Best things to do in Madrid

Best things to do in Madrid

We will tell you in this article what are the best things to do in Madrid. Before we bring you all the cool recommendations, we think you should know well the Spanish culture and that’s what we talk about here at Mejores Hoteles.Top.

Best things to do in Madrid


Best things to do in Madrid

If you’re planning a trip to Madrid, you’ll want to explore the area’s many hidden gems and famous monuments. Visit the Aswan Temple, which was once in Aswan, Egypt. Although the construction of the Aswan Dam threatened to destroy the temple, the Egyptian government decided to gift the site to Madrid, which is why you can find concerts here. If you’re looking for a more romantic experience, consider visiting the city’s Gothic Quarter. It features many historical landmarks and quaint neighborhoods.

There’s also a lot of art to see in Madrid. The city is full of museums and galleries, and this area has a lot to offer young people. The Plaza Mayor is the central location for most activities in Madrid. You can visit the Puerta del Sol and take in a famous museum. Anden 0 is another great spot for a night out. This is the museum of modern Spanish art in Madrid.

The market is another great place for young adults. The market is the city’s main attraction and is one of the best places to sample traditional Spanish food. The food market is famous for fresh seafood and tortillas. The latter is a Spanish omelet made from potatoes and eggs. You can enjoy this food at the local markets. If you’re in Madrid during the summer, try the famous fish.

A popular tourist attraction in Madrid is the Puerta de Alcala. The cathedral is located in the La Latina neighborhood. This is a beautiful place to visit, and if you’re a student, you can visit it for free. If you like history, it’s important to take a trip to the Cathedral. The beautiful medieval architecture make it a popular place for tourists.

Tapas tour

There are several restaurants in Madrid that offer the best tapas in the city. The food is typically inexpensive and you can try many different types of Madrid tapas. You can also try the drinks to go along with your tapas. You can start with an aperitif, which is a small drink to open your appetite. You can also pair a drink with a tapas. You may find that the combination of wine and beer is the best option.

The most popular tapa in Madrid is fried squid strips, and Rabas de Santander is the place to try it. The city’s many bars will offer you free tapas if you order a drink first. Then, you can start enjoying all of the best tapas in Madrid. If you’re planning on trying the best tapas in Madrid, you may want to consider a tapas crawl.

Tapas crawling is a popular pastime in Madrid. During your visit, you can visit one of the many tapas bars that exist in the city. Some of the most popular areas to try tapas include Sol, La Latina, and Cava Baja street. If you’re visiting Madrid for the first time, it’s a good idea to start your search at Taberna Antonio Sanchez. The restaurant has a unique atmosphere and traditional Spanish dishes.

Best things to do in Madrid


The best clubs from all Europe

If you’re looking for a nightclub with an elegant atmosphere, head to the Goya Social Club. It’s located just outside of the city center and plays techno and deep house. Throughout the year, world-renowned DJs play here, which makes it a popular destination among expats. This is an ideal place for those who love to dance and socialize. The atmosphere is glam, but the prices are steep, and you’ll want to be prepared to spend a bit of money.

One of Madrid’s best-known nightclubs, the Atocha Club “Kpital” features seven floors. The dance floor occupies the first floor, while cosy cocktail bars are located on the ground floor. On the fifth floor, you can watch movies or listen to live music. The retractable roof provides a cool atmosphere. The music is a mix of hip-hop, rock, and R&B, as well as electronic rhythms.

If you’re interested in experiencing a different style of clubbing, Madrid’s Joy Eslava is one of the best. The speakeasy has been open since the 80s and was once a theater. In the recent past, the club has been redeveloped and offers several themed nights throughout the year. There are two main floors with live jazz and other genres of music. The upstairs club has a bar and is the best place to see live concerts.

Best things to do in Madrid


Spanish cuisine class

Taking a cooking class is a great way to immerse yourself in Spanish culture while learning a new skill that you can use at home. There are endless possibilities for what you can cook; Spanish favorites include paella, churros, tapas, and tortillas.

The classes also include a trip to the market and lunch. A cooking class is a great way to meet other travelers and learn the local cuisine. There are some photoshoot Madrid services that can take you pictures while you make delicious thinks.

Best things to do in Madrid


Flamenco show

There are many places to see a flamenco show in Madrid. Whether you are a local, visiting Spain for the first time, or simply looking for a new experience, there are many ways to experience the art of flamenco. A visit to the Tablao de Madrid is an excellent choice, which offers a fusion of Spanish flavors and sounds.

A face mask is a must, so it is important to check with your hotel before booking your tickets.

Best things to do in Madrid


Pub crawl

The city has a unique pub crawl that offers free entry to all participating bars, welcome shots, and an ambiance that’s perfect for socializing and exercising. It’s also a great place to meet locals and travelers.

The Retiro Park is the perfect spot to see the sunset. You’ll often see 20-somethings bringing their wine or beer and taking in the beautiful views. From there some pub crawls start to go party with a lot of international people.

Best things to do in Madrid


Buying a souvenir

For those who are interested in Spanish culture, you’ll want to buy Madrid souvenirs. If you’re traveling to Spain with friends or family, you can find a wide selection of Spanish books at bookstores like Desperate Literature.

If you want to buy a gift for a Spanish friend, visit Curiosite. You can even purchase a map of Madrid, which you can frame for a memorable souvenir. You can also find great souvenirs in birthday cards that is opened every day.

Best things to do in Madrid



We still have to add many other things to do in Madrid and of course, we will be adding them here in your favorite hotels and travel recommendations page.