Cheap hotels Bacalar

Ecocamping Yaxche bacalar economico

Want to go on vacation for a few days to Bacalar? Bacalar is a small paradise that is part of the state of Quintana Roo and very commonly eaten as part of the “Riviera Maya”, which it is not (It had to be said and it was said). But despite that, it has its own charm and best of all is that it is not a very expensive place, so if you are thinking of booking an accommodation and still do not know which one, we leave you a short list of the best Bacalar Budget Hotels.

Cheap hotels Bacalar

Cheap hotels Bacalar

Why budget hotels? In other posts we have told you about some all-inclusive hotels in Bacalar, and as you noticed: There are not many, because as we said above, visiting Bacalar is not as expensive as many people think, that’s why most of its lodgings have affordable prices and here in Cubo Informativo you will know them.

Hostal and Camping Las G

The last thing we will miss in Bacalar are the accommodations or private spaces where you can rent a tent. And if you are looking for an economical option and of course, a nomadic traveling experience. Then the hostel and camping Las G is a very good option.

As such, it has a camping space, where with less than 100 MXN you can rent a tent to sleep in or if you prefer a little more expensive, you can rent a bed in a shared room.

Hostal y Camping Las G

El Búho Glamping Bacalar

If you are looking for a budget accommodation, but at the same time one that is comfortable, elegant and doesn’t deprive you of the little luxuries of life, then El Búho Glamping can be an excellent choice of accommodation.

As such it is not a place where the stay is expensive, it costs less than 300 MXN 0 400 MXN per night and has different options to stay, with family, alone or with your partner, and since we mentioned traveling with the love of your life, it has some very cozy, beautiful and intimate Bungalows.

El Búho Glamping Bacalar - cheap accommodations in bacalar

Yaxche Centro Hostel and Camping

Traveling with your family or friends? Then Yaxche Centro Hostal y Camping is a perfect place for large groups, as it has tents for up to 4 adults and 3 children, rooms for up to 10 people and if you are traveling alone, you can be offered a bed in a mixed dormitory.


Yaxche Centro Hostal y Camping

Yunuem House & Beach Club

If you know what it’s like to live with a roomie, then this place won’t seem strange or unfamiliar to you, since it’s practically a house with shared rooms. It has rooms for women only, rooms for men only and of course, private rooms.

It is worth mentioning that this cheap accommodation in Bacalar has 24-hour reception, shared kitchen and free WiFi throughout the facilities.

Casa & Beach Club Yunuem - alojamento barato bacalar méxico

Ecocamping Yaxche

Who would have imagined that there are cheap accommodations in front of the lagoon? Ecocamping Yaxche is a cheap accommodation in Bacalar that offers a unique experience that anyone can afford.

It is located on the shores of the lagoon, and has ample space for camping. Of course, you can rent a tent or bring your own. And if camping is not your thing, don’t worry, because the place also has private rooms overlooking the lagoon, suites and shared rooms.

Ecocamping Yaxche bacalar economico

Areca Bacalar

Areca Bacalar is a bed and breakfast and serves all its guests a rich a la carte breakfast. It offers double rooms and each room is equipped with air conditioning and WIFI.

areca bacalar - alojamento muito barato

Casa Coral

Another excellent place to spend a few days in Bacalar at a low cost is the Casa Coral hotel. Here you can have a room for two people or a room for 4 people. All rooms have private bathrooms, free toiletries and linens.

casa coral alojamento barato em bacalar


This is our top list of budget accommodations in Bacalar, and while most of them lack “architecture, design and luxury style”, they are perfect places to spend the night, if you are traveling on a tight budget and if you want another type of accommodation, you might want to know other options, click here.