👉 Akumal travel Guide

Swim with sea turtles

Akumal is a tourist destination located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; it has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, which serve as home to different marine species, especially turtles, which are the ones that give the place its name.

Akumal travel Guide

Akumal travel Guide

Full of sea breeze and interesting activities, it is ideal for free enjoyment and a well-deserved rest. This city is visited by thousands of tourists annually; who seek to enjoy different services and aquatic activities to have fun in Akumal during their vacations.

How to get to Akumal from Cancun

If you have the option of renting a car for 10 USD per day to make the road trip to Akumal, it will take you approximately 90 minutes. If you decide to use public transportation, at the ADO bus terminal at the Cancun Airport you can take buses to Akumal for a cost of 190 MXN.

Also, you have the option of taking a bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, for a cost of 80 MXN and from there continue your way to Akumal.

It is worth mentioning that the best option to go to Akumal is through a private transfer service to Akumal. This service can be booked online from the various transfer websites in Cancun and this way, your service will be waiting for you at the airport on the day of your flight.

How to get to Akumal from Cancun

How to get to Akumal from Playa del Carmen

You can rent a car for 14 USD per day and take highway 307 towards Tulum; follow the signs to reach your destination in 20 minutes. By public transportation, you can take a colectivo bus from 2nd street, between avenues 15 and 20, with destination Tulum, getting off in Akumal and it costs 30 MXN.

Going to Akumal by cab from Playa del Carmen will always be a quick option; however, it is not the cheapest. This trip costs between 280 MXN and 340 MXN.

How to get to Akumal from Playa del Carmen

Tips to visit Akumal

Akumal is a tropical paradise that you will need to visit on your next vacation. Wishing that your trip meets all your expectations; we will give you some tips so you don’t miss anything during your stay.

Visit Akumal Bay

It is considered the main beach in Akumal, before it was a free access beach, due to the high affluence of tourists and the care required, they started to charge admission; for only 100 pesos you can access, paying in cash, this admission also gives you access to the restrooms and showers. In Akumal Bay you can swim and snorkel, in case you want to go to the protected areas you must do it with a guide.

Visit Cenote Santa Cruz

If you like caves and lagoons, cenotes offer you both in one place. Santa Cruz is a subway cenote, surrounded by rock formations and crystalline waters; a private and exclusive space.
If you visit, you will only have access to the cave through a guide who will accompany you all the time; and you must make a reservation in advance, because it has limited spaces for visitors.

Pamper yourself in a Spa

If you are traveling during the rainy season, it is always good to take some time to relax in one of Akumal’s Spas. The Budha Garden Spa is one of the best places to pamper yourself; it has a garden with a fountain and hammocks, perfect for getting lost for a while. They offer beauty treatments, relaxing massages and a full day of spiritual growth.

Visit the Mayamar Ecorancho

This incredible Ecorancho is, practically, a hidden jungle; where you will find 4 private and hidden cenotes, crystalline caves are waiting for you to enjoy for a couple of hours, accompanied by a guide.


Visiting Akumal is one of the things anyone should do at least once in a lifetime. To properly enjoy this small paradise on earth, we will leave you with some last recommendations on what to do and where to go in Akumal.

Where to eat in Akumal

If you are looking for restaurants in Akumal, you will find places like Buena Vida; located in Media Luna Bay. Also, Lol-Ha restaurant, which has a terrace overlooking the ocean. If you are looking for dessert or a delicious coffee, Turtle Bay Café and Bakery is recommended.

Where to eat in Akumal

Where to stay in Akumal

As always, knowing which are the best hotels in Akumal is fundamental to have a good rest. The Beachfront Hammock Heaven has good prices and excellent service; it is usually one of the most recommended by visitors. You will also find the Casa Coral – Luxury Condos and the Akumal Naatura Glaming, from 60 USD to 200 USD.

Best time to visit

The ideal season to travel to the Riviera Maya, which includes Akumal, is from November to April; during this time there is no rain, the weather is ideal for spending days at the beach and going on excursions.
During these months there is a lot of tourist life; therefore, you must take into account that you must make reservations in advance to take a trip to Akumal Bay and all its attractions.

Swim with sea turtles

One of the most fun activities in this wonderful city is swimming with the 3 species of turtles that live in Akumal: the green turtle, loggerhead turtle and hawksbill turtle; which as an additional fact, you should know that they should not be touched under any circumstances.

Akumal is a protected area due to its biodiversity; however, the tourism generated by aquatic activities allows a large number of people to access it every day.

Swim with sea turtles


Akumal is a true paradise that you must visit in the Riviera Maya, especially if you are a nature lover. So don’t hesitate any longer and come and visit Akumal.