👉 Things to do in Chiapas

Things to do in Chiapas - Agua Azul Waterfalls

Chiapas is a great tourist destination, it is located in the southwest of Mexico and is one of the five states that are part of the Mayan World. It is rich in culture, people, archeology and nature. You can marvel at the many landscapes and destinations with imposing canyons, jungles, waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains and crops.

All this and much more you can find in Chiapas, keep reading because right now we will tell you, here in Traveling By the best things to do in Chiapas.

Things to do in Chiapas
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Things to do in Chiapas

Palenque Archaeological Zone

One of the best plans when visiting Chiapas is to visit the Archaeological Zone of Palenque, which was one of the most important Mayan cities in ancient times. There you will be able to observe the Mayan architecture in the ruins; likewise, you can enjoy the landscape, the diversity of birds in the area and, with luck, you can listen to the howling of monkeys.

This Archaeological Zone was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Palenque Archaeological Zone

Sumidero Canyon

This tour starts from San Cristobal, a charming town with a beautiful natural environment. The tour staff will allow you to explore this canyon, whose walls rise above the Grijalva River; this activity is guided by professional staff.

The service will pick you up at the hotel or place where you are staying, to take you to this incredible canyon. The package includes entrance fees to the aforementioned sites; in addition, transportation is by boat and minivan for a comfortable and entertaining trip. All this at an incredible cost of 1,100 MXN per person.

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Looking for things to do in Chiapas? This tour will leave you impressed. During the tour you will see the natural beauty of the waterfalls and the Mayan constructions. You will be able to enjoy the natural landscapes and see the fauna of the area. These waterfalls are tributaries of the Otulún, Shumuljá and Tulijá rivers. To get to the area, you can access by the road to Palenque.

The activity lasts 14 hours, a little more than half a day; you can do it for a cost of 810 MXN which includes entrance fees to several sites, transportation to the hotel, national park fees and a Spanish-speaking driver.

Things to do in Chiapas - Agua Azul Waterfalls
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A magical place full of charm, where you can admire the beautiful colors of the Misol-Ha waterfalls. For this tour, you can hire a tour for the cost of 2,000 MXN per person, which includes a professional guide and private transportation.

This adventure has a duration of 17 hours and can be done with family and friends; where you will enjoy excellent landscapes and stories full of culture.

Coffee Route

Chiapas is the state with the largest coffee production in Mexico. Several coffee haciendas open their doors to tourists so they can enjoy hiking, horseback riding or biking activities; they even allow visitors to spend the night in their facilities.

If you are looking for things to do in Chiapas in 3 days, this is one of the most recommended options; because during that time you can live a complete experience. You can visit the haciendas Irlanda, Argovia, Hamburgo and La Chiripa.

There are tours that offer the opportunity to do these activities in a planned way for an approximate cost of 2,800 MXN per person.

Things to do in Chiapas - Coffee Route

Indigenous communities

This unique experience takes place in San Juan Chamula; where you will have the opportunity to live with the indigenous natives of the area and learn about their traditions. You will be with a large group of up to 60 people; there are several guides for a better quality of the trip.

It is worth mentioning that this activity lasts about 5 hours and has a cost of 400 MXN per person.

The Mills Route

A recreational and fun activity for you. Taking this route you will be able to contemplate the beautiful scenery, explore the area of a park and small towns around 20 km. However, it is important to be in good physical condition to avoid any type of injury or accident; the route starts in El Arcotete and ends in Quinta del Obispo.

The service you hire will provide the bicycle, helmet, water bottle and entrance to several places to ride. All this has a total cost of 1,000 MXN per adult.

Clay workshop

This is an enchanting experience in Barrio del Cerrillo; it offers you the opportunity to learn about clay figures beyond the ordinary. You will work with clay and feel it in your hands, it is a very satisfying and relaxing feeling for any traveler.

The locals will teach you how to elaborate the clay crafts in the workshops; besides, they will give you a delicious breakfast of the typical local gastronomy. You will learn about their culture and you will be able to live with them.

The activity has a duration of 5 hours, where you will travel to San Cristobal, where you will find these workshops and something very pleasant during your stay in this beautiful place.

Kux Lejal Route in San Andrés Larráinzar

It refers to various activities of coexistence with the people of San Andres Larráinzar; you will know its social, cultural, productive and religious part in a touristic way. In the same way, you can organize different trips to places where you can eat exquisite local dishes, whose flavor is not found anywhere else, only in Chiapas.

If you hire a tourist agency to give you a better experience and guide you through the whole process, it costs approximately 570 MXN and lasts from 3 to 5 hours.

Mammoth Caves

This is a gigantic cave of cold stones; the cave is located about 7 km from the center of the city. Inside this cave you will find a labyrinth of tunnels where it is very easy to get lost and water.

Outside the cave you can do various activities, such as playing soccer or volleyball, as well as climbing a wall to appreciate the majestic landscape from above.

Mammoth Caves


Undoubtedly, visiting Chiapas is an experience, you will be able to permeate its beautiful culture by having the opportunity to live with the native indigenous peoples of the area, taste its gastronomy, ride a bike, swim in its waterfalls and enjoy countless landscapes and of course, it would be a sin not to mention that there is a beautiful magical town that you have to know, the town of San Cristobal de las Casas. See you soon in other posts.