what not to do in cancun

what not to do in cancun

What not to do in Cancun? In this article we will tell you what are the things you should not do in Cancun and prevent your vacation from becoming a nightmare. So let’s get to it.

What not to do in Cancun?

Staying in the hotel zone

One of the main things you should not do in Cancun, is to stay alone and only in the Hotel Zone. Many people who visit the city, do not fully live the Cancun vacation experience by not going beyond the famous Cancun Hotel Zone.

Staying in the hotel zone

Do not leave your hotel

In Cancun you will find many all-inclusive hotels, 5 stars and full of many amenities, however this should not be an obstacle for you not to leave.

Do not leave your hotel

Losing your bracelet

Something you should avoid at all costs in Cancun, is losing your hotel bracelet, tour or activity you are doing. Well, this will take away some fun moments and maybe some unpleasant surprises.

Not knowing the center

Visitors are usually told not to “go” to the city center, as it is a dangerous place for tourists. This is a lie. The center of the city is a quiet place for all visitors and you should know it.

Pay in Dollars

What not to do in Cancun? Pay in dollars. Before arriving to Cancun, we recommend you to change the dollars to Mexican pesos, this way you will avoid being charged almost triple the normal cost. The reason for this is that several establishments “accept” the dollars at half their value.

what not to do in cancun - pay in dollares

Do not take pictures at the viewpoint

The lookout point of Cancun, is in Playa Delfines and it is mandatory to go, know it and take many pictures as a souvenir If you don’t know how to get to Playa Delfines, you can click here

playa delfines cancun letters

Not knowing the places

Both the Hotel Zone and the downtown area have several beaches to visit, buy or eat and getting to know one of them should be on your list of things to do in Cancun.

Not enjoying the local gastronomy

Many all-inclusive restaurants offer a wide variety of food, however something you shouldn’t do in Cancun, is just keep it. Well, the local gastronomy of several places and restaurants near your hotel is delicious

Do not visit the market 23

Market 23, is a craft market in the center of the city. It is very popular among visitors, locals and you have to know it.

Do not visit the market 23

You should not buy just any tour

We are sure that you are looking forward to enjoy several tours in Cancun, however you should not buy any tour or any vendor. Many people “sell” very expensive tours to tourists and others do not comply with everything they offer.

The best thing is to ask for information at your hotel or prestigious and verified companies, which you can see through the comments of their social accounts.

You should not buy just any tour

Staying alone in Cancun

Another thing you should not do in Cancun, is to stay alone in Cancun. This city is close to many other places like Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, Xel Ha, Xplor, etc, etc.

Drinking on the public highway

A large part of the hotel zone has “tolerance” for people who drink on the public highway, however it is only in “large part”. So you must avoid doing that or you will be arrested by the corresponding authorities.

what not to do in cancun - Drinking on the public highway

Drunk driving

If you rent a car in the city, it would help you have more freedom to move from one place to another, however avoid driving drunk. This way you contribute to avoid accidents and being stopped by the authorities.

Assaulting others

The citizens of the city of Cancun are very friendly, cordial and helpful and they expect you to be like that with them. Please avoid “attacking” them and everything will always be a happy time of travel.

Get drunk

Finally, among our list of things not to do in Cancun, is to get completely drunk and lose consciousness. Nobody likes to have a hard time taking care of their drunk “friend” and believe me, you will not enjoy your vacation at all, being raw.

Get drunk

Each one of these places is only a few hours away, so staying alone in Cancun, without knowing all the places nearby, is a sin!

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