Best all inclusive hotels in Bacalar

Hotel Wayak Bacalar - all inclusive hotels bacalar

Bacalar is a destination that somehow makes a worthy competition to Holbox Island, Cozumel Island and Isla Mujeres, because it is not only a place surrounded by beaches, lagoons, and various natural attractions, it is also a place that invites us to completely relax and find peace within the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

And if you are thinking of visiting this destination and enjoy not only everything it has to offer, but also a pleasant stay, then keep reading our article of Traveing By, because today we bring you the collection of the best all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar.


Best all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar

Best all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar

Before giving you a list of the all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar, we invite you to know our list of the best hotels in the region and at the same time to remind you that as such, do not expect large 30-story accommodations. Remember that the concept of each hotel varies greatly among regions, cities and countries. This does not mean that the accommodations are bad, and with that said, we start with our top list of 5 star resorts in Bacalar.

Pier Bacalar Hotel

The first all-inclusive hotel that tops our list and which is considered a resort that manages this concept in Bacalar, is the Hotel Pier Bacalar and is part of the BEKE HOTELS family.

There are many reasons why this accommodation has become the favorite of thousands of travelers around the world and among which we can emphasize that it is a hotel for the whole family with minimalist style and has direct access to the famous and acclaimed lagoon of the 7 colors.

In addition, this resort has for you 3 different rooms to choose from and of course, each with a unique charm and they are:

  • TERRACE SUITE: Suite with two queen size beds and garden view.
  • PANORAMIC SUITE: King size bed with terrace and partial view of the lagoon.
  • PANORAMIC CABIN: Suite with king size bed and partial view of the lagoon.

And let’s not forget that being an all-inclusive hotel offers food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages a la carte, as well as facilities for water sports such as sailing, pontoon, kayak and boat.


Hotel Pier Bacalar all inclusive

Enchanted Ranch

Rancho Encanto is an “eco hotel” and spa located on the shores of the 7-color lagoon and is perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner or to escape from the noise, stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And don’t even worry about breakfast, because the lodge has a restaurant and offers a free breakfast included in the rate, as well as a private pier and a hot tub.

This eco hotel has rooms with double beds for 4 people, suites for 2 and 4 people and a beautiful rustic style bungalows include minibar, coffee maker and private bathroom with shower.

Let’s also not forget that this is an accommodation that has several spa treatments, Reflexology, Relaxing Massage, Deep Muscle Massage, Hot Stone Massage and facial treatments. Of course, at an extra cost.

But isn’t it an all-inclusive hotel? The lodging as such offers various packages that include some activities and others not, for example the package plan pension includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the blue lagoon package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, spa treatment for 2 people, complimentary bottle of wine and boat ride on the lagoon of bacalar.

It is worth mentioning that these packages can be viewed from their website and usually “Change” seasonally.

Rancho Encanto best all inclusive hotels bacalar

Wayak Bacalar Hotel

Our last all-inclusive lodging option in Bacalar, but of course not less important is the Wayak Bacalar hotel, which like the previous ones is located at the foot of the lagoon and is surrounded by lush vegetation that offers a great and unique lodging experience.

The lodging as such is totally family friendly, but let’s be honest: The lodge lends itself to a weekend getaway with your partner.

Hotel Wayak Bacalar - all inclusive hotels bacalar


This is our short and short list of all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar. As you may notice, there are not many accommodations that handle this concept, however these 3 accommodations go to great lengths to create a unique experience throughout your stay not only in Bacalar, but also in each and every one of their facilities.