👉 Tecpan de Galeana

Tecpan de Galeana

Tecpan de Galeana is a beautiful and beautiful city that is part of the great coast of Guerrero, a place where fun and parties are legendary, unforgettable and memorable. A place you have to visit on your visit to Mexico.

Tecpan de Galeana

Tecpan de Galeana

If you likes the diversion in great, takes its suitcases, dress of celebration and goes direct to Tecpan. Here, they celebrate the most important customs and traditions.

From the 7 to the 20 of April one week cultural is carried out and the Expo-Tecpan, in honor to General Hermenegildo Galeana, hero of Independence. 23 and 24 of August celebrates, in the Barrio de la Capilla, to Santo Patrono, San Bartholomew Apostle, with a parade of allegorical cars, an evening with air balloons and fireworks; in addition to the dances of Bakers and the Pen, culminating with traditional and spectacular runs of the Toro.

In Tecpan we found true delights; in its extensive gastronomy they emphasize the pig filling, the nacatamales, pipian, tecoyotas and manjar.

Tecpan de Galeana gastronomia

Also know the natural attractive ones Tecpan: its river, seven beaches almost virgin, two lagoons and matting. They excel, by its beauty, the Michigan beach and the Lagoon with its island of birds, an extraordinary almost virgin natural redoubt, a beautiful lagoon-estuary, where an infinite variety on plants, flowers and animals altogether live harmony. In constant swing, their waters are united to those of the sea and, in season, the bar arises. The beaches Carrizal and Tlalcoyunque form the Sanctuary of Protection to the Marine Turtle.

Here are two natural viewpoints: the Cerro del Picacho and Mira, from where it is appraised a beautiful panoramic view of Tecpan and its environs. What are you waiting for to come and visit this incredible place in Mexico?