Cheap Cancun Tours

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Are you thinking about visiting the city of Cancun on a budget? Although it may be hard to believe, there are a lot of cheap Cancun Tours and even several free activities that you may not know about and in this article we will tell you, so don’t go away and keep reading.

Cheap Cancun Tours

Cheap Cancun Tours

In another of our articles we have told you about some of the free activities in Cancun that you can do in Cancun. Well, today we will tell you which are the best cheap tours that you can do in the city and nearby places with a low budget.

And of course, these low prices will depend a lot on the season in which you travel, however we will give you some tips to save money and not end up “pawning your house” to enjoy the Caribbean Mexico.

Captain Hook

Among the list of activities and cheap tours in Cancun, we find the Captain Hook tour. This tour is a night tour that lasts about 5 hours, touring the Caribbean Sea of the city, while enjoying a delicious dinner and a fun pirate show.

This tour is one of the best activities for children in the city and completely family friendly, plus the thrill of getting on a replica of a Spanish galleon and best of all, it almost always has 2 x 1 promotions. So among your list of low budget activities to do in Cancun, you can not miss the pirate ship of Captain Hook.

Captain Hook - cheap cancun tours

Maya Park Tours

Parque Maya tour is the only park in the city that has a complete circuit of zip lines and hanging bridges over the Nichupte lagoon and also gives you a small tour through the history of the Mayan culture. So this place has to be on your list of activities in Cancun and best of all is that it is not so expensive, because depending on the package you buy can have a cost ranging from 800 pesos to 1,500 Mexican pesos.

Maya Park Tours

Chichen Itza Tour

One of the most requested tours in the city of Cancun is the Chichen Itza Tour and if you search on Google and travel agencies, you will notice that this tour can cost up to 2,000 pesos per person.

But guess what? This tour can cost you much less than that and to get it you have to forget about travel agencies and do the tour on your own.

First things first: For this to be an economical tour for you, you have to forget about private transportation services and make use of ADO’s “third class” transfer service.

What we mean by this is that it will not be a direct transfer, but will make several stops along the way to Chichen Itza and this has a cost of no more than 300 pesos per person.

Now, the entrance fee to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza is 210 pesos for tourists and 150 pesos for nationals. And if you take into account the transfer of the Ado, plus the cost of access, plus travel expenses, you can spend about 700 pesos to visit this wonder of the modern world.

Chichen Itza Tour - cancun tours cheap

Archaeological Zones Tour

Another of the activities and economic tours in Cancun that very few people know about due to its lack of “advertising propaganda” is the archaeological tour in the hotel zone. Cancun’s hotel zone has 3 archaeological zones.

The temple of the scorpion is a free access zone, located 400 meters from Playa Marlin, the archaeological site of San Miguel is part of the Mayan museum and has an access cost of no more than 40 pesos and a little further up, in front of the famous dolphin beach you can find the archaeological site “El Rey”, this area has an approximate cost of 80 pesos.

As you can see, visiting the 3 archaeological sites in the hotel zone and the Mayan museum does not exceed 100 pesos and will surprise you.

Archaeological Zones Tour

Isla Mujeres Tour

There are many ways to go to Isla Mujeres, and one of them is through an economic tour in Cancun, where you are offered a boat ride to the main beaches of the island, buffet, drinks, life jackets.

While you can visit Isla Mujeres on your own, if you are looking to enjoy the beaches you can use one of the boat tours.

In order to “get a good price” you should go to Puerto Juarez, where you will find several operators and see which one offers you the most for the least.

Of course, this does not replace that another way to get to know Isla Mujeres is to do a tour on your own, where you can spend up to 550 pesos in one day, between the ferry crossing and travel expenses.

Isla Mujeres Tour

Ventura Park Cancun

Ventura Park is the most economical Cancun tour that you will find regardless of the day of the week. It has different types of packages, but it is worth it, since it is the largest water park in the city and without a doubt, a place for those who are looking for aquatic fun for their little ones.

Ventura Park Cancun - cheap tours in cancun

El Faro Cancun

Among the list of free activities and tours in the city is the Cancun Lighthouse. The Cancun Lighthouse is part of the beach “Punta Cancun”. A very beautiful beach, with low, transparent and crystalline waters.

A place that very few really know, but upon arrival you will be amazed by the lighthouse that has witnessed many photo shoots day, afternoon and night and you have to know it.

El Faro Cancun


Do you want to avoid the expense of lodging or do you want to enjoy a night of camping? Isla Blanca is the place you are looking for, because it is a place away from downtown Cancun where “Camping” is allowed in front of the beaches and can cost up to 150 pesos.

Camping in cancun

Tulum and Coba Tour

If you are a national on Sundays you do not have to pay the entrance fee to visit the archaeological site of Tulum and Coba, so we recommend you to go on these days and take advantage of the maximum you can visit these two places.

Tulum and Coba Tour

Cozumel Tour

Have you heard about Cozumel? Maybe you really want to visit it and one of the best ways to do it is to go on your own.

If you are in Cancun, one way to make this tour cheap is to go to Playa del Carmen on the Playa express colectivo, which costs about 45 pesos per person.

The colectivo will drop you off at the fifth avenue, where you have to walk a few minutes to find the overseas maritime terminal and pay the ferry crossing which costs about 200 pesos round trip.

This way when you get to Cozumel, you can tour the island on your own, without having to spend an extra peso on tours that practically take you to the same places, which you will get to know by “strolling around Cozumel”.

Cozumel Tour

Cenotes Route

If you are looking for a cenote to refresh yourself, the route of the cenotes is the right place for you and there are places where access will cost you less than 200 pesos.

Cenotes Route - cheap cancun tours


Cancun’s nightclubs don’t have to be expensive and in fact it can be a very economical activity. In the center of the city there are places where you can enter, dance and have fun and pay a cover that costs up to 50 pesos or pay per drink.



As you can see, the city of Cancun has many economic tours and ways to economize the activities and tours you want to do, it’s just a matter of finding the way to do it.

So stop thinking that Cancun is expensive, get to know these cheap hotels and get to know the pearl of the Caribbean Mexico.


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