👉Corregidora Queretaro

Corregidora Querétaro

Corregidora, is located only 4 miles from the capital of the state, was named in honor of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, a heroine of the Mexico Independence movement from Spain.

Corregidora Queretaro

Tasty regional Mexican dishes are the pride of Corregidora. Every kind of mole is presented, along with aromatic roasted pork, menudo or tripe soup, as well as tamales and atole a cornmeal drink, Corregidora is famous for elaborately hand-carved masks and exquisite fruits and flowers made of sugar from family recipes.

But corregidora is much more than just its gastronomy, it is a place where we can find the Pyramid of El Cerrito, the Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt and enjoy a relaxing spa day at the Rancho Hostal SPA, among other things and now we will get to know them.

Corregidora Querétaro

El Cerrito Pyramid

The Archeological Zone known as El Cerrito was the government seat of large national area in pre Hispanic Mesoamerica. Here, important sculptures, glyphs, calendars, gravestones and carved figures have been found. The area, dating back to the first century of our modern era, is under restoration.

Our Lady del Pueblito Convent

This convent is found in the center of El Pueblito, where Our Lady del Pueblito, the patroness of Queretaro, is venerated.

Our Lady of Schoenstatt Sanctuary

The Virgin of Schoenstatt is venerated in various parts of the world. Her sanctuaries are noted for having typical local vegetation. This peaceful spot is noted for being surrounded by the beautiful Queretaro countryside.

Balvanera Polo Country

Club A classic and well-kept club for golf, polo and equestrian enthusiasts. Year after year, international events are hosted here.

Rancho Hostal SPA

La Pitaya is located between the cities of Santiago de Queretaro and Celaya, in the state’s limits of Queretaro and Guanajuato. This place incorporates a new concept of active rest and SPA style relaxation wich is long recognized for the curative powers of its hot spring waters.


Queretaro is a magical state full of magical towns, churches, colonial houses, archeological sites, a vast nature and Corregidora is one of these places where you will find it. So don’t hesitate to visit it and don’t forget to also read about Ezequiel Montes Queretaro and Landa de Matamoros Queretaro.