Best hotels in Cali

Still don't know where to stay in Cali? Enter and know the list of the best hotels in Cali Colombia here.

Cali is a city in Colombia well known by millions of travelers and it has a warm climate, an exquisite cuisine, the friendliness of its people, the tastiness of its music, its architecture, colorful streets and of course, its more than 80 emblematic tourist sites such as the monument of Christ the King of 26 meters high.

Undoubtedly Cali is a place that thousands of travelers already know and that you also have to know, so if you still do not know where to stay, stay with us with Traveling By because right now we will list them for you.

Best hotels in Cali


Best hotels in Cali

The list of the best hotels and resorts in Cali is made up of luxury, 5 star, family, couple and all inclusive hotels that will become that extra “element” you were looking for to make your vacations unforgettable. So let’s get to know them.

Torre de Cali Plaza Hotel

Imposing its grandeur as the third largest building in Cali, from which you will be dazzled from the outside as well as from the inside and located in the Versalles neighborhood, the Torre de Cali Plaza Hotel is among the top 10 list of the best luxury hotels in Cali.

This hotel has a 5-star rating and together with the sculpture of Christ the King, is part of the tourist icons of the city.

In addition, the resort has a privileged location that allows it to be very close to the Barrio Granada, which is a reference point of the gastronomy of Colombia and a cultural interception between locals and visitors.

As we mentioned above, the resort is one of the highest in Cali, so it would be almost a crime not to allow panoramic views from their rooms and we will be totally honest: The hotel offers different views from their rooms and from where you can appreciate the beauty of the so-called “Sucursal del Cielo” with a panoramic view of the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Cristo Rey and the endless lights of the city.

And if the view, the luxuries and the comfort still don’t convince you, then you should know that every morning an American style buffet breakfast is served, including a selection of fresh tropical fruits.

Best hotels in Cali


Hotel Intercontinental Cali, an IHG Hotel

Filled with all the luxuries you couldn’t even imagine, the Intercontinental Cali hotel is another 5-star resort you have to consider for your vacation in Colombia.

The resort has rooms that are perfect for couples, spacious, bright, with wooden floors and a golden and peach tones decoration, which delights our senses in a sensory way.

Do you want to relax for a while, exercise, swim? You can do all this in its fully equipped spa, gym or swimming pool. And don’t even worry about eating, as the restaurant La Terraza serves informal cuisine, and the Fogón de Piedra offers delicious stone-grilled meats. La Pizzeria makes fresh pizzas and pasta, and La Brasserie serves a daily buffet breakfast.


Hotel Spiwak Spirito

Best hotels in Cali

Romantic getaway with your partner? The 5-star Spiwak Spirito hotel could be the best option for you, as it is a resort with rooms for a maximum capacity of 2 to 3 people and although it does not handle as such a concept for adults only or for couples looking to enjoy their honeymoon, it has currently become the favorite for this type of travelers.

Like the other Cali accommodations listed in this post, this resort has mountain views and city views. But that’s not all, the hotel has an outdoor pool, 24-hour front desk and its rooms feature air conditioning, closet, safe, flat-screen TV and private bathroom with bathtub or shower.

Did we mention that the hotel is inspired by the bleisure concept? Not for nothing is it one of the best accommodations in Cali, as the resort offers an authentic, urban and irreverent concept surrounded by Cali art and culture; 267 colorful rooms ranging from 32 to 60 square meters, a large event hall for 650 people and a swimming pool with panoramic view of the city, located in front of the Spiwak Chipichape Hotel.


Best hotels in Cali

Hotel Faranda Collection Cali

Are you coming on vacation to Cali with your partner? Then we introduce you to the Faranda Collection Hotel, another 5-star accommodation that joins our list of recommendations and which manages an “adults only” concept.

That’s right, the Faranda Collection hotel is a resort designed just for couples that has become a favorite of thousands of travelers who travel with the love of their lives, as it has an Art Deco style that has been carefully restored and remodeled.

The rooms at the Faranda Collection hotel are decorated with a careful combination of Art Deco and contemporary elements, creating a perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

But that’s not all, the hotel has 4 meeting rooms and a pleasant terrace with a view over Cali, two Jacuzzis, a Turkish bath, a gym and a lounge with a bar.

Best hotels in Cali


Hotel Spiwak Chipichape Cali

Spectacular, incredible, beautiful and luxurious are 4 words that describe Hotel Spiwak Chipichape Cali, a 5 star resort that will stay forever in your vacation memories of Cali.

The resort offers rooms and suites, has two locations that are very close to each other and each has its own concept that you will simply fall in love with.

In addition, the Spiwak Hotel is one of the few hotels in Colombia built over a shopping mall, so that guests can find everything they need there. Your keys, in the form of a card, are magnetic, and the elevator only goes up to the floor where your room is, you can not make more stops. The building is located at a strategic angle so that when the afternoon falls, it receives the breeze from the cliffs.

Still don't know where to stay in Cali? Enter and know the list of the best hotels in Cali Colombia here.



As we have seen in this article, the best hotels in Cali are constituted by the highest quality standards. So do not hesitate to book one of them and spend an incredible vacation in the city of Cali Colombia.