👉 Ezequiel Montes

Ezequiel Montes

Ezequiel Montes was named after an illustrious lawyer, is located 37 miles northwest of Queretaro City on a federal highway.

Ezequiel Montes

Ezequiel Montes is one of the municipalities of the state of Queretaro and despite being a small place, it offers a great amount of natural, historical and cultural riches.  This small place is located between the central valleys and the semi-desert of Queretaro. This characteristic of its location makes its climate very pleasant almost all year round.

Ezequiel Montes
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This small place is home to the magical town of Peña de Bernal and where there are several tours to climb the rock either walking or climbing, but that’s not all: We will also find a millennial town that hides an important requisition in the region. It is called Villa Progreso, and it hides among its corners one of the most representative cultures of our state. The Hñähñus tribe from Tecozautla settled in this area around 1942 and have become a cultural and gastronomic treasure in Querétaro.

Do you like cheese and wine? Then don’t wait any longer to enjoy the vignette tour. Remember that the climate is perfect in this place to be a great producer of wine and cheese.

Ezequiel Montes queretaro
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Tourist attractions of Ezequiel Montes

We have already known a little of Ezequiel Montes and now we will know some of its attractions, festivals and places to visit in this beautiful municipality of Queretaro.

Church of St

Michael the Martyr Dating from the 17th century, the church displays a portal with half-pointed arches over semidetached pillars and an entablature of white stone with carvings in relief. Located in Bernal, 35 miles away from Ezequiel Montes.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Built during the 18th century, the church features a main altar of a distinctive baroque style.

Finca Freixenet

Extensive vineyard crowned by the Hacienda-shaped factory where you can watch wine-making based on the ancestral Methode Champenoise procedure.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbers flock to the majestic Peña de Bernal. A permit must be applied for at the Municipal Office, because of the high risk involved.


Since colonial times, cowboys in Ezequiel Montes have put on elaborate displays of riding skill. During these events men compete in riding and roping events.

Spring Equinox in Bernal

Held March, people get together believing that the minerals in the rock attract positive energy. Folk dress in white and climb the Peña the day before and wait for the sunrise, when they use mirrors to reflect rays.

Equinoccio de primavera en Bernal
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Wine and Meat Fair in

Ezequiel Montes Celebrate in January, this fair gets its name from the most important activities developed the region: cattle ranching and wine production.


Escaping for a weekend to this place will really be something magical for you and in case you were wondering, the regional cuisine among the typical dishes are lamb cooked with maguey leaves, nopales, corn dough with pork and enchiladas. Also famous are the sugar-coated fruits such as pumpkin, apple, apricot and some others. Since the XVI century, the inhabitants of the area are known for knitted articles made of wool and cambaya. Ponchos, carpets and sarapes are typical.