👉 Ramos Arizpe Coahuila Mexico

Ramos Arizpe is an industrial city located 12 km east of Saltillo on Federal Highway 40, in the State of Coahuila, Mexico.

Ramos Arizpe

Ramos Arizpe

Ramos Arizpe has a wonderful area containing petro glyphs a rock art and symbols done by the Huichichiles Indians, who used to live in this area. Notable local cuisine includes delicious “pan de pulque” and their famous tamales, the pride of Ramos Arizpe.

The main attractions of Ramos Arizpe include:

  • Municipal Presidency In its hallways you can admire mosaics that show the historic development of the colonial building and the area.
  • The Santa Maria church in which the famous priest and patriot, Don Miguel Hidalgo, celebrated his last mass
    Home of don Miguel Ramos Arizpe The man who laid the foundation of the Mexican federal system and who occupied important positions in politics had his roots here.
  • San Nicolas de Tolentino Temple which was built in the XIX century. Somber building dating back to 815. Noteworthy is its separate bell tower.
  • Pharmakon Building Constructed in 1928 to house the Pharmakon pharmaceutical laboratories, this building later housed the Fosforera de Norte plant in 1952 and today is the State Institute of Information. An interesting feature of the building is that each of the bricks used in the construction of its walls are imprinted with the medical emblem.
  • Santa Maria Ex-Hacienda The historical value of this local lies in its church constructed in 1721. Still preserved are details of this plateresque style alter piece and wooden roof and floor. Here don Miguel Hidalgo officiated his last mass.
  • Guadalupe Ex Hacienda Celebrated site where Don Venustiano Carranza wrote and signed the Anti-Huerta
    Plan de Guadalupe on March 26, 1913.
  • Presa de Hipolito (Hipolito Dam)
  • Plan de Guadalupe International Airport With an area of 180 hectares (443 acres), its functional and modern facilities offer service to the entire southeast region with National and International flights to Houston.
  • Cultural Center This building exhibits the arts of photography, design, painting and other artistic types c expressions. In addition classes are offered in dance, theater, etc. Inside, admire the original painting of Don Miguel Ramos Arizpe.

The main festival in Ramos Arizpe is celebrated on December 10th and honors San Nicolas Tolentino. Near Ramos Arizpe you can visit the Ojo Caliente Spa, which is fed by hot springs.