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Pátzcuaro piueblo magico de michoacan

The name Michoacán comes from the Nahuatl language and means “place of fishermen” and this meaning makes full reference to the historical and cultural values of this state, where the indigenous tribes that inhabit it such as the Mazahua, OtomĂ­ and Matlatzinca populations proudly share the stories, culture and traditions that make this place one of the best states in Mexico.

Michoacán State


State of Michoacán

El Estado de Michoacán limita al norte con el Estado de Jalisco y con el Estado de Guanajuato; al noreste con el Estado de Querétaro al noreste; con el Estado de México al este; con el Estado de Guerrero al sureste con el Estado de Colima en el oeste; y con el Océano Pacífico en el sureste con un litoral de 213 kilómetros (132 mi) de largo.

En el Estado de Michoacán el clima varía mucho de un lugar a otro dependiendo de variables como, la altitud sobre el nivel del mar, el relieve del terreno y los vientos predominantes. Las condiciones climáticas que prevalecen aquí son: tropical con lluvias de verano con una temperatura promedio de 28°C en la tierra caliente y en la costa; templado con lluvias de verano con una temperatura promedio de 22°C en la parte central del estado; temperaturas secas-cálidas con escasas lluvias en el verano en la parte baja del estado y en el río Balsas; depresión con lluvias suaves todo el año y una temporada de invierno más seca en la parte alta central del noroeste del estado; y clima muy frío a helado en Angangueo y Zituácaro.

In a few words, it is a very enjoyable place because of the scarce rainy seasons and of course, like other regions of Mexico, it has a beautiful and wide coast, where beach life and fun are its main attractions, but we will talk about that in another post, because today our team of Traveling By will tell you a little about each of the regions of the state of Michoacán. Let’s get to it!

Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is a thermal water spa, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has a warm climate all year round.


Angangueo, is a picturesque town located 33 km (20 mi) from Zitacuaro in the State of Michoacan, Mexico. Angangueo has an ecological reserve, where each year the “Monarca” butterfly arrives in the months of October through March. This reserve may be visited together with a guide.

Nearby of Angangeo are beautiful forests such as ‘Las Papas’, ‘Las Trojes’ and ‘Rancho Verde’.

Angangueo michoacan

Ciudad Hidalgo

Ciudad Hidalgo is surrounded by extraordinary vegetation. Its main attractions are its churches and buildings and nearby you can visit the Pucuato Dam, The Erendira Spa, The Archaeological site San Matias Teotihuacan and Los Azufres.


Cuitzeo is situated on the banks of the lagoon carrying the same name. The lagoon has seven islands inhabited by ducks and herons.

Cuitzeo has an interesting Plateresque-style Augustinian ex-Convent, one of the most important in the State of Michoacan. Inside this building, you can see paintings and an XVIII century organ.

Cuitzeo michoacan

Isla de Janitzio

Isla de Janitzio, is the main island of the Patzcuaro lake in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

A 40 m statue of Morelos Click Here!!! is found on the island’s highest point. The interior of the statue is decorated with murals painted by Ramon Alba de la Canal Click Here!!! Click Here!!!

Also available in Janitzio are regional handicrafts as well as a delicious regional cuisine.


Among Jiquilpan main attractions are:

  • The Center for Studies of the Mexican Revolution, where you will find a library decorated with murals painted by Jose Clemente Orozco
  • The Lazaro Cardenas Museum
  • The Cuauhtemoc Forest, Las Cabañas and Tres Rios
  • Several springs containing thermal water

Nearby of Jiquilpan you can visit the archaeological site Las Yacatas de las Lomas de Otero. Here you will find valuable jewelry made of jade, turquoise and other semi-precious stones, as well as pottery from the ancient Tarascan culture.

La Piedad

La Piedad is located 391 kms (242 mi) from Mexico City via the highway heading to Morelia City and Carapan in the State of Michoacan. La Piedad is important because of its agriculture, livestock and commerce.  La Piedad main attractions are:

  • The public library
  • The municipal Palace
  • The Benito Juarez Garden, with its kiosk
  • The Señor de la Piedad Sanctuary
  • The antique chapel of San Sebastian, built in 1700 and where you can see some valuable oil paintings
  • Local artisans in La Piedad make shawls which are famous throughout the country.

Nearby of La Piedad is the Cabadas Bridge, built in the XVIII century and declared a national monument. You can also visit the Las Quintas, El Recuerdo and Cuatro Milpas Spas.

la piedad michoacan
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Los Azufres

Los Azufres is surrounded by pine trees and is one of the most beautiful places in the State of Michoacan. The Larga and Verde lagoons are located here, as well as geisers, volcanoes of mud and cold water springs.


Paracho is famous for the making of guitars and all kind of wooden handicrafts. The National Guitar Fair takes place here in August.


Patzcuaro is one of the magical towns in the state of Michoacan and is located on the shore of Lake Patzcuaro. It has well deserved the title of Pueblo Magico, as it is one of the few towns of Purepecha origin and where its cobblestone streets and sky full of white clouds will surprise you.

This place is perfect to visit for a weekend with family, friends or even alone, because this magical town of Mexico is perfect for all people looking for unique, incredible and unforgettable tourist experiences.

Pátzcuaro piueblo magico de michoacan

San Jose Purua

The beautiful Spa of San Jose Purua is located 20 kms (12 mi) from Tuxpan in the State of Michoacan in Mexico and is characterized for its great variety of vegetation as well as for its springs containing healing properties. Excellent hotels and restaurants are available at this Spa.

Santa Clara del Cobre

Santa Clara del Cobre is located 80 kms (50 mi) from Morelia City on the highway towards Ario de Rosales via Patzcuarosanta clara del cobre in michoacan state, mexico in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

Before the Conquest, Tarascan Indians used copper to make rattles, masks, breastplates and other items.

Today, the inhabitants of Santa Clara del Cobre are well known jewelers making items among others ladles, jars and plates which are greatly demanded.


Tuxpan is distinguished for its fantastic Santiago Apostol Church, in which a majestic painting by Cristobal de Villalpando is exhibited.

Tuxpan is well known for its typical dances such as, ‘Los Espadachines’ and ‘Las Plumas’, which can be seen on July 25.


Uruapan is one of the cities you have to visit if you are on vacation in Mexico. It is a city that is part of the state of Michoacan and is known and many know it as the avocado capital.

Undoubtedly, here you will find a small town of Mexico, where you can contemplate the avocado trees and coffee crops that grow under the sun’s rays and its streets surrounded by natural beauties enjoying the mild climate that embraces it every day while admiring how some of its inhabitants proudly wear their typical costumes.

uruapan michoacan mexico


Zamora is located 61 kms (38 mi) from Jiquilpan in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

Founded by the viceroys’ will in 1574. Its official name Zamora de Hidalgo in honor of the independence leader, its weather is moderate being an excellent agricultural region standing out the strawberry among its products.


This picturesque town of Zirahuen is located 11 kms (7 mi) from Santa Clara del Cobre in the State of Michoacan on the banks of the lake Click Here !!! carrying the same name.

Zirahuen is cobble stone streets and typical wooden barns delight visitors. The lake provides an abundant source of delicious carp, catfish and whitefish.


As we can see, the state of Michoacán has a beauty among its towns, its lakes, its attractions, its beaches, its prairies and of course its people. A place where the streets frame the simplicity and culture that makes it a different state, that makes it Michoacán. What are you waiting for to visit it?