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The destination of Mascota, also known as the jewel of the Sierra Mascota, has been visited for many years by people from Jalisco who were born there, and after migrating to other places, go back to their beautiful home town.

Mascotas is a magical town in Guadalajara that joined the program of Magical Towns of Mexico in 2015 and if you still don’t know this place, don’t worry because the Cubo Informartivo team and https://espaciopc.es/ will tell you about it right now.

Mascota Magical Town

Mascota Magical Town - Mascota Pueblo Magico de Mexico
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It used to be a wealthy mining town due to the extraction of silver. Its population became one of the most important ones in the sierra, and their commercial relations reached the Pacific coast. Some say that the original people from Vallarta came from Mascota.

Nowadays, Mascota is one of the most representative areas of rural Mexico. The weather and location make it a perfect place for agriculture, since the town is located in the eastern side of the sierra, 1300 meters above sea level. It is one of the 100 best attractions in Mexico.

mascota mexico
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The landscape is formed by a series of mountains that go from north to south and separate the sea and the high lands of the state.

Oyamel firs and oak trees are some of the trees that can be found in its forest. Several rivers and streams are born in these mountains and later flow to the sea.

The eastern side of the mountain differs from the valley of Mascota, which is relatively dry. Therefore, different kinds of plants can be found there, such as the maguey. The place is perfect for agriculture. Human activities are reflected in the appearance of the landscape; there are colorful parceled lands around the town, surrounded by rows of maguey plants. The roofs of all the houses are a deep red, a color that can also be seen in the soil. Most of the houses are made of adobe and curved roof tiles.

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The architecture of the town is a sample of the splendor of its past. One of the most attractive buildings is a huge amphitheatre that lost its domes, and only high walls are left.

The surroundings of Mascota are also beautiful. Among the main natural destinations there is a lagoon where people organize reunions and picnics. An interesting fact is the abundance of Arabian horses, which are constantly passing by. The breeding of this kind of horse seems to be a custom that people from Mascota are proud of, and they may be right, some of the best horses in Mexico are bred there.

We recommend a visit to Pueblo de la Navidad, located 14 kilometers from Mascota, through a road that is seldom used. The trip starts in the town of Yerbabuena, 2 kms. South of Mascota. Along this road you may find areas covered with trees and some springs, which make this journey very pleasant. Of course, this road is for riders that wish to travel back to the beginning of the 20th century in Mexico. Mountain bikers or those who love driving in trails can also enjoy this journey.

Some kilometers before Pueblo de Navidad, there is a detour to the lagoon. When you arrive in this small town, you will see very peculiar buildings made of stone, cobbled streets, bridges and balconies. There is a small restaurant downtown with a view of the church and the main square. A wonderful place to have lunch.

There are several options for bike and horse rides, as well as walking tours. Another option is to go hiking in one of the hills of the sierra on the way to San Sebastian del Oeste, another amazingly picturesque town, just two hours from Puerto Vallarta.

The journey to Mascota starts in Guadalajara or Vallarta, from the latter you can take a small tourist plane to
Jala or Mascota.

Recommendations.- Consider more than one day to see Mascota and its surroundings. A good option is to continue your trip to San Sebastian del Oeste, on the way to Puerto Vallarta. Another nearby town is Jala. There are hotels, inns and multiple tourist services in all of them.

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