👉 Things to do in Mazatlan

Machado Square

Mazatlan has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico today, and if you want to visit this great beach place, we invite you to know our travel packages and to read this article where we will tell you what to do in Mazatlan.

Things to do in Mazatlan

Things to do in Mazatlan

Tequila factory in Mazatlan

Don’t know what to do in Mazatlan? You should try a trip to La Noria and El Quelite, two towns full of positive energy and friendly people. Learn about the old and current method of tequila distillation at the Vinata; you will also find the old equipment that was used in the 1800’s to make tequila.

This tour lasts 6 hours and includes a professional guide, pick up and return to the hotel. It is possible to reserve an electronic ticket for a specific day, the cost is 1,280 MXN per person.

Tequila factory in Mazatlan - things to do in mazatlan mexico

Sierra Madre Villages

Get to know the local life and culture of these towns around Mazatlan. Admire the landscapes, mountains and colonial towns where you can meet locals, who give demonstrations on how to make bread and tiles. Also, find a local restaurant and try their Mexican dishes.

This excursion begins at 9:30 am heading to Malpica, a small community famous for its bread. After visiting and tasting different dishes in the restaurants, this tour concludes in the main square of the town; the cost is approximately 1,380 MXN.

Sierra Madre Villages - things to do in mazatlan sinaloa

Ziplining and mezcal tasting

If you are looking for something exciting that will give you a dose of fun, this activity is perfect for you, it is a zip line excursion that will take you from one platform to another and ends with rappelling.

It lasts between 5 and 6 hours; the service provides you with zipline equipment and snacks once you finish, it has a cost of 1,600 MXN per adult and is one of the best activities you can do in Mazatlan.

Ziplining and mezcal tasting

Mazatlan Observatory

An excellent city tour that starts from the Mazatlan 1873 Observatory to the Mazatlan Malecon. You will have the opportunity to learn about traditions, contemplate one of the oldest buildings in the city. You will also participate in the conservation of rescued birds in a place of care.

This tour lasts 4 hours and costs 1,150 MXN per person. A great activity to do in Mazatlan before the end of your stay in this beautiful place.

Mazatlan Observatory - fun things to do in mazatlan

Drive an off-road vehicle

To start, you must go to Veraneando Adventure from the hotel where you are staying. You will be able to drive a 4-wheel off-road motorcycle to climb mountains, cross streams and go through some terrains. At the same time, enjoy a great view of the natural landscapes of this site.

Now, its cost is 1,870 MXN per person and it has a duration of 4 to 5 hours. The staff is very friendly, they will give you water, lunch and some drinks; an exciting and fun activity that you have to experience in your visit to Mazatlan.

Drive an off-road vehicle - best things to do in mazatlan

Mazatlan Islands

These islands are emblematic symbols for the region being a fantastic recreational space for its natural attributes and terrain.

The islands are inhabited by birds, wolves and deer, therefore, the islands are named in honor of these species; on these islands you can swim, water ski and surf. It should be noted that you will have beautiful views of the surroundings that you will surely fall in love with.

The staff will pick you up to give you a kayak course to visit these islands, the complete tour has a value of 1,000 MXN and lasts approximately 4 hours. This is one of the best attractions in Mexico.

Mazatlan Islands - things to do in mazatlan

Mazatlan Aquarium

Still don’t know what to do in Mazatlan? This aquarium is located in Teleria on Avenida de los Deportes. It is a great show of large fish tanks, which have sharks and sea lions, it is a place where you can take your children and go with the family.

This place also has a botanical garden and under the palapa you can have a private party, giving your little one a great party and an unforgettable vacation. The entrance to this aquarium has a cost of 115 pesos for adults, for children 85 pesos and if the children are under 3 years old, the entrance is totally free for them; excellent place to go with your whole family.

Mazatlan Aquarium

Machado Square

Come and see the old city located in Sixto Osuna between Carnaval Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

You will be able to enjoy amazing Spanish and French architecture, this town was recently restored so you can enjoy it as a great tourist site; the town was built by a merchant named Don Juan Nepomuceno in 1837. About your budget, it all depends on what you eat in the restaurants.

Its first remodeling was in 1881 where they added a kiosk, this gives you the opportunity to enjoy and enjoy the panorama that this relaxing city offers you; most tourists visit this spot saying it is one of the best activities in Mazatlan.

Machado Square

Angela Peralta Theater

This is located in Carnaval, Centro; it opened its doors again in 1992 after 5 years being remodeled with luxurious details, in this place you will appreciate the love for music and art. It is a majestic stage which you have to visit before leaving Mazatlan; as for the entrance fee, don’t worry because the entrance is totally free.

ngela Peralta Theater

Olas Altas Beach

It is located a few steps away from downtown Mazatlan and is the most outstanding beach in the city, you will always have a different view of it no matter how much you visit it, since its sands are constantly moving.

You will feel a lot of freedom in this beautiful place, where you can visit its restaurants and bars to fill your stomach or refresh yourself with a drink.

In other words, it has great gastronomy, excellent weather and is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. If you still need something to do in Mazatlan, you should definitely go to this beach.

Olas Altas Beach - things to do in mazatlan sinaloa mexico


As we mentioned at the beginning, Mazatlan is becoming one of the tourist jewels of Mexico, for its charming landscapes, beaches, gastronomy and activities, so you can not miss it and to continue planning your trip to Mexico we invite you to read about What to do in Guanajuato and meet our travel agency in Mexico.