Italian Restaurant Cancun

Cenacolo italian restaurant cancun mexico

In the mood for Italian food in Cancun? One of the advantages of the city of Cancun is to be a “multicultural” destination in every way and this is reflected not only in the visitors from almost all over the world who decide to spend their vacations here, but also in its gastronomy. So if you feel like eating Italian food, stay with us with Traveling By, because right now we will tell you which are the best places to go.

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Italian Restaurant Cancun

Italian Restaurants  Cancun

Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna, Italian Pizza, Risotto, Capresse Salad and Gelato ice cream, are just some of the dishes you can find in our list of Italian food places in the city, so make yourself comfortable and find out where each one of them is with us.


If you find yourself in Cancun’s hotel zone and you feel like eating Italian food, then you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Limoncello, a sister restaurant of Lorenzillo’s.

As you may remember from our previous post, Lorenzillo’s is one of the best seafood restaurants and almost always tops the list of the best places to eat.

Well, limoncello being a sister restaurant is not far behind, offering top quality, luxury service and of course, a pleasant atmosphere that blends with the Italian design and architecture, the beach atmosphere and the romantisimo of the nichupte lagoon.

  • Address: Blvd. Kukulcan 5, Punta Cancun, Hotel Zone, 77500 Cancun, Q.R.

limoncello italian restaurant cancun


Without leaving the hotel zone, another place we have to know if we are looking for where to eat Italian food in the city, Cenacolo restaurant is another very good option and in this case we have two different locations.

The first one is very close to k 15 of the hotel zone and the second one is in the Puerto Cancun plaza. Now, which one is better? This is really a trick question, because if we base it on the quality of the food, service, design and view, it’s a tie.

Our advice is that if you are between km 8 to 18, know the one in the area and if you are in downtown Cancun or shopping in the plaza of Puerto Cancun, with confidence go to this place and among its menu we can find dishes like the classic Burrata, the famous Italian pizzas, risottos and of course the pasta in specialties teeth.

  • Address 1: Km. 1.5 Boulevard Kukulcan Marina Puerto Cancun Puerto Cancun, 77500 Cancun, Q.R.
  • Address 2: Torre La Europea, KM 12.6, Blvd. Kukulcan, La Isla, Hotel Zone, 77500 Cancun, Q.R.

Cenacolo italian restaurant cancun mexico

Rolandi Restaurant

Another of the pioneers of Italian food in the city is Rolandi Restaurant and this place is strategically located between downtown Cancun and the entrance to the hotel zone. This place is very economical and the quality, portion and price of their dishes are very acceptable.

On the one hand you can enjoy eating in the garden and if it is in the afternoon – night much better, since the plants, lights and decorations give it a very romantic touch. Or, if you prefer, you can eat inside, where it is very elegantly designed for a semi-formal or formal meal.

Among its menu we can find different varieties of pizzas, soups, lasagna, rosoto, pastas and other specialties that are not exactly Italian cuisine, such as Mexican and seafood.

  • Address: Av. Cobá #12, Cancún, Mexico

Rolandi Restaurant

Trattoria Pizzeria Mr.Lasagna

As the name suggests, the specialty here is Italian pizzas and lasagna, but who are “Trattoria Pizzeria Mr.Lasagna”? In a simple way to define, they are a small Trattoria Pizzeria of Italian origin.

And precisely his heart and love for Italy have led him to share the recipes of traditional dishes from various regions of Italy, from the typical Italian appetizers, to an excellent variety of pizzas, pastas and risottos; some delicacies and favorite specialties with fresh tuna, pork escalopes, chicken supreme, lamb and lots of top quality and seasonal ingredients.

  • Address: Calle Luciérnaga 503-MZA 10 LTE 1, Del Bosque, 503, 77533 Cancun, Q.R.

Italian Restaurant Cancun

La Dolce Vita

Our last choice of Italian food restaurants in Cancun is “La Dolce Vita”, where like the previous ones offers a varied selection of typical of the region of Italy as Pate of quail livers “Dolce Vita”, Salmon Tartar, Beef Carpaccio: “Romano” or ” de la Casa”, Mozzarella breaded and fried, over tomato sauce, Pennette primavera, Linguine with crab pulp and fresh tomato in white wine, Green Tagliolini with shrimp in white wine sauce, Lasagne a la bolognese, Short pasta with chorizo, mushrooms, jalapenos and onion Linguine of chipotle, among others more.

la dolce vita restaurante italino cancun


If you are a lover of Italian food, there is no doubt that in Cancun you will find several places to enjoy it and do you want to know the best thing? many of these places currently offer food delivery in Cancun, so you no longer have excuses not to give you that guilty pleasure.