👉 Things to do in Huatulco at night

La crema Bar santa maria de huatulco

In our previous post, we gave you a list of things to do in Huatulco and of course, almost all the activities are focused on being done during the day, but then what to do in Huatulco at night, what activities to do, where to go, what to visit? Well, stay with us because we will tell you right now.

What to do in Huatulco at night
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What to do in Huatulco at night

In Santa Maria de Huatulco there are many activities that can be done at night. Of course, you can’t miss the nightclubs or bars, where you can drink and have fun. This brings us to the next question, which ones should you know? We’ll tell you right now.

La Mina Club

Don’t know what to do in Huatulco at night? Meet this disco bar, where you can have a good time, meet nice people and listen to all kinds of music from the best DJs. You will find many young people enjoying the time with their friends and its peculiar name is due to the fact that this disco bar is located underground; which makes it look like a mine.

Stop by La Mina and enjoy it; it is one of the best nightclubs in Huatulco, we guarantee it! The cost to enter varies according to the season or event.

La Papaya

La Papaya is an excellent nightclub, located in Bahia de Chahue. This place offers you to enjoy a nice drink, while listening to a very pleasant music. This disco is full of fun and joy; therefore, people do not stop going night after night to enjoy to the fullest.

The service at this place is very good and the staff is very friendly and helpful, no matter what kind of person they are dealing with. The prices to get in and have a drink are average, between 1000 MXN and 1500 MXN, you don’t need to have a lot of money.

La Papaya - things to do at night in huatulco

Baby Khriss

It is a very popular nightclub located in Chahue Bay, it is frequented by travelers all the time. Are you looking for a fun atmosphere? This place is for you, you can dance to great music and then enjoy a bar of delicious drinks.

If you come alone don’t worry or be afraid; in this famous place there is always a girl or a guy available to dance and have a good time until dawn. The entrance fee varies depending on the season or type of party.

The Cream Bar

One of the best bars to have a good time at night; it has a cool, nice and quiet environment, with people full of good vibes ready to have a good time. Here you will find live music of all kinds of genres, such as electro, rock and salsa.

Tourists who have visited this place indicate that they serve the best cocktails in the bays of Huatulco; besides, it is a beautiful place to meet people, both tourists and locals. However, some drinks are expensive; therefore, we recommend you to bring enough money to try a variety of delicious drinks.

La crema Bar santa maria de huatulco

La Mezcala

It is a restaurant-bar where they make the best Tlayudas and the best torta ahogada in Huatulco, along with the best Mezcal. It has a pool table and foosball; excellent prices with good customer service. Imagine having a drink while playing pool and chatting with a nice person; where the service will do everything possible to be attentive to your whims and needs… It’s simply nice.

Finally, this place is super special to hang out with friends and start a party with a laid back style of music; perhaps one of the best things to do in Huatulco at night with your loved ones.

Mezcal La Reliquia

Fantastic place to delight your palate tasting the best mezcals. It has a wide variety of dishes in its gastronomy, at very affordable prices. Its staff is very attentive and friendly; they will attend to any need or doubt you may have.

Its facilities are very clean and beautiful; its prices are affordable for any visitor. If you are looking for things to do in Huatulco at night, this place is perfect for you and we highly recommend it; you should visit it before the end of your stay in Huatulco.

mezcal la reliquia huatulco

Tonel Mezcal & Bar

A beautiful place to spend time with friends, where you can participate in karaoke and enjoy a lot. The place is quite comfortable and quiet; both visitors and locals enjoy excellent drinks and enjoy the activities this place has to offer.

Visit this place for a dose of fun and a couple of unforgettable memories during your vacation. The staff is very helpful and will welcome you in the best way.

This place has very economical prices, however, if you don’t want to give a limit to your fun you must pay extra prices; either for group activities or delicious drinks.

El Charro

This is a bar with a very good service, it has food and refreshing drinks; besides, in this place Karaoke is practiced and they have a very nice music, ideal to bring friends and have a fun time.

We can say that the prices will be affordable, because the site contains a balance between fun and affordable prices, which makes it perfect for anyone.

el charro huatulco bar

karaoke bar “A Mi Manera”

This place is designed for people who love dancing, music and enjoy spending nice moments of fun with family, friends or partner. If you are looking for something to do in Huatulco at night with a loved one, visit this bar; which includes an area for the little ones of the house, children can visit the bar and enjoy it in a safe and healthy way.

Prices vary depending on the group of people and the activities they want to do.

The Good Mezcal

To conclude, visit the first mezcalería founded in Huatulco and enjoy the best gastronomic experience during your vacations. In this place, they offer totally free tastings of their best mezcals, elaborated in an artisanal way; the site is open 365 days a year for you to visit whenever you like.

This place is quite inexpensive, so don’t worry about money; just enjoy your stay in this beautiful wine bar, while the staff attends you and serves you the best drinks of the region.


In Santa Maria de Huatulco you won’t miss the night parties, the bars, the karaokes, the mezcal, you really won’t miss anything. So, are you ready to get to know this fantastic place in Mexico?