👉 How to get to the sculpture Ahau Tulum

Tulum Thematic Museum

We are sure you know at least in pictures the sculpture tribute to mother earth (with its scientific name of culture: Come to the light by South African artist Daniel Popper) that has the Ahau hotel in Tulum, and although it was always a place open to the public and totally free, where all travelers who saw it from a distance could not resist the temptation to take the best travel photos and immortalize your visit to Tulum, today it has become a private place.

That’s right dear reader: It is no longer open to the public as before, but this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy it and just in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know, from the cost of access to the park, to the process of how to get to the sculpture Ahau Tulum, so let’s get to it.

How to get to the sculpture Ahau Tulum

How to get to the sculpture Ahau Tulum


The Ahau Tulum hotel is a hotel that has a very natural, jungle and of course luxury look. It is located in front of the sea of the beautiful beaches of Tulum and its suites look completely like cabins, but luxury cabins where the rustic style, and full of many, many amenities. In short: this is one of the best hotels in Tulum.

But for life’s sake, this hotel became more popular because of its entrance: a sculpture of Mother Earth. The entrance as such was located on the main avenue of Tulum’s hotel zone, and was open to the public.

Therefore, it was almost impossible not to notice it because its beauty, its appearance and its size made it one of the stars of instagram and really of any platform where you can post pictures.

sculpture Ahau Tulum

For a long time this sculpture was totally free and became a tourist attraction and landmark of the city. However, today it is no longer “public”. Now you have to pay to access it, because it was “moved” to another point in the region, but do not put that face because as such it was added to a new project of Tulum.

Tulum Thematic Museum

In order to continue making Tulum a place and tourist spot with a nomadic, jungle and luxury approach, this October 15, 2021 the Ahau hotel in Tulum “decided” to make private the giant sculpture of “Come to the Light”, but not for bad, but to create a new attraction in the city: The sculpture theme park.

This theme park is located within the hotel facilities, but in a strategic point that borders the beach. And not only does it have the sculpture that made the luxury lodging famous worldwide, but also other sculptures, such as the “The Sculpture”.

Along with this incredible sculpture of just over 10 meters high, other pieces arrived that are now part of the ecosystem of the beach and an attractive point for visitors.

Tulum Thematic Museum

How much does it cost to enter the sculpture park in Tulum?

The cost / price of access to enter the theme park of the Ahau Hotel and take pictures in the sculpture Come to the Light which is the “star of the place” and others is 3 USD (about 60.00 MXN) per person and with this access fee, you will also have access to the food and beverage area.

How to get to the Ahau Tulum sculpture?

As such, the Ahau sculpture (as it is known worldwide by millions of travelers) is still located at the Ahau hotel. But now, no longer on the outside and open to the public, it is now located inside the hotel facilities to form the thematic museum of Tulum.

ahau tulum

Therefore, in order to arrive, admire, enjoy and take many pictures of the sculpture. You will have to get to the Ahau Hotel first. It is worth mentioning that if you are in Cancun, Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen. You will first have to find out how to get to Tulum from these tourist spots and you can do so by clicking here.

If you are in Tulum, you just need to go to the hotel zone of Tulum and this can be even on a bicycle, as the hotel zone is not very far from the town of Tulum.


The Riviera Maya will always keep innovating and Tulum continues to be a growing destination that very soon could be a real tourist paradise and we will talk about that later. The important thing now is that you already know how to get to the Ahau sculpture in Tulum.