Cancun Famous Places

Lobster Beach cancun

Surely on your vacations in the Caribbean Mexico, you have on your list of activities to know the famous places in Cancun and if so, keep reading because the Traveling By team will tell you about the top places that have marked history in the city and that today are a tourist icon for young and old.

Famous places in Cancun

Famous places in Cancun

The city of Cancun has many places to visit and we have seen that in several posts that you can see here, here and here. However, among so many places there are some that marked their legacy in history and now we will tell you what they are.

The Cancun lookout point

Long but many years ago and before Delfines Beach became popular as such, the place was known as the Cancun Lookout. In fact, some people still know it that way. And its name was due to the fact that at that time, when the city was still in its infancy, there were not as many hotels as there are today.

As a consequence of this, what today is Dolphin Beach was nothing more than a few incredible kilometers of fine white sand that overlooked a cliff that for many was a respite from the pure and clean sea air.

The Cancun lookout point Famous places in Cancun

Coco Bongo Cancun

Among the list of famous places in Cancun, we cannot forget the Coco Bongo. We know that this nightclub is very popular thanks to the movie of the mask, but looking beyond the movie, it is one of the first nightclubs in the hotel zone and it was changing and evolving in each era and public until it became what it is today.

Coco Bongo Cancun Famous places in Cancun

Plaza Las Americas

Among the most famous plazas in the city is Plaza Las Americas, which continues to be the favorite of thousands of people who visit Cancun. It should be noted that today there are other plazas with better views, architecture and location, Plaza Las Americas still holds the crown of being the king.

The reason? It was one of the first plazas in the city that opened its doors with stores of national and international brands, cinemas, games, restaurants and in a few words the plaza that Cancun fell in love with.

Plaza Las Americas Famous places in Cancun

Cancun Theater

At kilometer 4.5 of the Hotel Zone we came across the Cancun Theater, which in its time was the only place where you could enjoy plays, shows, concerts and cultural events that made this place the main theater of the city, where only the best of Cancun and the world have been presented to captivate, make people laugh and thrill those who visit it.

Cancun Theater Famous places in Cancun

Bonampak Avenue Murals

An important point that is worth knowing and that has no cost, are the urban art works known as “Murals Bonampak Avenue”. The name is due to the fact that they are painted on the Bonampak Avenue, just before reaching the bridge to Puerto Juárez.

Bonampak Avenue Murals Famous places in Cancun

Lobster Beach

Although Playa Delfines is considered the most famous beach in Cancun, Playa Langostas is not left out of this list. For it is still the favorite and preferred beach of almost 80% of the local people in the city and in fact, today it has been completely equipped thanks to the volume of people who visit it every day.

Lobster Beach cancun


Another famous place in Cancun is the natural park Xcaret. This natural and theme park was one of the first to be born in the Riviera Maya and so captivated millions of travelers that it became a hallmark of the state.


Chichen Itza

Despite not being a place that belongs to the state of Quintana Roo or is part of the Riviera Maya, Chichen Itza has become popular as another of Cancun’s famous places. And how could it not be, if it has a proximity to the state, the city and is one of the new wonders of the modern world and one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico.

Chichen Itza


As you can see, there are several places that have acquired their fame thanks to the fact that they were part of Cancun’s tourist growth and made this destination what it is today, one of the best in Mexico!

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