👉 Things to do in Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua Waterfalls

Oaxaca is a state of Mexico that surprises all its visitors with its culture, its magic and its people and it is a place that still has its home identity, so if you are thinking of visiting it and you still don’t know what you can find here, then keep reading our post because right now we will tell you the 10 best things to do in Oaxaca.

Things to do in Oaxaca

Things to do in Oaxaca

Alameda de Leon in Oaxaca

Have you ever wondered what to do in downtown Oaxaca or what to do in Oaxaca? One of the things you could do is to visit this beautiful alameda; it is located in downtown Oaxaca City, right next to the city’s Zocalo.

For starters, it was inaugurated in October 1843 and nowadays, the city decided to give it an urban touch. This makes it a great tourist site and remember to visit it if you find yourself in the center of the city; for some great photos and best of all, it’s free.

Alameda de Leon in Oaxaca - things to do in oaxaca mexico

Tlacolula Mass Market

A perfect place to visit if you are wondering what to do in Oaxaca on a weekend? This place is open on Sundays and is ideal if you want to share a traditional, kind and friendly atmosphere.

Likewise, people from all over town gather at this market, selling a wide variety of fresh produce. You will have the opportunity to taste exotic foods of their gastronomy and buy very interesting handmade products.

As for the cost, don’t worry about how much you are going to spend. The members of this market sell at an economical price and most people fill their bags without much money. They grow and elaborate their products themselves, giving them a cultural and artisanal touch.

Now, Tlacolula is 40 kilometers east of Oaxaca; don’t forget to visit this market that will give you a great vibe.

Tlacolula Mass Market - things to do in oaxaca city

MACO Museum of Contemporary Art

This building is one of the most striking in terms of architecture based on the viceregal era, it was inaugurated in 1992. The large museum contains many samples of art in paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphic works from that era.

It has a store, 16 exhibition rooms, courses and workshops. If you have nothing to do in Oaxaca, we recommend that you plan a visit to this great museum.

So, you are wondering what to do in Oaxaca? You must visit this museum located in the central city of Oaxaca De Juarez. The cost for tourists or residents of Mexico is 20 MXN, for teachers and students this price is reduced by 50%, and finally on Sundays the entrance is totally free.

In this way, we show you what to do in Oaxaca, in terms of activities, is quite economical.

MACO Museum of Contemporary Art - best things to do in oaxaca

Visiting the Huatulco Bays

You are curious and want to visit Huatulco to clarify your doubts about what to do in Huatulco Oaxaca or what to do in Oaxaca? This is one of the most visited destinations by tourists, here we recommend you to take a walk through the bays. These have beautiful views and are protected as a natural reserve; you can take a tour with an approximate cost of 235 MXN.

Lodging costs between 800 and 2,700 MXN, food between 150 and 500 MXN, and transportation between 100 and 200 MXN. About its location, these bays are located in Oaxaca, the final part of Sierra Madre del Sur, if you are in the city of Oaxaca you will be 277 kilometers away from these beautiful bays.

Visiting the Huatulco Bays - things to do in huatulco oaxaca

Visit the Ethnobotanical Garden

In this site you will find hundreds of species of plants, all of them from Oaxaca, from humid and arid climates, mountainous areas and tropical zones.

The tour of this beautiful garden has a cost of 100 MXN; another of the best activities that we recommend, in case you are wondering what to do in Oaxaca. Finally, the garden is located in the main Zócalo of Oaxaca.

Visit the Ethnobotanical Garden - top things to do in oaxaca

Hierve el Agua Waterfalls

This place is ideal for swimming and long walks admiring the beautiful views offered by nature, and don’t let the name fool you, its waters are quite cold.

These waterfalls generate a beautiful spring located next to the town of Roaguia, 1 hour and 30 minutes from the city of Oaxaca, which would be 70 kilometers away. The price to enter is 25 MXN and to bathe 5 MXN. This is an incredible attraction in Mexico

Hierve el Agua Waterfalls

Rufino Tamayo Museum Oaxaca

Created by the famous painter Rufino Tamayo with the simple purpose of making his inspiration known. In this place there are conferences, concerts and presentations in order to promote the culture of Oaxaca and it is distributed in 5 rooms.

It is important to note that this museum is located in the mansion of the viceregal era, was completely restored to be a museum and the entrance fee is 40 MXN.

Rufino Tamayo Museum Oaxaca

Visit the beaches of Oaxaca

Don’t know what to do in Oaxaca? The beaches are places of tranquility where you can relax and rest getting a good tan, having a coconut or local drinks. In these beaches you can do different activities such as surfing, fishing and diving.

To visit this beach you will need a budget of approximately 7,000 MXN. This includes transportation, food, activities and lodging for 3 nights.

Visit the beaches of Oaxaca -things to do in oaxaca state

Visit the Tule tree

The tree has the thickest trunk in the world and is one of the oldest, making it a great tourist attraction. Not to mention that there are figures carved in it that somehow represent something, to get out of doubt you should visit it.

It is located in Santa Maria de Tule, a town located 10.6 km from the center of Oaxaca; to see this tree you only have to pay 10 MXN.

By placing “el Árbol del Tule” in Google Maps from your cell phone, you will be able to locate it and get there easily in your car. If you want to arrive by public transportation you will have to take a cab that will not charge you more than 30 MXN, this way you will have what to do in Oaxaca in a very economical and entertaining way.

Visit the Tule tree - things to do in oaxaca state

Admire the Mitla Oaxaca

It is a large archaeological area that contains geometric figures that were used to decorate some buildings, unique figures that you will not find anywhere else. A small area, but very beautiful and its entrance fee is 70 MXN per person; and the cost for the guide is 500 MXN for a group.

If you want to know how to get there, you must go to the city of Oaxaca and then take the Tehuantepec international highway; then you enter the insurgent international highway and there you will meet Milta.

Admire the Mitla Oaxaca - things to do in oaxaca state


Oaxaca is a completely beautiful place that you will fall in love with and if you want to visit it in a totally different way, we invite you to know our travel packages and read about what to do in Monterrey, what to do in Mazatlan and what to do in San Jose del Cabo.