Travel tips for Peru

When to travel to Peru

In order to travel, it is always necessary to prepare beforehand so that you do not have any unforeseen problems or difficulties during your vacation.

Travel tips for Peru

This applies when you want to travel to any country, especially if it is your first time in that land and if you are thinking of traveling to Peru for the first time, surely you have some questions about the country so you can prepare yourself in the best possible way. Therefore, we invite you to read the following tips and facts that the travel agency Incas Peru has brought to us exclusively on our Traveling By blog.

Travel tips for Peru

When to travel to Peru?

Being a megadiverse country, Peru has a great variety of climates and microclimates throughout its territory. Each season, these climates vary depending on the place. Therefore, it is best to be informed in order to travel at the perfect time.

If you are a lover of summer, sun and beaches, the best time to travel to the Peruvian coast will be from November to March, when temperatures are higher and the summer season takes place. However, if you like more temperate and cold weather, you have to visit our country between April and October, the country’s winter season.

In the highlands, things change a bit. For example, in the summer months, the rainy season in the highlands is at its peak. However, the dry and most popular months to visit this region are from June to September.

When to travel to Peru

What places to visit?

It is impossible to recommend just one place to visit in Peru, because each city has its own charm and culture worth knowing. However, if you are interested in traveling to the most recognized places in the country, then you should visit regions such as Lima, Piura, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno and Iquitos. Each of these provinces is full of unique and different cultures, as well as incredible archaeological and natural sites that you cannot miss.

What places to visit in peru

Is it safe to travel to Peru?

If one of your main concerns before traveling to Peru is safety, you should know that you will be able to spend your vacation in the country in a calm and safe way. However, it is always good to stay alert and be cautious in order not to suffer any mishap in the country, as you would do in any other place in the world.

Do not leave your belongings unattended and also avoid crowded places and dark and desolate spaces. Also, refrain from visiting places off the tourist trail. If you get lost, you can always check a map to find your way around. Also, it is preferable to hire a cab through an agency or through a cab app.

Cab at the airport

Whether it is a cab within the airport itself or one hired in advance through a travel agency, it is vital that you make sure the vehicle is in optimal traveling conditions.

The exterior and doors should be free of dents and cracks. Inside, the seats must be complete and undamaged. In addition, there must be functioning seat belts that can be easily secured. Also, the doors must have the safety and window buttons operational.

Cab at the airport


Undoubtedly Peru is one of the ‘country that you will love and has many but many things to do and see, natural places, mountains, meadows, rivers, waterfalls, which undoubtedly will remain in your memory for a lifetime, and if you want to know what you can do and see click here.

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