Kids activities in Cancun

Ventura Park - kids activities in cancun

If you are thinking of taking a family trip to the city of Cancun, a great idea is to find and stay in one of the best hotels for children in the city. For we all know that these hotels have many activities to offer to your little ones and of course to you big kids.

But even though it is a good idea to stay in a family hotel, where you have water parks, slides, kids club, game room, many times this is not enough to keep your little ones and even yourself entertained and that is why, in this post from our Traveling By team, we will tell you what are the best kids activities in Cancun.

Kids activities in Cancun

The city of Cancun has different types of activities and while some are ideal only for adults, there are a lot of things you can do with your little ones in a safe, fun and entertaining way. Let’s get to know them.

Ventura Park

Ventura Park is the largest water park in Cancun and is perfect to spend a day full of excitement and adventure with your little ones. This park has pools, wave generators, an interactive aquarium, splash pads, zip lines, Go carts, a small fair and a virtual reality world.

Best of all, almost all of its attractions are perfect for kids, so you can be sure that the whole family will enjoy being here.

Ventura Park - kids activities in cancun

Float Fun Cancun

The float Funny is a small artificial water park located in Playa Langostas in Cancun. This small park consists only of a path of “floats” that form the word Cancun.

And because the waters of this beach are known for their shallow depth and tranquility, it is an activity not to be missed on your trip to the city. By the way, did I tell you that you can also find the letters of Cancun here?

Float Fun Cancun - activities in cancun for families

Interactive Aquarium

At Cancun Island Plaza, we also have several activities ideal for children and one of them is the interactive aquarium of Cancun. As its name suggests, it is an aquarium where you and your whole family can enjoy and learn about some of the more than thousands of species of marine mammals that can be found on the coasts of Quintana Roo.

Interactive Aquarium - family things to do in cancun

Swim with Dolphins

Do you feel like swimming with dolphins? This is an activity for children in Cancun and of course, also for adults that you can’t miss. The city has different dolphinariums, so you can swim and learn more about these intelligent inhabitants of the water in Ventura Park, Plaza la Isla or even in Isla Mujeres.

Swim with Dolphins - cancun kids

Wax Museum

Do you want to take a picture with El Chavo del 8 or the King of England? Cancun’s wax museum is the place to be and you can find it in Plaza La Isla, along with the interactive aquarium and the dolphinarium, where you can do 3 activities in one day!

Wax Museum - what to do in cancun with kids

Mayan Museum

A low-cost family cultural activity that you can’t miss is the Mayan Museum of Cancun, located at kilometer 16.5 of the hotel zone of the city. This is a place for the whole family, where you will be entertained learning a little more about the Mayan culture and some of the many archaeological objects that have been found in the region.

Mayan Museum - cancun with kids


Subsee is one of the attractions offered by the Aquaworld Cancun Marina and is a small boat that has a small “submarine” at the bottom from which you and your little ones can comfortably sit and watch the incredible marine life of the reefs of the city.

SubSee - cancun with kids


Aquabounce is similar to the float fun at lobster beach, as it is a water park built with inflatables and is part of Aquaworld.

Aquabounce - kids activities in cancun


If you don’t know how to surf, but you want to live the experience with your children, Aquaworld Cancun’s marina is the only one in the city that has a suft “simulator”. This is an activity for children and adults, where little by little they will learn to master the board on the artificial waves and do incredible pirouettes.

FlowRider - cancun for families

Interactive Jungle Cancun

Do you want to meet and live with horses, rabbits, cobras, sheep, ponies and other animals? You have to visit the “Interactive Jungle Cancun” a small animal sanctuary, where you can not only live and learn from them, but also enjoy a delicious meal.

Interactive Jungle Cancun


It would be a sin not to list the natural and interactive theme park Xcaret in our list of activities for kids in Cancun.


Maroma Adventure is an interactive park that we can’t leave out and that we found a few meters away from Playa del Carmen. This place has several activities and one of them is to live the thrilling ride of its safari, where you and your little ones can get on a camel.

Safari - family excursions in cancun


As you can see, there are many tours and activities in Cancun that are ideal for both you and the little ones of the family and although these are not all of them, they are a good start for you to get out and discover Cancun.


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