center and over the years has been transformed, from its attractions, roads and tourism in general; a recommendation when you visit this place is to walk along the Adoquin, there you will find bars, restaurants, stores, besides having stunning views.

Be sure to visit the main beach to enjoy a pleasant time in its warm waters with its fine white sand.

Aragon Beach

This beach is considered virgin and currently must comply with certain rules in order to preserve it. Being a beach with these characteristics there is no sale of drinks or food, so visitors are advised to bring food and avoid littering at all costs.

Also, you should bring everything you need to get the perfect tan, since there are no umbrellas or palapas for rent. For many it is a place where you can appreciate spectacular views and is ideal for those who practice activities such as surfing, because of its strong waves.

Bacocho Beach

This beach is part of the beaches of Puerto Escondido. It has a length of 70 meters with emerald waters and beautiful golden sand. Here you can enjoy watching the sunset from any of the restaurants and hotels located on the beach.

An interesting fact is that the swell of the beach is moderate, perfect for beginner surfers. In the evenings, open-air movies are shown on the beach, an activity that blends in with the nature of the site.

Don’t forget to take some pictures of the sunset on this beach, you will surely get beautiful images to post on your networks.


La Entrega Beach

This beach located in the bay of Santa Cruz was formerly a seaport during the Spanish era. The site is shown with beautiful turquoise waters bathed by the ocean shores.

With a length of 300 meters, this place invites you to swim, kayak or snorkel. It is also perfect to visit with the family, so that children can enjoy the warm waters without much waves.

There you will also find many restaurants where you can enjoy Oaxacan cuisine and when it comes to lodging, there are numerous accommodations nearby.

playa la entrega huatulco oaxaca

Santa Cruz Beach

This is one of the beaches of Huatulco Oaxaca, where you can find a marina with sailboats, places to rent nautical equipment, even snorkeling.

A place you can not miss is the handicraft market of the town, or if you prefer to visit the stores, malls, bars, restaurants serving local food.

Another activity that we recommend is to take a catamaran, which makes a tour of this paradisiacal place. In the evenings you can enjoy a festive and beach atmosphere in the entertainment and fun places that have in this coastal area of Mexico.


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Punta Cometa Beach

It is one of the best beaches of the town, since in its surroundings there are large rocks that allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset or sunrise.

It is an ideal place for picnics, it is also a beach that has a legend where several stars are mentioned. Another interesting story tells that many years ago a treasure was hidden in this beach.

The recommendation to visit it is to arrive very early, because it is one of the busiest places in Oaxaca, at any time of the year.

Playa Punta Cometa mejores playas de oaxaca

Puerto Angelito Beach

A 30 minute walk from Puerto Escondido is this beach, a small space that you can enjoy with your family and do many activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, etc.

The site abounds in a very well cared for flora and fauna that gives it that natural touch that blends with the green and blue tones of the water. The atmosphere of the beach is very quiet, but during the holiday season you can see many families.

The ideal is to visit the beach in low season to enjoy its beauties to the maximum. You can also take home a souvenir of the place by buying ornaments made of jade, shells and coral.


San Agustin Beach

It is a place surrounded by a mountain with exuberant vegetation. Its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters invite you to dive into this excellent beach in Oaxaca.

It is perfect for children, because it has very warm and calm waters, so the little ones will enjoy the most without any danger. If you practice diving and snorkeling in this beach you can appreciate the beautiful white coral reef and observe the entire seabed, just a few meters offshore.

Zicatela Beach

We recommend you to visit one of the best beaches in Oaxaca, located 20 minutes walking distance from Puerto Escondido. In the month of November every year, the international surfing tournament is held on this beach.

For those who practice this sport, the place is ideal, that is why it is a recommended site for these tournaments, because the waves can reach six meters high.

Another advantage that this beach offers to its visitors is that it is located very close to bars, restaurants and hotels. If you do not surf, we also invite you to visit this beach and watch the acrobatics performed in the water by these daring athletes.

Playa Zicatela - playas de oaxaca mexico


As you can see: These beaches are just as impressive as the beaches found in the Mexican Caribbean. So no doubt you will love them and we promise you that in the future we will add many other beaches that are part of Oaxaca.

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