Isla mujeres attractions

Garrafón Natural Park

Paradise Beach, North Beach, Musa, The Natural Pool, Garrafon Park and the reefs are just some of the attractions of Isla Mujeres that you must visit on your next vacation or on your next visit to one of the most beautiful places in Mexico: Isla Mujeres.


Isla Mujeres Attractions

Isla Mujeres is located less than 30 minutes from Cancun and although in another article we have talked about how to get to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, here we will talk about some of the many activities, attractions and places you have to visit on your next vacation.

North Beach

Playa Norte is recognized as the second most beautiful beach in Mexico and one of the widest in the country and is considered by many as one of the best attractions of Isla Mujeres.

This beach resembles a shallow “natural pool” where you and your family can enjoy refreshing yourselves with its crystal clear sky blue waters, calm waves and the proximity to an incredible marine life.

Around this beach you can see topless women and this is because it is a semi-nudist beach, but despite this it is considered a family place and one of the things you can do to enjoy the beach.

And you don’t have to worry about eating, because this beach being very famous is close to restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a delicious meal or bring your own food.

North Beach isla mujeres

Paradise Beach

This small beach is surrounded by several beaches and while Playa Norte is one of the main attractions of Isla Mujeres, Playa Paraiso is not far behind. This is a totally public beach, very calm waters and white sandy beaches that invite you to spend an incredible afternoon.

Don’t you believe me? Just by looking at the following picture I know you will want to come here. Well, stop thinking and come right now to enjoy this paradise.

Paradise Beach isla mujeres attractions

South Point

Are you one of those who take a lot of pictures? Then you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Punta Sur, be amazed by its landscapes, its sculpture and of course, take lots of souvenir pictures.

Punta Sur is a favorite area to discover and explore, here there is a lookout point with nice views of the immense sea, cliffs and sculptures.

Being the highest point of the island, Punta Sur has Mayan vestiges that are shrines to the goddess Ixchel. In addition to the viewpoints there are areas to buy souvenirs, a restaurant and perfect spaces to fill up on energy.

South Point isla mujeres attractions


Musa or the underwater art museum is one of the newest attractions on the island and a real odyssey for diving and snorkeling lovers, since it is an artificial museum located in the Caribbean Sea.

This museum is about 8 years old and its creation became home to hundreds of marine species of different colors, sizes and species. It will be a real world to explore.

MUSA isla mujeres underwater

Natural Pool

Playa Norte can be considered as the most beautiful natural pool in the Mexican Caribbean, but it is not the only one in the place. There is a hotel that keeps among its foundations the access to the “king’s pool“, which is a small natural formation of clear, crystalline, transparent waters, ready to cool off.

Natural Pool what to do in isla mujeres

Garrafón Natural Park

Another of Isla Mujeres’ tourist attractions, which over the years has become an obligatory stop for all visitors, is the Garrafón Natural Park.

Enjoying this park is one of the most incredible experiences you have to experience at least a few times in your life. I still remember when I went to Garrafon Park for the first time, I was so surprised and it is because this attraction of Isla Mujeres left me speechless.

It has beautiful reefs and cliffs in a very bright blue sea that make it very beautiful to look at and of course enjoy 20 recreational activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, zip lining and excursions on the cliffs to have a good time.

Garrafón Natural Park


I know that Isla Mujeres is not very big but it has managed to have the best attractions in the world and for proof a button.

Tortugranja or The Turtle Farm, is an important point of interest to visit on the island, with a small aquarium and ponds where you can see the protected species of sea turtles up close.

This small space is not only one of the attractions of Isla Mujeres, it is also a place of learning and to learn more about marine life, where you can also shop for souvenirs.

Tortugranja thing to do in isla mujeres tours


There are several streets on the island where you can find several murals painted with figures, images or faces. Well, this reflects the urban art of the island and with the passage of time has become a fundamental part of the odyssey of thousands of travelers on the island.

Isla Mujeres Attractions

Swimming with dolphins

It could not be missing in a place as incredible as Isla Mujeres not to have a dolphinarium. Well, here you can swim with dolphins and learn about these incredible marine mammals.

Swimming with dolphins tour isla mujeres


There are a lot of tourist attractions in Isla Mujeres and these are just some of them, you could say a summary of the many things to do, however do not forget to enjoy and tour the island on foot, by bike or in a golf cart.

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