Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires

Palermo is one of the best known neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, an area known for its preserved green spaces, exuberant cultural sites and distinguished architecture, as well as being a favorite neighborhood among tourists for its exquisite food.

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Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires


Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires

Nowadays, Palermo represents one of the most important gastronomic poles of the country. If you decide to visit this amazing place, do not miss its incredible gastronomy and above all, taste it in the best restaurants.
La Cabrera

If you are a meat lover, La Cabrera is ideal for you. Both branches of this restaurant offer you the renowned “porteña” grill, which comes from Buenos Aires. Founded in 2003 by chef Gastón Riveira. It is distinguished by its specialized cuts in well-known bovine breeds, raised in Argentina.

Among the most popular dishes are the bife de chorizo grande, churrasquito with bacon and pork matambrito. The vegetable brochette is the most popular choice of vegetarian diners.

  • Address: Cabrera 5099, Cabrera 5127, Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Phone number: (+5411) 5586-1435

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires


Fat Boy

It is a restaurant specialized in Southeast Asian food; in addition, they add the essence of Argentinean food.

On the other hand, its unique gastronomy stands out for exposing in its dining rooms; the majestic Japanese culture, anime and a vibrant red light. If you visit this restaurant, you must try its best dishes, such as the Okonomiyaki and the tataki version of the Argentinean steak.

  • Address: Thames 1810, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Phone: (+54) 11 2129-5028

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires



It is a popular restaurant that stands out for being a warm, comfortable place with lots of fresh air; near the Bosques de Palermo, you will find Komyun.

Its specialty is food from Asia. The menu contains dishes such as ramen, ceviche, taiyaki and sushi. One of the most demanded dishes in this place is the “Tonkotsu miso ramen”; which corresponds to a peculiar pork consommé, it costs 260 ARS.

  • Address: Av. del Libertador 3883, Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina.
  • Phone number: (+54) 11 2272-9152

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires


Don Julio

Don Julio is the best restaurant in Latin America; due to the fact that it is in the first position in the list of the 50 best Latin American restaurants. The prices of its most popular dishes range from 200 to 3000 ARS.

If you want to taste the best porteño grill of the South American continent; without any doubt, you have to go to this emblematic restaurant.

  • Address: Guatemala 4699, Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Telephone: (+54) 11 4831-9564

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires


Fogón Asado Experience

Fogón Asado Experience has a well-deserved place in the list of the best restaurants in Palermo; thanks to its excellent customer service and cozy space. They specialize in the characteristic Argentinean asado.

Diners gather around the kitchen and are allowed to interact with the chef. This place stands out for the peculiar dinner they offer. The dishes are presented with different cuts of meat; therefore, you will have the opportunity to experience Argentinean gastronomy in the best way.

  • Address: 1423 Uriarte Street, Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Telephone number: (+54) 11 2142-2936

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires


La Pescadorita

It is characterized by its excellent customer service and exquisite dishes; they offer the best quality fish and seafood, in the best Mediterranean style.

Among its most popular dishes is the seafood and fish grill. The costs in the menu, vary between 1022 to 3065 ARS.

  • Address: At 1905 Humboldt, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Telephone: (+54) 11 4773-0070

Best restaurants in Palermo Buenos Aires



Surely you know the name Palermo from the series “La Casa de Papel”, but beyond just seeing it as a character, Palermo is a region of Buenos Aires that will steal your breath and to continue knowing more places to eat, go here or here.