Cancun culture

Cancun culture

One of the characteristics of Cancun is undoubtedly its beaches, its nightclubs, its nightlife, but far from all that it is also a cultural destination: Cancun culture

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In fact, the city of Cancun has museums, archaeological sites and a set of cultural activities which we will tell you about below.

Cancun culture

We are going to divide this article in a few faces: first we will talk about the museums, then about the archaeological sites, cultural festivities, cultural places and finally the cultural activities of the city.

Cancun Museums

In this list we find 2: The Mayan Museum and Musa.

On the one hand, the Mayan Museum is for the whole family and can be found at kilometer 16.5 of the hotel zone. In this museum we will find a trip to the past of the Mayan history and culture.

On the other hand we have the sub aquatic art museum, better known as MUSA. This museum as its name indicates is located under the sea and here to be able to contemplate it well it will be necessary to know how to swim, snorkel or dive.

Cancun Museums cancun culture

Archaeological Zones

Chiche Itza is the most striking archaeological zone that thousands of tourists come to visit, BUT unfortunately this area is not part of Cancun. is part of the state of Yucatan (Right in the heart.)

This confusion has made that the 4 archaeological and cultural zones of Cancun are very little visited and the truth is that we have 3: Ruinas del Rey, San Miguelito, Alacran Temple and El Meco. The first 3 can be found in the Hotel Zone, in fact San Miguelito is next to the Mayan Museum, so you have no excuse not to visit it.

The fourth archaeological site of Cancun, we find it in Puerto Juarez and yes. In this post we could include the small archaeological site of Isla Mujeres, but it is not really part of Cancun.

Archaeological Zones culture cancun

Cultural places

The museums are excellent cultural places we can find in Cancun but not the only ones, the city has the Casa de la Cultura, the planetarium and several theaters. The house of culture is the oldest cultural center of the city, in fact you can say that it has almost the same age as the city, here there have been various festivities and cultural events of all kinds.

In Cancun’s planetarium we can learn about the universe, constellations, telescopes and much more, by the way, there are several workshops and most of them are totally free. And if you are a theater lover, there are many places here, but the most common is the city theater located at kilometer 4 of the hotel zone.

Cultural places

Cultural activities

The city’s cultural festivities are seen in the spring carnival and on All Saints’ Day, along with other festivities such as school cycles and graduations.

Others come from the free spaces where you can take dance classes of Latin rhythms such as salsa, bachata and guaracha or classical dances and even tango. The release of books, art exhibitions, concerts and even poetry recitals are other cultural activities that can be found in Cancun.

Cultural activities


The schools in Cancun, represent another anchor point in the characteristics of the city, because it is always at the forefront of education, culture and innovation, proof of this is to be one of the few states in Mexico, which stopped educational operations during the confinement and immediately adapted to online classes.


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